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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's been a while since I offered a sale to my bloggy here it goes!

All Fabric (45") $6.00 per yard, minimum 1 yard cuts.

Subject to quantity on hand.  I will change your prices before hitting your credit card.  Special pricing ends this Saturday at midnight, June 2.  YOU MUST PUT THE WORD "BLOG" IN YOUR ORDER COMMENTS TO RECEIVE THE SPECIAL PRICING.

Now, for my weekend a bunch of weeding done in the flower beds.  Got all of my allover longarm quilts caught up.  (Big Smiley Face on that one!)  Finished painting the I ended up with that little job I don't know....and we got all of the roofing installed in my new outside living room.  Just have to touch up paint where we screwed it in and we can install the ceiling fan!  Woot Woot!

What did YOU get done this weekend?  Any quilting??  I would love to hear about it!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Turf Wars....

Disclaimer:  Today's post is NOT for the squeamish!

So, the "honey do" projects this weekend include finishing an outdoor living room we have been working on.  (How "honey do" translated into me painting doors rather than sipping a mojito and supervising, I have yet to figure out!)  I don't recall if I told you about Hubs and I installing a huge header beam or not, but there were a lot of carpenter bees involved.  You know, the big fat ones with the big fat stingers....  Well, part of today's task was for hubs to remove the downspouts and replace the board the carpenter bees had claimed as their own.  At the DIY store, Hubs had grabbed this spray foamy stuff that you spray into their little holes and it assists them in their transition from our porch to the beehive in the sky.  It kinda sorta works. 

So, board is replaced and painted.  We are waiting for everything to dry.  Hubs, being his very wise self, decides he is going to spray the foamy poison around the front porch steps.  Why he did it is beyond me....we have seen no bees over there....but, he did.

Now, I'm chillaxing waiting for the sun to go down a little so I can water the flowers before my very much needed shower.  You can probably smell me at YOUR house.  It was 94 degrees today and I have been out in it painting.  I decide to check FB to see how my Aunt is doing and I hear Hubs sorta screeching, but in a manly way.  You know the sound....they aren't afraid, but fascinated.  Then the "honey, come here--you have to see this".  Well, first, I really don't need to see it--I've been fooled by that line before.  Secondly, what could be more interesting to me than a little FB and shower time.  But, I went anyway.

Here is what was so fascinating.....
He ran out of his hole so fast, he lost a couple of legs.  I'm soooo not kidding!  Hubs just had to get a coin to show you how big this boogar was.  Quite frankly, I'm just thankful for the new super-close up lens he got me for the new big camera.  I'm not afraid of spiders, but I'm betting that if he and I had crossed paths where he was scampering toward me and I saw him....I probably would have wet myself!  I know...that's too much info....but he is not a small fella.  Now, for the real question.....does he have a family still in that hole with vendetta issues?  I'm pretty sure he looks like a gangster spider and there is a hit out on me!

Yup, I'm like the Tom Hanks movie, Perdition....I am the crazy person with a camera taking pics of the dead bodies!  Bluck!

Now, I really do need that shower......

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming.....

Friday, May 25, 2012

You Seductive Temptress....

I have already got more planned for the weekend than I could possibly accomplish.  Just the allure of an extra day, and the gears start turning of all that needs done.  Then, I check my e-mail.  Hubs and I are definitely DIYers.  There they are....multiple coupons and sale announcements for the local DIY store.  Focus, I tell myself, focus!  Hubs gets home from work and I screech that he needs to get changed and fire up the Durango--there is a S A L E ! ! !

We go charging over to the DIY store...stopping for dinner on the way to maximize our shopping time!

Now, the first piece of advice I can offer the ladies reading is that when you go to the DIY store, DO NOT TAKE THE HUBS!  When I got there, I found all kinds of widgets that I didn't knew existed, but I did know I just had to have!  The Hubs just kept nixing them!  I left with less than half of what I thought I needed because my conscience (disguised as the Hubs) wouldn't let me buy all the extra gadgets and do-dads that we are in DIRE need of!

However, I have schooled Hubs on all the new projects we now need to do--because I saw easy ways to do them at the DIY store.  How long could it possibly take??  The waterfall fountain (I have a fountain, but it just sits on the back boring is that??) says it only takes a day to install!  Of course, it isn't nearly big enough....and there will have to be more digging, excavating, etc., but he could probably still get it done in a day.  Yeah, he wasn't buying that and I left with no waterfall fountain....

