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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christmas in August??

When I was loading some of the smaller Fall quilts in between the custom quilts, I started to load this one.  It had hung around all pitiful-like in the shop without being quilted.  Got the backing cut out and loaded, and while I was centering it, I noticed it wasn't finished!  Talk about being overzealous!  Unloaded everything (that's when I loaded the second pumpkin quilt) and took it up to the sewing studio to be placed in the UFO pile.  You know--the one with that log cabin quilt and pile of log cabin blocks!  If I keep piling things on top of it, I will never finish it, and I really really want to get that one done!  But, I digress....

Sunday, I went in to the room that looked like a bomb went off, fka the Sewing Studio, to finish up a Sew Along project we are doing in the Prim Group.  I grabbed this little number, thinking I could knock it out by noon and then finish up the Slim Pickins quilt.  Well--that isn't exactly how it went down.  When I buttonhole stitch with the machine, I go extreeeeeemely slow because of the whole OCD thing.  No, it is not perfect, but I wanted it to be.  LOL  Realized there was more to do on it than originally planned, and it pretty well ate up the time I got in there on Sunday.  Those little stripey things in the border--yeah, they are appliqued!

Those letters took FOREVER!

So, I am taking Friday off work.  We are having an Engagement Party on Sunday, and the Hubs thinks I am taking off to start cooking.  I didn't tell him any different, because I wanted the day to myself.  I know, I am a horrible wife.  Originally, the plan was to finish the Log Cabin Quilt.  Then, if I finish putting the rest of the blocks into rows and get the top done....maybe, just maybe, I will start the cooking.  If you are coming over, you should be warned that I will be in sweats with my hair pulled up, no makeup...and you should bring food.  I am not showering until I am DONE, so there is that, too!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's all about me Day!

So, I was a somewhat good wifey yesterday.  I did all the laundry and some cleaning--not as much as I wanted, but some...  I got up this morning and fixed the Hubs pancakes and bacon....  Now, I am going to shower and head right to the sewing studio--not to be bothered for the rest of the day!

I want to finish up the sew-along project we are doing from the new Prim Quilts and Projects magazine, so we shall see....if I do accomplish anything, I will definitely show you the pics!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top 5 Reasons why I should win the lottery....

I got up at 5 am this morning....Hubs was still sleeping.  I waddled into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.

Reason #1:  I should NOT be allowed to use a coffee maker
I put the beans in, filled the water tank, emptied the old grounds and pushed the button.  How hard can this be?  I stood there, one eye open, one eye closed, with my coffee cup in hand watching and waiting for the joyful noise of the three *beeps* telling me the nectar of the Gods was ready.  Well, if I had a squeegie--I could have swirled it all into my cup from the countertop.  It would seem I forgot the all-important step of emptying the previous pot!  I need to hire a personal assistant to have my coffee ready in the morning.  These coffeemaker people make the task entirely too mind-boggling for those of us who have NOT had their coffee yet to perform all the little tricks to making a good cup of coffee....

Reason #2:  I should NOT be allowed to use hedge trimmers
Last weekend when I was on my little yardwork kick, I may have accidentally ran the electric cord through the trimmers causing fireworks and a blown electrical breaker.  (This would explain why my fountain hasn't worked all week--I was actually thinking of disassembling it and heaving it into the dumpster because I was all fired up about it...)  I definitely need to hire someone to help with the yard work.

Reason #3:  I should NOT have to drive myself
I went on a rant last week on my FB page because of semi trucks and those dang re-tread tires.  How many times have you swerved to miss parts and pieces of a tire on the road...or almost seen or been a part of an accident because some other driver was swerving?  Wednesday, I was behind one of said semis.  We were approaching a construction zone.  There was nowhere to swerve to.  His re-tread came off and almost hit my windshield.  I guess I should be grateful that it did not, however....instead....I hit it with the front of my car!  I pulled the skirting on the driver's side loose and had to make the Hubs attach it back on.  Now, there is a nice black spot on the front under the bumper above the skirting (and it is just too dang early to remember what it is called....brain fart) that will constantly remind me how much I hate those re-tread tires.  Definitely need to hire a driver.

Reason #4:  I should not have to clean my own house
OK, maybe I should....but it sure would be nice to have someone do it for me!

******DRUMROLL PLEASE*******


Reason #5:  I should not have to fix my own mistakes!
I need an Executive Assistant in the Sewing Studio to do my frog-stitching.  When he/she gets bored, they can also do my pressing or maybe even some cutting....

I'm just sayin.......

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have been longarming like crazy, so I haven't had time to head into the sewing studio and show you here's what I have for you today.

I should just e-mail it to the Hubs!  Have a blessed day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Official!

For those of you who have frequented the shop over the years and met our little General (aka Jessia)....she is "officially" engaged to Army Son!  He proposed on the beach in Honduras, and she said YES!  I am excited to welcome her to the family.  (Although, honestly, she has been a part of my family for years!)  Congrats to the happy couple!  I wish them many years of happiness.

