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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not what you were expecting....and custom quilting!!!

The kids came out to see me yesterday, and took me bowling.  My highest score of FOUR games was 107, so that tells you what a stellar bowler I am!  Army Son used to bowl a lot when he was in Germany, while the other fellas were out doing what young fellas do when they are in a new country.  He just wasn't into that kind of thing, so he would take himself bowling.  He got to be very good.  His patience for me and his girlfriend was commendable.  *smile*

Since they spent the night, I didn't feel right about heading off to the sewing studio.  There was just something amazingly wrong with that, so I didn't get the log cabin finished.  *sigh*  I did, however, finish this while I was working on some overall longarming.  It was a shop sample from the book Toppers, which I still have a few left, if you are interested.  The concept of the book is to make quilts that either go over the back of your couch, the bottom of your bed, or across the pillows.  This was our Valentine's one.

I will probably be able to start binding it tonight, but I surely will not finish.  I have a few hours work to do for Bossman.  *groan*

Now, for the custom quilting part.....  I worked my little fingers to the bones yesterday before the kids got here, and then this afternoon after they left.  For you local ladies who wanted to be on the "list" for my taking custom quilts again, here's your chance.  I will be taking quilts in on Saturday from 10am-noon.  You can bring custom or allovers.  Shoot me an e-mail if you like, and it would be kind of nice to know you are coming...  As always, they will be first-in, first-out.  It is time to start thinking about Christmas, so there you go....

Well, I'm off to do reports for Bossman.  Have a good evening!

Friday, July 27, 2012


So, dinner last night was at the Simon-Kenton Inn.  It is a beautiful facility and the Chef aimed to please.  He is one of Hubs' accounts and was overjoyed to see us there.

If it hadn't been storming, we would have eaten out here on the outdoor patio.  There was live music and the fellas (Prodigal Son and the Hubs) definitely outdid themselves.  We have FINALLY found a good restaurant in our little town.  Hubs and I are food snobs because of the industry we are in, so this is saying a lot.  I would rather overpay for a good meal then suffer through a bad one.  We don't go out much, so when we do, we have unrealistic expectations.  Daughter-in-law to be can attest to that.

As I write now, Hubs is driving us to Cincinnati for our all-day eatfest/meeting,  I will definitely feel like a puppy with worms by the time this is all over.  *sigh*

This weekend I WILL finish my quilt and get some longarming done....right after my massage!  LOL

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mission Impossible....or Twilight??

I "thought" I may sneak into the sewing studio this evening and finish putting the rows together on my log cabin.  It is my birthday, and I "thought" everyone would be on the same page as me and let me have a little fun.  Mission Impossible

The Hubs, being the sweetie that he is, made reservations for us at a restaurant at 6pm.  I figure we won't get home until at least 9pm.  I'm not complaining.

So, if I go in after we get home....Twilight.  The rows won't go together fast.  The blocks are 7" and there are 15 blocks per row x 15 rows.

We have to leave the house in the morning at 6:30 to get to our meeting tomorrow morning, will be Saturday before I can finish.

As long as this doesn't turn into GroundHog Day, I am fine with it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Good....The Bad....and The Ugly......

The Good:  I finished my 83 blocks!!!  I am sooo excited to almost have this project done, especially with starting another project with the online Primitive Group.

The Bad:  I didn't get them put into a quilt.

The Ugly:  Bossman started calling, e-mailing and texting me at around 4:30 Sunday, so I had to stop everything to take care of his "needs".  Yeah....I worked until 9:30.  More not getting MY day to do MY thing when I am supposed to be "off".  I would put my usual grrrrrr in here, but @#$%&* would be more appropriate.

So, I went to work Monday with a bad attitude--had to train a new person.  Went to work Tuesday with a bad attitude.  Went to work Wednesday with a bad attitude--again with someone in the car with me all day....and I am pretty sure my bad attitude will extend all the way through until this weekend.

Do you want MORE ugly??  Bossman's Boss has requested my attendance (along with 20 or so other sales reps, including the Hubs) at a meeting in the Big City (South) on Friday.  Hour and a half drive and I have to be there from 8am until 4pm.  So, my bad attitude will just spew out of me until my margarita on Friday night.

Here's crossing my fingers that the margarita will take me back to my happy place!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I tried....