Again, I have picked out an entire new kitchen.  I have lived with no door on one of my cabinets for around six months as he decides whether we just want to refinish the wood or replace it all.  I've decided we just need to gut the kitchen and start much could it possibly cost?  He thinks it will take a month to do....I think if he tries, he can finish in a weekend.  Again, I was nixed....

We have an ugly bush crazy nonsense on the side of the hill that is our driveway.  I want to pull it out and put in a retaining wall.  Hubs agrees....he/we could probably finish that in a weekend.  Let's buy the block now....Nixed!  One project at a time he says....

The list goes on and on.  I'm thinking I should just start a private list and slither over to the DIY store when he isn't home to stock up on projects for him.  As he finishes the prior one, I start pulling out the next....but, I definitely can't take him with me!  =)

The tractors are coming....the tractors are coming!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a week!

I am sooooo ready for the holiday weekend, and I still have two days to go!

First....there was this.  Army Son loves him some cars.  This Acura was STOLEN right out of his driveway.  Now, he lives in a good neighborhood--a cul de sac even!  He woke up Tuesday morning to NO CAR in the driveway!  Luckily, he has another car living in the barn at his grandma's, so he had to go get it.  He and GF both had to call in and take Tuesday off to file insurance reports, police reports and go get spare car.

So, after spending the morning texting and calling back and forth with him...I head off to my first account.  When I get there.....two firetrucks and an ambulance.  Is this how my day is going to go???

Yup, it pretty much did.  So, Tuesday and Wednesday evening I had to de-stress by working outside after work.  Got the back terrace put back together after a well-needed power washing,.  Then, it was off to the other porch.  We did some work there, and I had to put it back together.  Pulled some weeds (didn't even make a dent in pulling the Coleus--not a weed--but I'm pretty sure I now qualify as a Coleus FARM!).  I still have a few plants to get in the ground, some perennials to move around and weeding to do.  I still have to trim bushes, clean up the mess, and spray my roses.....

So, thank goodness for a "holiday" weekend!  In between longarming and yard work, I may get to relax for a bit.  I doubt it, but a girl can dream!

How are you spending YOUR weekend?  Any fun plans???  Oh, and did I mention....the "move" isn't happening for another 9 least!

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Early....and a Finish!

Sorry I have been neglecting you.  I have longarmed so many quilts in the past few days that my head is spinning!  I did, however, find time to bind one of my own that I got quilted earlier in the year.  I STILL intend to meet my UFO finish goal this may not seem like it now, but I am confident I will!

So, when we went to yard crash the son and GF's yard, we took Bambino with us.  They have a fenced yard, and he loves to play with the grandpuppies.  We open the gate to their back yard, and he immediately jumped in their pool.  Now, I must tell you that I have been begging Hubs to buy Bambino a pool for years.  He wants one of those endless pools about 20 feet by 40 feet.....OK, so I want an endless pool, but I digress.  After he played in their pool all day, I finally had the Hubs convinced.  This pic is taken through the door...he is watching Daddy fill up his new pool.

Yup, he thinks this is just a big water bowl that you get in before you drink!  He is lapping it all up!

Have you ever taken a pic while running?  I did....we all know what dogs do after they get all wet.  I wasn't sticking around for the "shake".

So, here is my finish.  This was a shop hop quilt.  The premise was that we make a table topper with just one block and a lap quilt with a bunch of the blocks in smaller version.  I closed right before the shop hop, but the feedback from the customers I quilted for afterwards was 'interesting'.  I will probably still make the quilt with the smaller blocks, just because, but I'm thinking different colors.

A close-up.  Again....just used this quilt to 'play'.  Didn't really have a plan when I loaded it.

This is the back.  I haven't played with the picture software yet, so it is what it is.....

So, what big plans do you have for Memorial Day weekend?  We are staying home for some quilt drop offs and pick ups.  Hubs has some 'honey do' things to work on and I am going to quilt...quilt...quilt!

I have still been working on the Red/White log cabin blocks.  I won't bore you with pics of the same old, same old, but I'm whittling away at them.  Honestly, I don't think I will make it to King Size.  We may just have to settle for smaller......

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Proud as a Peacock!

