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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Calling California.....anyone? anyone?

First of all, why do I always have to be the genius that figures these things out???

Midwest:  has too much snow.  Getting more snow.  Snow piled higher than cars.  New York cannot figure out where to haul the snow to after they get it loaded into trucks.

California:  Huge drought.  It would have to rain for 47 days straight to resolve.  State isn't giving almond, melon and other fruit farmers any water for crops this year.  (That means our prices are going through the roof, my friends, because California is responsible for 50% of the fruit offered in the entire United States!)

Solution:  Take those trucks full of snow and cart it off to California!  They get their water, and we get some relief.  I aMaZe myself sometimes!  ROFL, we would have to do something about the fuel price for those trucks, but based on what I am paying right now for gas--the government surely has a surplus of gasoline tax dollars looking for somewhere to be spent.

New Topic-->more embroidery.....

I love my little angels.....

Princess Daughter and new Daughter-In-Law were going to take Mom and the Aunt out for a girls day today (to get Mom's mind off Valentine's Day), but she called this morning and said she didn't want to go anywhere because of the snow.  So, now I am at home....will hit the longarming and crack the whip with "honey do's" for the Hubs.

I'm off to get my shower and probably solve world hunger while I am there.  It is exhausting being me.........LOL

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barb said...

i agree with you about the snow. i am so sick of cold and snow! your angels are beautiful.i would not mind to have a set of them for a dear woman from church. i have had a lot of hear ache myself, my daughter an only child died in my arms from a blood clot, i need surgery but i am too high risk {how is that possible}? anyway, back to the woman at church. she has lost her husband and son who were in a car accident. her husband died on christmas and her son died new year's day. she fell of her porch and broke her neck. she is doing all right and is back at church now and believe it or not, always ask for prayer for someone else and never herself. i would love to make her a quilt with these beautiful angels. i really love your commentaries i laugh my butt of reading them! thank you for bringing my spirits up. barbara