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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Week in the life....

of me!  Between the Bossman and the Hubs....someone hasn't had time to turn around!  I have been fighting a stomach flu this week.  Today is Day 3!  One of my co-workers has moved on to another position for one of our customers.  He is going to be their Director of Operations.  Hubs, who works with us as well, has been pulled out of the big city and will now be working in our town and some towns north.  Why does this matter?  Bossman has had to literally re-work ALL of our customer bases and distribute their accounts and shuffle some of the ones we have just to get all of the customers taken care of.  Then, we have to all meet each other at the accounts--introduce the new person that will be taking care of them--and pass the baton on to the replacement reps.  Whew!  I left my house at 6:30am every day this week and didn't get home before 6:30pm any day....

Then, there was Friday!  Friday we all had to go to our Corporate office for a kickoff of all of our new food items.  Seven straight hours of we have to 'sample' everything.  Remember I told you I am fighting a stomach flu???  Well, the seven straight hours of eating....yeah, didn't help much!

I ended up missing the quilt show in the big city last week because of all of this craziness.  Oh, and I forgot to mention...I had to 'school' my boss on the most effective way to handle me.  Once I "explained" that I am a gal who needs "coached", not "managed"....we came to an agreement that I am always right and he needs to suck it up.  You think I am kidding.....I am pretty independent and I don't need someone taking care of things for me.  Just tell me what to do and I will handle it.  Do NOT want my hand held and do NOT need you to overcommit and leave me in a lurch.  *very big smile*  That's what he loves about me!  He just needed a little 'reminder'.

The closest I have come to sewing in the last week is pulling fabric and pattern orders.  That in itself is just pure torture.  Think about go pull a pattern and then you are all "Oh, I love that one....I want to make it, too"   Only you don't have time right now, so you pack it up for some lucky quilter and hope they e-mail you a pic when they are done!

So, today I have another custom quilt to finish off.  Then.....I am going to sneak into my sewing studio.  Sure, you think I am going to get quilting done.  Nope.  I have yet another pair of pants to hem.  I am getting pretty dang good at that blind hem stitch.  It would seem that those new spikey heels are quite effective in catching on the hem of your pants and ripping it right out!  If possible, I will work on those remaining log cabin blocks, but one thing I can be sure of....I will not get them finished! 

Here's a brief little family update....daughter-in-law-to-be will have her Master's in Accounting this month.  She applied for a different job in the Army that finally involves accounting....and got it!  We are having a little BBQ Celebration next weekend.  Step-daughter's baby is due next week.  They are pretty sure the baby is a girl, but she is staying in a position that they aren't 100%.  We gave her a little dress ensemble with matching lace panties, socks, headband, etc. and that's all she will be getting.  The quilt will be saved (there was a moment when I considered throwing it away), but it will not be going to the step-daughter.  I am tolerant...nice...and try not to cause a fuss.  But, if I can't be invited to the baby shower, I am surely not gifting the quilt.  Not bitter....just not going to reward the way the step-divas treat me.  *smile*

Have a Super Saturday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Where did the weekend go?

I think I will start a petition that we should have three-day weekends EVERY week!  I got so much done, that if I had just one more day....I would be one step away from Wonder Woman!  I longarmed two allover quilts AND finished a custom quilt I have been working on...even loaded the next custom.  Then...there were "the" boxes. 

Allow me to explain.  When we moved from the other side of the state to this side of the state, there were a few boxes that never got unpacked.  They just went into the storage room.  These boxes had my stash from the 90s (lots of calicos and novelties) and some UFOs from where I first opened the shop...which I had forgotten about until I went through the boxes.  Since we have been purging these last few months, I figured I would own it and finally go through them.  I also went through a few old boxes of office stuff.  The result...a few UFOs, two quilt tops that just need quilted and three HUGE boxes of fabric, etc. to go to St. Vincent's for donation.  Now, there are only a handful of boxes that haven't been sorted through over the last two moves.