Did you ever wonder where that expression came from?  I know that a peacock displays their plumes when they feel threatened, so I just figured that was where it came from.  I'm here to tell you....there is MORE to the story.  Meet my friend Paul the Peacock.

He is showing me how beautiful he is.....

OK, I get it, are cute.....

Now, this is just borderline stalking.  Every time I went to take a picture of something....Paul here would fly over and land in front of me.  He thinks he is just gorgeous....

Now, I am trying to walk away and maybe take some pictures without Mr. Paul in them....he wasn't having it.

This is still Paul.  If he had his way, all of the pictures would have been just of him!  There were peahens and other peacocks....but it would seem that Paul was voted "Most Photogenic".  I am so serious--one more showing off of the plumes, and I was going to have to get a protection order!!

One last picture......he was majestic....but also a royal pain!  So, now you know the rest of the story.  Proud as a peacock isn't just about them showing off when 'on guard'.  They are actually the most conceited animal you will ever meet.  Just ask PAUL!

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming....

ADDENDUM:  The Title of the Book is "A People and Their Quilts" by John Rice Irwin

definitely worth the $19.99!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just a few more.....

Ok...honestly....have you ever seen this pattern before?  I'm telling you, there were so many cool design ideas.  This one in particular gives me a great idea for an unfinished star quilt that was once a class sample.....

It was hard to get a good pic of this.  It was so old, it was being kept under glass.  This was from a General Store and was used to dispense various bobbins (shuttles) and needles for the old sewing machines.  Too cool, huh?

I would have loved to have these for my button collection.  There were also various trims, etc. on display.

This was a display of various carved dolls, etc.  They laid an unquilted quilt out on the frame.  Makes you want to grab a needle from the display and help them get it quilted!

Well, that is all for today's journey.  I won't bore you with any more of the quilt pics....I don't think.  I just thought the whole place was fascinating and would love to go back.  We didn't get to spend nearly enough time there!

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple, yet elegant.....

As I was mentioning yesterday....who knew that when we stopped there would be so many quilts?  This one was folded and in rough shape.  I so wanted to do a suggestion card and tell the fella who had started (and is still running) the museum...all about textile care.  But, I digress.....

I don't know what it was about this one below....I truly think it should have come home with me.  But, then there is the whole going to prison for theft thing, so I left with a pic.  I love to look at the backs of quilts after they are quilted and sooooo wanted to take this one down and open it up.  But....there is that dang prison thing again!

 The quilt below dates back to when there were only 48 do I know this you ask?  Well, each of those blocks represent a state.  Look below to see....

You know I had to get a close-up of Ohio!

I got a close-up of a couple other states, as well.  The fabrics are just yummy!  If you look at them, you would swear they are the exact fabrics we have seen these designers bringing out....hmmmm....???  They did a pretty good job, wouldn't ya say?  OK, back to the quilt.  One lady made this entire quilt, right down to the appliqueing of the states.  Bless her heart! 

Well, I simply must get to work....

The tractors are coming....the tractors are coming.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Remembering the Good Ole Days

When Hubs woke me up to tell me we were going to the Museum of Appalachian History, I didn't have a clue what goodies I would get to see.  It wasn't a planned trip, just one of curiosity when he saw the signs along the freeway.  I had seen them on the way down, but it was evening, and I knew they weren't open.

One of the things I enjoy when I look at old quilts, is over-analyzing the color combinations.  I wonder how they chose they colors....why they chose their colors.  Because of my personal knowledge of Appalachian history, I know most of these quilts were simply made for a bed.  Color matching and interior decorating probably were not a factor.  Have we limited ourselves now because we are trying to 'match' something or make sure everything is from the same fabric line?

I had to do two pics of this quilt.  The one above shows it in all of it's awesomeness.  Had to do the one below, so you could see that it has a ton of applique.  Again with the wondering of fabric and color choices.  Based on the fabrics and date of the quilt, I don't think these fabrics were just leftovers from making a dress.  I stood in awe.  Can you imagine how long this quilt took to hand applique alone?

OK, so at least I didn't take a pic of the coffin.  The museum had placed a doll in a baby coffin with a quilt.  I pointed, aimed, and just couldn't do it.  So, instead, you get this funeral wagon.  What is so special about it?  It is all hand-carved wood.  I'm sorry, did you not hear me?  It is all hand-carved wood.....including the curtains.  The workmanship....the time......whoa!

