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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I think I have become high maintenance!

Remember everything I was going to get done this week because Hubs is out of town?  Guess how much I have gotten to do.....oh, go on--guess!    NONE!!!  I have had a special project for work that I have had to do.  The rewards for this one will be a nice benefit, but two nights this week I have worked until I went to bed! 

Last night--I got my hair done.  Now, usually, that entails spending a few hours on a Saturday and coming home with "prom" hair.  In my infinite wisdom, I switched salons in the hope that I could move my appointments to a weeknight.  I must have this sign on my head that says "lacks self-esteem".  Every time I get a facial or I get my hair done, those ladies can sell me anything.  Remember the makeover with the make-up lady???  Well, last night was no different.  I spent money I didn't have, and left the salon with two bags of hair products that I am pretty sure will leave my hair looking exactly like it did BEFORE I got my hair done!  I got a bunch of the length taken off...and I have strange hair.  Some days, it is naturally curly--that's how Hubs likes it.  Some days, it is poker straight--and when I say poker straight, I mean that even if I use a curling iron on it, it is still straight!

So, to recap.....I need a degree in fine arts to put on my make-up, and I now will spend an extra half hour slopping various hair care products on my wild and unruly hair every morning trying to tame it all down.  It's like I told the stylist--me and my hair have been together in this life long enough for me to know not to fight her.  If I shake my head when I get out of the shower and she is curly, then curly it is.  If I shake my head and it is straight...don't bother, she won't curl for love nor money!

I guess there is always next week to play in the studio....  :*(

P.S.  If you have placed an order online this week and have not gotten it yet, PLEASE check your e-mail.  I have an order sitting here waiting to ship....but you used your old phone number (when we used to be neighbors) and I have questions about your order...

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Because I am the World's Greatest Wife....

I got up at around 5am.  I did my weekly reports for work, then I made this for Hubs....

It is called a Cinnamon Pull.  Basically, you buy a sourdough bread, slice it and smear it all over with this incredible honey vanilla butter and bake it for 25 min.  You are supposed to drizzle it with icing when it comes out, but since it had a cup of sugar and cinnamon smeared all over it, too, I figured that might make it a tad too sweet!   Serve it up with steaming hot coffee, and Hubs is in H E A V E N ! ! !

I have a lot to do today.....have to get Hubs all packed for his impending trip, which also means hemming a pair of pants and some heavy-duty ironing.  I also intend to finish a custom quilt I have been working on for a month!  I will have logged around 100 hours on this one, but it is coming to life through the quilting and it is so dang exciting!  While I am working on the custom, I have a few allovers that were dropped off yesterday, so I need to get started on them, too!  Busy busy!

Then.....there is the party planning for while Hubs is out of town!  Of course, it is a sewing party....I don't know what YOU were thinking!

Have a blessed day!  I'm off to get my fingers all sticky from the Cinnamon Pulls......

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a bad dream!

I have not been "that" sick in many many years.  Of course, I felt the need to share with Hubs.  You know how men are when they are I won't tell you what an incredible sick nurse I have been.  Even though I'm still not all better, I am a stupendous nursemaid.

Now, where was I? Oh, I was going to show you the back of the last quilt I had finished.

This is how I did the HST blocks...

And this is what I did in the borders....

It was fun just to 'play' on this one.  I'll have to play around with another of those UFOs, so I can get started on this year's goal.  An entire month has gone by and I have done!  The good news is that Hubs will be out of town all week (Don't judge me--remember, he had been off work for over a month and was getting a tad too clingy.) and I will have more time to sew and quilt.  Usually, in the evenings, he expects that we remain in the same room doing the same thing because we are gone at work all day and don't see each other.  I love him that much, too, but a girl needs her playtime!

I have a few customers picking up quilts today, which should be interesting.  Our driveway is a huge hill.  We got some snow last night.  AND Hubs is so violently ill (ahem) that he cannot get his rump out there and use the snowblower.  If only I could have milked this sickness as well as he is, I would still be at death's door, lying in bed, with a little bell to ring when I need something.  But nooooooooo....I'm going to hide in the longarm studio with the music too loud to hear his incessant whining!  ROFL  I do feel sorry for him....I think!  :)

Have a blessed day!