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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally going to give it a try....

I have trouble with the new blogger interface.  It is just too "messy".  The other one was much easier for me to use.  So, I have procrastinated posting until I have time to get frustrated and keep trying.  :)  I did get another of the UFOs all quilted and bound.  At least it is a biggie, so it is definitely a sense of accomplishment.  Remember the French Farmhouse quilt?  Well, here she is....all DONE!

Sorry about the black camera strap running through it.  Didn't notice until I uploaded.....bummer.

The sun certainly didn't help show the colors very well....Definitely doing the happy dance, because I love this quilt.

I got in about 20 more bolts of backings, so I am definitely a happy girl.  Got them just in time for a few customers who dropped off quilts this week.  As Martha says...It's a good thing....

It has been a rough week for me.  TONS of driving.  Wednesday alone I drove over 300 miles.  This was also Bossman's last week of being Bossman, so that is a bit of a bummer, too.  The not knowing who the new Bossman will stressful at best!  I'm gonna miss the old Bossman, but he will still be working for the company....just not with us.

We have a birthday party today in the big city, so no quilting action going on here....but definitely tomorrow!  Hopefully, I will have something else to bind while I watch football tomorrow evening.  Fingers crossed....

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another post from Country Living Fair

When I go to events like this, I like to hear peoples' story...artisans that is....There were a few 'standout' artists, and Mo was one of them.  Mo is very well-known in the folk art industry, understandably so!  Mo and his wife, Kelly have a lot (personally) with Hubs and I.  He was fun to talk to.  Because he was in a white tent and the sun was where it was, it was hard to get super awesome pics, but even with all that was against my getting a good can see how incredible his work is!

The intricasy of each hand-carved animal was something my pics or words cannot show...

When Prodigal Son was little, his room was decorated in Noah's Ark.  I still have it all, because I love it so.  Nothing I have compares in the slightest to the works of Mo.  Mo is a true artist.  There are items in his booth and in his studio at home that fall into the "if you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it" category.  Some of these smaller whimsical items were more affordable to those of us with a tight grip on our checkbook....but if you can afford those standout items, well, you definitely get your money's worth.  His work was magical to say the least.  There are names whom you would read in People magazine who commission his work.  There are events that my common self would never be invited to attend, that Mo is an integral part of.  Not only was he an incredible artisan, but he was an enjoyable conversationalist as well.  If you are in the market for "Sunday toys", check out Mo's website:

Until next time....

Monday, September 17, 2012

A new kind of "Retreat"

Wanna talk about some girlie fun???  There is a new "movement".  Not only in the US, but in the UK, there are a group of ladies who just wanna have FUN!  Replace the red hats and purple boas with customized campers from the 60s, and you have

Wait--let me show you something real quick....

This is the inside of her Glamper.  What FUN these ladies are.....and look below at the outside of her Glamper!  Can you imagine seeing these going down the road???

These are some books they were displaying.  I wanted to just sit right there are read one!

This is the interior of one of her partners in crime.  It was retro and did I mention FUN?

And another......notice the cowgirl boots?

Each camper was decorated with the owner's unique personality.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking with them!
So, what do they do?  They go fly-fishing, they go fishing, they go gun shooting, they go hiking....they go shopping....they get together at campgrounds all across the country...GIRLS ONLY!  No kids.....just a girl and her camper.  If you go to their website, you can learn a lot about them.  Make sure to read the bra story and the traveling quilt story.....makes me want to buy a camper!

Amazingly fun!  Amazing women.....if you see some cowgirls running around with funky painted cowboy boots, you are probably in a town that has been invaded by Sisters on the Fly!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Country Living Fair

I didn't know about the Country Living Fair.  I work with a Hotel that is close to the fairgrounds, and in an effort to make small talk, I, what's going on at the fairgrounds this weekend?  They told me about the Country Living Fair and said they thought they had some free passes if I wanted them.  The free passes never materialized, but the curiosity of what I would see....well that did materialize.  I had visions of rooms decorated like you see in the magazine....maybe some displays of different recipes like you see in the magazine....some landscaping ideas like you see in the magazine....demos of "how to".  I really got myself geeked out about going.

Hubs did forget yesterday...but made up for it today.  We hit the road early so we could be there when they opened.  Hmmmm.....there was still a very long line. 

It was a little more like an outdoor flea market.  There were some unique items.  There were some kitschy items.  There were even some home made items.  (I did catch a few of the vendors having the exact same pumpkin head dolls from China...)   There were a LOT of handmade jewelry--we are talking probably half of the booths.  There were a LOT of handmade lotions and soaps. 

I knew the colors in these birdhouses would make for a great picture.  The shapes that you see on the outside of them are actually cut from various metals.  It was a very colorful and eye-catching booth.

Much to my surprise, there was even a lady selling finished quilts!  They were hand-made, not from India....lots of Jo Morton and Moda fabrics in there.  She should have played up on that a little, in my opinion.  It is important to distinguish the love we put into a quilt vs. a factory worker overseas.  JMHO

Do you know whose booth this is?  Care to guess?  Country Threads had a booth there!  The aisles were too small and it was pretty jammed, so I didn't really get to "shop". 