As I scroll through the hundreds of pics from the museum, I guess the one resounding thought is this....are we so busy and hurried now that we sacrifice workmanship for completion?  I'm not saying we are doing shotty work.  I'm just saying there was such a pride of workmanship and attention to detail that rather than tackling those enormous projects I want to do, I sometimes steer toward something that doesn't take as about you?

"They just don't make them like that anymore"......

The tractors are coming....the tractors are coming.....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I told a customer this week that ALL women should be honored for Mother's Day, whether they have actually given birth, or not.  She never had the actual opportunity to give birth, as she got married later in life.  She has Godchildren that will honor her on Sunday, but the holiday itself gives her pangs of regret.  Life is funny in that we aren't all blessed with children, and sometimes we take for granted that we were able to give birth.  I'm thankful that I was able to give birth to three healthy children and am proud to be their Momma.  Whatever your station in life, know that whether you are an actual Mom or not, you are appreciated by all around you that you have nurtured and been there for!

So, on with the picture show.....

Wouldn't you just LOVE to have a pattern to re-create this one??

Who knew you could make such a statement with sashing?

The 1800s version of a swap!  Each of the ladies embroidered their names in the middle of the block.  I'm glad you can see the quilting on this one.  The somewhat echoed the shapes of the block.  Just beautiful!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More from the Museum of Appalachian History

I wish we had more time to spend at the Museum, I was so enthralled with some of the displays.  I honestly could have just lived there.  There was a rush of emotions, as it brought back so many childhood memories.

 First, the fun one of the day.  This is a banjo made from.....a TOILET SEAT!  Who wouldn't want a pic of that?  LOL
 Someone actually took the time...way back make a scale version of the local mill.

This baby crib and quilt were just precious!

I found the colors on this scrappy Carolina Lily interesting for the period.

The hand work on this quilt was just incredible.  The page numbers you see on the tags reference a Quilt book from the 80s that tell the history of some of the quilts.  You know I just HAD to buy the book!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I was starting to freak out!

I installed software last night and spent a couple hours trying to load the pics from my camera.  Finally, I gave up and had to walk away....completely bummed.  So, this morning I took the camera card to the other computer and was just going to load them to my stick drive the way I used to.  Nope!  The card reader didn't like the high def card.  Frustrated, I got out the book....  Don't laugh--5 minutes later my pics were loaded.  Now, I'm running behind getting ready for work, but I wanted to at least show you a couple pics...these were taken in the Museum of Appalachian History.

This version of a Carolina Lily spoke to me.  It is called The Murder Quilt.  The woman who made it and her husband were murdered in their home right after the quilt was given as a gift.

The pic of this crazy quilt does NOT do it justice!  The embroidery was phenomenal!

I'm showing you this banjo for a reason.  You will see why in a day or two.  The museum had some fascinating banjos.  This one is handcarved from one piece of wood.  It is all one piece.  See the little hole....somehow they were able to carve out the center through that little itsy bitsy hole!

Well, I am sooooo late!  Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Whew...that was close!

Anyone who has been following my blog, knows that I am a planner.  I don't take to it well when my plans get changed.  While driving home last night, I was planning out my evening....cook dinner, clean up, load my new picture software and check out some of the pics I took on vacation.  Then, I heard an ad on the radio.  A local retailer had 1 qt perennials 4 for $10!!!  Since I had already decided I wanted to plant perennials out in the veggie garden, I figured I would get some of the more common ones on sale, leaving myself more $$ for some "fun" ones!  I barrelled through the door and told Hubs to change his clothes if he wanted to go with me.  Fifteen minutes later, we were changed and running out the door.  It was hot and humid, but we were expecting storms last night.  I figured it would be perfect timing.  Get them in the ground just in time for the night's rains to water them in.....

Taking Hubs along wasn't without an alterior motive.  He tends to 'make' me buy more than I want.  =)  Got everything loaded into the SUV, ran through a drive-thru for dinner and raced home to get it all in the ground.  We scarfed down our food and Hubs got out the tiller.  As fast as he was tilling, I was planting.  I'm stooped down, planting some peonies and he goes by with the tiller...."you have about ten minutes before it starts storming".  Say what???  I'm not halfway done yet!!!  I got everything slapped into the ground that had been unloaded, grabbed the gardening tools and just when I got up to the started pouring!  Lightning....thunder....sideways rain....and 'most' of the plants made it into the ground.