I looked at my pile of tops that just need quilted and analyzed why some of them haven't been quilted.  I just don't want them--quilted or un-quilted.  Remember the Thimbleberries Cover Story panels?  Well, I have a quilt top or two that are those panels.  I'm not a panel fan, but they were shop samples.  I have decided that I am going to put some of these tops on the website and see if I can just sell them.  Maybe someone will want them for some reason or another....who knows?

I also went through Hubs' bar area and scrubbed it all...pulled all the glassware off the shelves, cleaned the shelves, washed the glassware and put it all back.  Depending on what the boys get him for Father's Day, I wanted it to be spiffy.  I've told him more than once that I want no responsibility for keeping it clean, but one of us has to do it and he surely has NOT.  Insert **grrrrrr** here....

So, if I had just one more day of weekend left, I would grab one of those UFOs and finish it!  I've got some allovers being dropped off this week, so I doubt I will have time to get into the studio, but you never know.  Those log cabin blocks are calling me as well!

Have a good day!  I'm crossing my fingers for a little rain today.  Maybe I should do a rain dance!

Friday, June 08, 2012


Mr. Romance aka the Hubs just dropped a bomb on me!  I was greeted this evening by wine, candles, chocolate to go see Wicked!  I am SO excited!  With all the time this new job sucks out of both of us...all the work we are doing on the house...and all the longarming I have been doing, we have been trying to commit to spend more time together.  Looks like he wins in the latest efforts!  It isn't until next weekend, so I get to look forward to it all week!

WickedSo, we were pulling orders last night and found one of the outside doors of our house open!  Thank goodness for the chain-thingy kept whomever it was OUT!  Unfortunately, our house has six exterior doorways.  This one would have been the best one to use if you were trying to break in.  We are guessing Bambino's ferocious bark scared the perpetrator off.  After a little work on our part, that access is now impossible to use! 

Well, I am off to shower and get ready for work.  I'm a pretty boring gal today!  Just had to share my job with the world!  Wicked...NEXT fun!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Sand Man

My eyes popped wide open at 4 am this morning and I could NOT get back to sleep.  As soon as I wake up, I start thinking about all the things I need to do for the day...and then it is a lost hope of ever finding my way back to Sleepytown. 

The only sewing I have gotten done since the weekend would be longarming.  I have some quilts being dropped off and picked up tonight...and that is pretty much IT!  I did saunter into the sewing studio to grab the phone yesterday and looked longingly at the 109 blocks I started working on to complete the Red/Cream log cabin.

Do you dream about quilting?  I wake up sometimes having designed a new quilt in my sleep.  I quickly scrawl the hapless project onto a piece of paper and file it away, reminding myself I need to finish some of those UFOs before I start anything else.  I have decided that this weekend, in addition to longarming, I am going to put the borders on a quilt I finished about 5 years ago and load it for an allover.  All the blasted thing needs is the borders and it is ready to quilt!  At least there will be a little instant gratification there.  Friday night...that's when I am going to do it.  If I finish the custom I have going on the other longarm this weekend, I am going to whip up one of those block quilts by Lori Smith for a little more instant gratification.....then I will go back to the log cabin blocks.  I'm thinking they will go pretty quickly because the cutting is all done.  I really really really want to get that one done!

What projects do you have going right now?  Is your quilting trunk filled with red/white/blue quilts for July?

The online group I am in is talking about doing a Mystery Quilt.  It will just be wallhanging size, so if I am a good girl with the UFOs, I may join in...also depending on when they do it!

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I was WRONG!

Remember these blocks?  Remember I thought I had about 130 of them made?  I was soooo wrong!  I had 116 made!

I have now planned out the quilt.  It would seem that I need 225 blocks!  If you are doing the math, that is 2925 pieces!!!!!  So, it probably won't be finished this weekend....considering I am only halfway there.  I guess I better go cut some more strips and pieces.  I'm looking forward to showing you the finished quilt, but don't hold your breath.  It will be a while!

I have been doing some blog-hopping this weekend.  I just love the 'block quilts' that some of you are making.  I've ordered some of the patterns and will join in when the pattern arrives.  It will be a little bit of instant gratification in between working on these.  I need a little right now.  I also ordered some things from books and patterns....and fabric.

Well, I need to go cut some serious fabric!  Enjoy your Sunday!

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming.....