There was even a quilt shop there (from Chicago, I think).  They were selling fabric for $14 per yard--Moda no-less!  I found a lot of the prices at the show were a tad high, but you have to remember--these vendors are paying BIG BUCKS for these booths.  A single booth at this show is $1800.  I'm not telling you anything that isn't public information....I tried to support the individual artists as much as possible on the wallet, because I know what it is like.  It was great weather and very interesting....not at all what I expected.

I will share more tomorrow....because there is SO much more! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Blocks!

Either I have a lot of stress to relieve...or I am on a ROLL!  These go together relatively quickly.  I have been using a fat quarter bundle to make them.  Just iron and cut four FQ at a time, and you are making four blocks at a time!  I have tried to keep them in the same order, but I must warn you--the next pic will have to be taken somewhere else and they will be all messed up!  I am out of room!  LOL

I am moving right along!  We are supposed to go to the Country Living Fair today in C-bus, but I think Hubs has forgotten.  If I go, I will definitely take pics for you.  If I don' can look forward to a bunch more blocks!  I have no intention of doing ANYTHING that resembles work today.  I'm maxed out!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Some more of these cRaZy blocks!

It will be a short post this morning.  Hubs and I have to go to Cincinnati for a big meeting today.  We will be eating ourselves into a food coma again....I did get some more blocks done last night.

Have you figured out the pattern yet?  I couldn't get them completely in the pic because my design wall/floor is a narrow space and there wasn't enough room for me to back up and get them fully in....

Tonight I really hope to knock some out.....afterall, I doubt I will have to cook dinner!  LOL

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving seems to be a theme

Got a call from Bossman.  He is "moving on".  He will be taking a new position in the company, so there will be a new Bossman....I would say 'or Bosswoman', but there aren't any women in our company that do that job.  It surely knocked the wind right out of my sails, because I absolutely adore him and love the way he manages me.  Other Bossmen in our organization (who do that particular job) tend to micromanage--which we all know I don't respond to very well.  So, now it is a wait and see game, and my nerves are pretty well shot!

So, what do we do to relieve stress?  We start another project!  My own little way of moving on.....

At first glance, it appears that I really screwed up some Ohio Star blocks, huh?  Well, boys and girls, this is the way they are SUPPOSED to look!  My OCD self is really struggling with this one!

I figure if I just make 2 sets (making 2 of each colorset) per night, I can whip this puppy out within a week or two.  The good news....I am NOT making this one King-Sized!  LOL

Well, I am off to sit in traffic.  The freeway is down to one lane because of an overturned semi.  Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank heavens for football!

I don't know what it is about football games, but I get so much more binding done when I am watching a good game!  We all know that I don't have the patience to just sit and do, I try to have handwork to do.  Usually--it is binding.....that is how I got the Jacob's Ladder all bound in one day--FOOTBALL!

I had this topper (another from the Sew One and You're Done book) done 2-3 years ago.  Those toppers might not all be what I would choose for a pattern, but they were great for a quick way to show off a fabric line!  I quilted this one earlier this year, and it just needed bound...ahhhh....FOOTBALL!

Now, I know what you are thinking--that is the most clever use of a bush EVER!  Yeah, you are right.  Hubs couldn't be disturbed, he was watching the Matrix.

Since there was nothing outstandingly special about this topper, other than I wanted to get it done, I just did an allover snowflake.  I love this allover and will probably use this side of it when I make my little winter 'display'.  I have an antique sled, some skates, a little cap with mittens get the picture.  All I know is that it is D O N E ! ! !

BTW, that is not thread you see on the back....there is something wrong with your eyes and you should really make that appointment with the optomotrist you have been putting off.  You may have a detached retina or something.......or something.....LOL

Well, I am off to do some late evening work for Bossman.  Counting down until March....that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Have a good evening!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hot off the longarm!

I finished this one up this weekend.  The customer asked me to put it on the blog, as her friends are anxiously awaiting pics....  Several of them made the same quilt without discussing fabric choices, etc., and she is the only one who finished so far!

This one was fun because it was made in reproductions and I love reproductions!

This is the back.  Your welcome for cropping out the Hubs and the garden hose!  LOL

Close-up of the back.  I'm anxious to see the other quilts and the fabrics chosen by her friends.  I also can't wait to see the other quilters' quilting!  I love looking at how others have chosen to quilt---for inspiration on future quilts!  :)

That's all I have for now....

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Climbing that ladder again!

I didn't have quite as many customer quilts to longarm this week, so I did it!  I let myself throw one of those UFOs on the allover machine just so I could get it done!  While I worked on a custom for a customer on the other machine, I did an allover feather design called Goosedown on this one.  I cannot tell you how good it feels for this quilt to have gone from an unfinished UFO in the 'pile' to a quilted and bound quilt in a week!  Here is that Jacob's Ladder dancing husband this time...sorry!