Looks like it is finally time to get that wedding quilt all quilted!  Yup, I'm beaming!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

And another...

Last summer, when I wasn't working, I made a huge vegetable garden.  I love fresh veggies and had plenty of time to get out there and work.  This Spring, we were supposed to be putting our house on the market for sale, and I needed to do something with that space.  So, I did what any good gardener would do....I turned that huge garden into a flower garden....  Hubs decided we were going to stay here, so the house never got listed, and I ended up with even more weeding/pruning than I had bargained for having a full-time job.

Something has GOT to give.

My sweet little Hubs drug me outside yesterday morning at 8am and kept me outside until 8pm doing yard work.  Yes, it needed done.  However, I haven't been out there as much in the past month because it has been so bloody hot and humid.  I can make excuses with the best of them.  It was sinful to see just how bad things were.  AND my OCD self just couldn't take the bushes not being well-manicured, so I overdid it and stayed out there for 12 hours!  AND there is still more to do!  I am going out this morning with my trusty wheelbarrow to clean up the trimmings from the bushes and the weeds that I pulled, then I have got to get myself in the house and work on the projects in here that need done!

I was going to show you this pic earlier, but I am just now getting around to it.  It is another Fall finish!  It is all quilted and bound, so "Go Me"!

This was a Country Threads pattern.  I just love the colors!

I need to update the sidebar of my blog and switch out the 2011 Finishes with the 2012 Finishes!  I am getting there....slow and steady wins the race.  As the winter progresses, I will have some exciting news for you *fingers crossed*.

Until next time......I haven't said it in a while, but "The Tractors are Coming....The Tractors are Coming"!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


With the cooler temperatures (only in the 70s and 80s versus the last three weeks of 90s and 100!), I've been thinking about Fall.  The fact that we are working on the Fall projects in the Prim Group certainly hasn't hurt, either!  I made a "deal" with myself that before I started the Fall project, I would finish one of the Fall UFOs. 


I got this baby all bound on the way up to see the new granddaughter.  Now, I am guilt-free about starting another project!

 Army Son and his GF....they are going scuba-diving in Honduras next week.  You can tell by the look on their faces that they are excited!  I much prefer his Army haircut to his long dreads....OK, so they aren't really dreads, but I love a clean cut man!
And, last but not least....the Hubs and the granddaughter.  When you look at this pic, you need to keep in mind that this little chunker is not even a month old in the pic.  She turned a month old on Monday!

All in all, a pretty productive Sunday, dontcha think?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanging Out

I had an upset stomach pretty much all day yesterday, and today it is a little better, but I still feel blah!  Having no gall bladder and eating fire-hot chili--well, they just don't marry well together.  So, after everyone dropped off and picked up quilts, I made binding...I did a little longarming, too.  But, mostly I puddled around feeling sorry for my poor tummy.

Update:  When the Raffle Quilt Customer picked up her quilt, she decided she couldn't dare part with it and is going to choose a different one to donate!  How flattering is that??

This quilt is called "Hanging Out".  If I remember correctly, it was from the book Pinwheel Party.  The fabric line was a repro line from Andover.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite fabric companies!

I was going to cross-hatch behind the dresses, but after doing the one pass, I thought it kind of mimicked the wind, so opted not to go back the other way.  This was another of the shop samples that just never got quilted. 

As I have been dragging out all these samples to quilt, finish, bind, etc., I think about my girls a lot.  This one reminds me of G.  I was not going to have any part of 30s repros, but she loved them and we brought them in.  I must confess, I do love them...this little number will go in my laundry room.  Whenever I look at it, I will think of G.  The next one I am working on will make me think of D.  But, you will see that one tomorrow or the next day.  Slowly whittling away at those UFOs.....

Today, I am off to finally see that grandbaby for the first time.  I've made all the food and we are going to have a cookout, so the new mama doesn't have to stress about feeding everyone.  Hubs bought a Dora the Explorer doll yesterday.  It was so cute, he came home and was showing me that he made sure it didn't have removeable eyes, buttons, or anything else she could choke on.  Nope, this child will not be spoiled at all!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This is what has been keeping me away....

No, it isn't the granddaughter, unfortunately.  A customer had dropped off this quilt....I know, I am not posting that many customer quilts these days....but, I have to post this one!  You see, this one is going to be raffled off.  I love the quilt.  I love the colors.  I love the fabric line!

 This is the back.  You can't see much, and I can't get Blogger to delete!  So, here it is!  ROFL

She is coming this morning to drop off more quilts, and doesn't know I got it done.  It will be a huge surprise for her!

Now that I have it done, I need to catch up on the group project we are working on over at the Prim Group.  We are making projects from Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  Just some quick stitching, as I already have it all cut out.  We have divided the projects into four weeks, which is just perfect for those of us who don't seem to be able to find time.

I also need to get some binding made.  Haven't made the binding yet for that Toppers heart quilt....and I have another!  Slow and steady wins the race!

Have a great Saturday!  We are enjoying a nice break from the rain/drought/heat wave here in Ohio!

Happy Stitching!