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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gingerbread.....LOTS of gingerbread!

We will start our conversation today talking about gingerbread.  On a trip to Tami Longaberger's "mansion" with a GF, Tami showed our little group some gingerbread houses she had made with her children.  After going into a long story about carrying on the family tradition of gingerbread houses, I nodded my head in shame.....I wished I had made gingerbread houses with the kids when they were younger.  Every year I would tell myself....this is the year.  It never happened.  Fast forward to this week.  Hubs has been coming home at least once a week telling me about one of his customers:  Roberts on Miami in Urbana, Ohio

Hubs has raved and rattled on about the gingerbread village Chef Robert creates every year.  It sounded impressive, but honestly without seeing it....well, how was I to get excited?  To prove his point, he jumps up one morning and tells me he wants the "big" camera.  He was going to see Chef Robert and his impressive gingerbread village and wanted to show me the awesomeness that I have now come to know as a REAL gingerbread village.  All I can say is, "Tami Longaberger--with all your impressive money--eat your heart out!"  Chef Robert spends WEEKS working on this village.  Well, let me show you some pics and then we will continue our chatter....

Chef Robert hard at work.  His wife thought she may be hiding from the pic?

We are in progress here......

Chef Robert putting the finishing touches on the chimney.  Gotta keep the church warm!

It's like Chef Robert KNEW it had to have quilt blocks to make it to my blog!

Could YOU have spent this much time making each and every block and brick by hand???

I want to live in this one.  The ripply DOES he think all of this up?

Let's stroll down this street and do some carrolling.....

Time for Christmas services at the church!

Disco Snowman!  He is Chef's favorite!

You know....when in must have a Buckeye fan!

The Hubs' favorite.  Looks like you can slosh right through the snow!

Icing lattice....really?  However does he do this????

This just shows the attention to detail.  Bricks are made individually.  Icing is piped in between.  Gumdrops are hand cut in half to create the colorful stone sidewalk.  This bicycle is also made from icing....hopefully I got the side pic of it to load!

Yeah!  The other view of the icing bicycle!

Don't you just love the name of this church??

Sadly, there are more pics on the computer than there are on the blog.  It kept blowing up because I was evidently exceeding some super secret limit on how many pics you can post.  Whatever!  All I can say is WOW!  Money just cannot buy the amount of talent and dedication it takes to create something so absolutely artful and heartfelt.  Much like we get with some of our older UFOs, Chef Robert is wondering whether he will tarry on and do this again next year.  I have but a simple request....if you live locally, stop in and see the true talent of a dedicated food artisan.  Show your appreciation and let him know how truly special this is.  There are two villages on display in the restaurant.  Much like Macy's does the robotic Christmas figurines in the windows, Chef Robert creates his gingerbread villages.  Take the kids/grandkids, buy some cocoa or enjoy his incredible menu of food offerings and just take it all in.  Sometimes we don't appreciate the joys of smalltown USA and forget to appreciate what is right under our nose...

Thank you Chef Robert for the inspiration and spirit of the holidays.  Hubs and I will be up in the next few weekends for lunch....cocoa....and eye candy.  (pardon the pun)

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Sara said...

Thanks so much for sharing the photos! Chef did a fabulous job creating his village!