So, by the time I took a shower and cleaned up my mess, there was no time to get the software loaded.  I will try to get it done tonight.....and now, I have more pics to take!

Here is the pic the landscaper sent me Thursday.  (He mows our grass....)

Poor little fella said they attacked him while he was mowing!  ANOTHER project for us!  Just a "little" beehive!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Home Sweet Home....

I'm home again....I don't want to be, but I am.  The Smoky Mountains are soooo beautiful.  I did take some pics, but not like I wanted.  That's a whole other story!  I'll have to load the computer software before I can load the pics to the 'puter.

I did find a quilt shop that has been there for years, but no one tells you about.  It was on the 8 mile loop.  Very tiny, but it looked new.  She is nestled in one of the little mini centers.  The brochure said Holloways now had a satellite location on the 8 mile loop, too.  Well....I don't know if you would call it false advertising or not, but basically one of the shops had about a 3ft square with a few of the quilts from Holloways hanging there.  That shop owner was the only 'prickly' one we ran into on our trip.  She was a quilter and a blacksmith, but had none of her work in her shop.  Hubs and I usually stick to the artisan loop and don't venture into the crowds of town.  I love talking to people and hearing how they landed there.  After she told me I didn't have a clue about quilting and Hubs didn't have a clue about blacksmithing....well, we just went on to the next shop.  =)  

I have mosquito bites everywhere....even on the bottoms of my feet!  It was an awesome trip.  I read an entire book front to back....slept....ate.....and just meandered around the artisan loop with the Hubs.  Hubs bought himself a new 'toy' for our anniversary....but more on all of that later!

I'll try to get those pics loaded promises, we are supposed to have damaging winds, possible tornadoes, and overall blucky weather!  Just wanted you to know I made it home!~

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The whole "Gift" topic again.....

I HATE it when the family asks me what I want for Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day, etc.  I usually just say "nothing" or "time with them" because that is just the way I was raised.  So, here we go...Mother's Day and my wedding anniversary are both around the corner and it has begun.  Hubs is so pitiful when he asks.  He really doesn't know what to get me, and I really don't want least I didn't think so!

I'll be honest--I haven't been blogging much because my camera is on it's last leg.  When I turn on the power button, it pushes the lens out...gets ready...then closes itself back up.  It goes through this four or five times....then decides whether the shut down is permanent for the day.  I've known she was on her last leg, but I am such a mizer....I was waiting until she actually flew the white flag.

Before digital cameras, Princess Daughter and I got into photography together.  We had a fairly expensive camera, tripod, multiple lenses, darkroom kit, etc.  We have taken some pretty awesome pictures over the years.  The "BIG" camera got packed away when I got the digital, but it just has not been the same.  There was just something about getting out the "BIG" camera and having hubs spend a Sunday driving me around to take pics, then waiting to develop them.  I was actually contemplating getting her out for our trip this weekend, but I don't know if you can still get film developed and I certainly can't set up a darkroom on the heels of not knowing how long it will be set up...

So, it actually hit me.  This time I really DO want something.  Dare I ask?  I'm not one of those diamond-wearing women who like to show off bling.  I like gaudy colorful jewelry that costs about $20 and when I break it or lose an earring, it isn't as painful.  Knowing that was where Hubs would go with this whole anniversary-thing, I broke my silence.  I actually told him I would like to have a new camera.  Now, I was thinking of one similar to the last three I have gone through in the past nine years...that didn't happen.  Hubs took me last night and bought me the coolest camera ever!   When Hubs buys me something, he likes to spoil me (I'll only admit this once in writing!) and goes a tad overboard.  So, now I am the proud owner of another "BIG" camera...extra editing software to replace the case and EIGHT gigs of camera cards!  She is charging her batteries right now in preparation for our trip and I am sooo excited to take some cool pics on our trip!

Quilting and Gardening are ME hobbies.  Those are things I usually do alone.  Taking pics...that is something we do together.  We load up a picnic lunch....take a drive....and spend time together, just the two of us.  Yup--perfect anniversary gift...the promise of more time together...just the two of us....

The Tractors are coming....the tractors are coming....