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Monday, March 24, 2014

Where to begin....

I hate it when life gets so busy I can't blog!  Yes, I am fine.  I have just been one busy busy beaver!  I've been longarming my fingers to the bones....and....

  • The girls came out.  I schooled them all on making candles.  My back was absolutely dieing that day, but they were quick studies and took over the process on their own.  I always enjoy spending time with them, and they got candles for souveniers!
  • Prodigal Son's GF came out and we made another of the grommet wallets.  Had to get one made for her Momma to match her purse.  After training her on the ins and outs of the old Bernina, I sent it home with her so she can sew on her own.  It feels great to pass family traditions on.  She learned how to use a rotary cutter, too.  We had a great time!
  • I worked on the embroidery quilt for the new baby.  Our new granddaughter, Esa, was born last week.  She is absolutely beautiful and has a head full of dark hair like her Poppa.
Esa Lee tipped the scales at 8 lb 11 ounces!!!

Esa's room is done in greys and elephants.  Didn't want to put the quilt together until we knew the accent color (pink or blue), so now I can crank out some pink elephants and get this one together!  I started making a mock wholecloth to tide her over until I get this one done.  :)

Then....there is nephew having a baby soon.  I made this onesie.  Nephew is a big hunter, so we had to do a little something for her that he would like!

There is no chance this little girl will be a princess, so I had to have a little *poke* for the nephew!  This adoreable camo project is actually a DRESS!  How cute is that!

I did squeeze in a little project for myself.  This is a 20" x 40" table runner I got pieced.  It is a Pieces from my Heart pattern called, "Pride and Glory".  I can't wait to get this one quilted.

So, in a nutshell, you can see I haven't been slacking!

Until next blessed!

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MooseStashQuilting said...

You have certainly been busy! Congrats on the new addition. I think I have a pretty good idea, who is going to be spoiled rotten! LOL!!