Well, yesterday, I thought I would get my final 83 blocks done to finish up the red and cream quilt.  I gave it the old Girl Scout try, but I only got about 80% there.  The goal is to finish them today.  Prodigal Son came over and I spent some time with him....  The tree fellas came over and cut the trees up.....  There were just too many interruptions.  Guess I need to put a sign on the door and have the Hubs slide food and water under it until I finish!

I did do a little blog-hopping yesterday morning for some inspiration and motivation.  Our Prim Group has been salivating over the latest Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  We are going to do a project from it together--voting now--so jump in with us!  Fall is my time of year, so there aren't any projects in it I don't like!

Well, I need to go water some flowers before I head flowers are really looking beautiful and I want to keep them that way!

Have a blessed day!  (Cross your fingers that I will have a pic for you tomorrow of a finished quilt top!!)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


This weekend only...until midnight Sunday....take 40% off Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price on all Books!  

All Thimbleberries patterns  $4

All Miss Rosie's patterns  $5

All Country Threads patterns $4

All Open Gate patterns $4

I'll discount your order before hitting your credit card!!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whoopsie! I almost forgot....

We had other excitement last week!  I've told you all that step-daughter was pregnant with our very first grandchild.  The doctors were estimating that she weighed about 9 pounds.  She wouldn't "drop", and the assumption there was that her head was too big.....well, here she is!  Stella Simone weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces!  Her head was 14" (gets that from her grandpa the Hubs).

 Proud grandpa!  He has gotten to sneak up and see her a couple times already this week.  I have yet to see her in person....
Grandpa and two of the step-daughters....I'm so very happy for him.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Catching up....

OK, so my massage is over and I'm all relaxed and ready to post an update.  Did you have storms?  We surely did.  A lot of folks were without power for days, so we were blessed to at least have power.  Unfortunately, our AC died....and we felt like we were going to as well!  The storms rolled in--Hubs fusses at me to take Bambino and head to the basement.  Just as he was shutting the door to the back terrace, THIS happened....

 This tree was almost 100 ft tall.  The root ball is taller than Hubs and I.  What you can't see from the pic is that it pulled up the sidewalk AND the drainage pipe when it went down.  After I saw it, I started shaking....if it had gone the opposite direction, we would have NO HOUSE!  Glass half full--I could have gotten that new kitchen a little quicker!

Another downed tree....
 See how all the limbs are stripped from this one?  That is from where the first one fell.  It obliviated the limbs!
 This is what we call a "driveway issue".
 There used to be a tree here, too.  This is the front yard hill...
 A little better pic of the root ball.  Glass half full would be a great beginning for a new pool!  Hubs wasn't buying it.  This tree offered us all the shade on the back terrace and he is quite upset.

But, not everyone was upset about the heat and the storms.  Look how happy my flowers are!

 (It was so hot and steamy my lens fogged up!)
 I love the color of this coral Hibiscus!
 Bee Balm is just about done blooming.  I need to move him.  The Rudbeckia is choking him right out!
 Another Hibiscus...
 This Hibiscus is my show off.  Her flowers are larger than dinner plates!
Thought I would end on this positive note.  I promise there will be some quilting on here very soon.  I'm actually off to longarm now!  Then, we have a charity dinner tonight in the big city.

Count your blessings....I know I AM!


You should NEVER tell me secrets!  I think I am going to EXPLODE!!!!

Will post more in a few hours....I just had to vent before I IMPLODE/EXPLODE!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2012

More later....

I've been a bad blogger as of late.  No A/C.  100 degree temps.  Wearing suits that by the end of the day are stuck to my body from the sweat....makes for a cranky woman who wants to do nothing moe at the end of the day than retreat to the basement where it is cool and just SIT!

I did do some weeding in the flower beds Weds morning while you were all watching parades.  Worked out there from 7am until 11:30am and I just couldn't take the heat anymore.  Even my sweat was sweating!  Bambino helped....until...he found a ground hornets nest and had to share with me!  So, we took our stinger swollen bodies in the house, showered and SAT!

The A/C got fixed last night.  So, tonight when I get home from work I will be able to do 'something', even if it is wrong.  Don't know if I will clean...or sew....or longarm....or SIT!

I'm off to work!

Have a blessed day and keep COOL!