Bambino always enjoys a good finish!  He was helping out with the squirrel population (which is out of control by the way) when he ran back over for his supermodel pose.  I just love my Bammie!

Here is a close-up of the quilting.  Don't know if you can see it that well, but the curves of the feathers helped with all those straight lines.  I bound it in the same red as the skinny border, which also helped tie everything together.

I LOVE watching football with the Hubs, but I just cannot stand to just 'sit'.  So, I scurried to get this one all ready to bind before we sat down to watch the game.  I was worried about not finishing the last few blocks and if this would end up being a usable size.  It finished at 85 x 100!  That's usable to, I threw the excess pieces away.  Don't cringe....the sashing and HST were a woven fabric.  Had I held onto them, they would have just frayed away into oblivion.  It's all good.

I have a lot of work to do for Bossman today, so I don't know how much I will get done for me.  Also have that dreaded ironing to, we shall just have to wait and see.

The Tractors are coming......the Tractors are coming.......the excitement continues.....

Friday, September 07, 2012

I am on a ROLL!

Back to the UFO pile....

This is ANOTHER quilt that has been pieced for at LEAST 5 years.  Again, it just needed borders.  Thankfully, the borders for this one were folded up inside the top and I didn't have to try to match it up.  I wish the picture showed how awesome the alternate block fabric and border fabric is.  This quilt is called Under the Sea.

After going through all the pics from Army Son and fiance's scuba trip, it really made me miss the ocean.  The center strip on the rail blocks is a fish fabric.  The outer border looks like it has water bubbles scattered on it.  Again, I am just going to throw an allover on it and call it done.  Hubs wants this one done sooner than later.  He is drawn to these bright colors and just loves this quilt.

Have a super incredible day!

.....and don't forget....The Tractors are coming!  Countdown is on!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Climb on up!

Monday morning I got up and tidied the house from the Engagement Party we had on Sunday.  I headed into the studio and decided I would tidy up a bit in there, as well.  Feeling that sense of accomplishment from finishing the Log Cabin, I decided I would grab one of those UFOs off the pile and finish it up.

This Jacob's Ladder quilt has been a UFO for at LEAST 5 years, and that is being conservative.  It was a mystery quilt we did when we were over on the other side of the state.  It was supposed to get a few more rows or something, and I found the pieces I had cut out of sashing and for the nine patches, but I couldn't find the background pieces or the border fabric.  Rather than putting it back on the shelf or spending hours looking....I just decided to just get new fabrics and finish it.  I am not a fan of the border fabric, but it does pull it all together.  So a few hours later....I have another UFO off the pile and ready for the longarm lineup!

Feel free to laugh at Hubs' shadow showing through....I did!  Doesn't he look like one of those shadow dancers who stand behind the screen and make funny shapes??  ROFL  It feels good to get this one done.  I'm just going to do an allover quilting on it and call it completely done.  Binding will be that same redish color that is the skinny border.  It will help make the cornerstones go with the border fabric a little better.  I am sure that once I pull it off the longarm from being quilted, the border fabric will show up.  *sigh*

I'm off to get ready for work...have a blessed day!

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Do you remember these old Family Circus cartoons?  I tried to find the one where the Mom was just headed to the kitchen to grab something....and got sidetracked all through the house like this one depicts for one of the kids....Well, that's me.  I can head toward the kitchen to grab a glass of water, the next thing you know I have stopped to throw a load of laundry in...then I am carrying towels to the bathroom....then I am cleaning the bathroom....and so on....and I forget all about the water!

Yesterday was my day off.  I had it all planned out....or so I thought!  The rain is hitting us a day later than expected, so while I was watching the sunrise, I figured I should water the flower garden before I headed into the sewing studio.  I drug the 300 ft of hose out there and started watering.....then, "it" happened.  I figured I should probably weed the strawberries.  After the strawberries were all done, I looked over at the rose bushes....needed some I took care of that.....well, you know how this went.  I ended up working in the flower garden for about 4 hours!  Talk about a change of plans!  I HAD to get my shower before heading in to finish my quilt.  Stinky, muddy girl!  But, for the next 15 minutes--my flower garden will look aMaZiNg!!!

All was not lost....I finished it up and it is one HEAVY quilt top!  It took me a little longer because I pressed seams open when sewing the rows together, which meant lots of backstitching to lock in the seams.  I honestly think this top is too heavy for the hangers I use to keep them in order!  (I also need a taller Hubs for when I make these monster-sized tops!!)

A friend from an online group I used to be a part of gave me the idea on how to lay them out, and I am soooo happy she did.  I love it!  When I laid it out on the bed, the star really shows up.  I miss those ladies, they were full of inspiration.  As soon as life settles down a bit, I will try to re-join them.  I am not a 'swapper', and they do a lot of swaps.  They make some beautiful quilts with the swapped blocks, and I always felt bad that I couldn't participate in a lot of the group activities....