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Saturday, September 01, 2012


Do you remember these old Family Circus cartoons?  I tried to find the one where the Mom was just headed to the kitchen to grab something....and got sidetracked all through the house like this one depicts for one of the kids....Well, that's me.  I can head toward the kitchen to grab a glass of water, the next thing you know I have stopped to throw a load of laundry in...then I am carrying towels to the bathroom....then I am cleaning the bathroom....and so on....and I forget all about the water!

Yesterday was my day off.  I had it all planned out....or so I thought!  The rain is hitting us a day later than expected, so while I was watching the sunrise, I figured I should water the flower garden before I headed into the sewing studio.  I drug the 300 ft of hose out there and started watering.....then, "it" happened.  I figured I should probably weed the strawberries.  After the strawberries were all done, I looked over at the rose bushes....needed some I took care of that.....well, you know how this went.  I ended up working in the flower garden for about 4 hours!  Talk about a change of plans!  I HAD to get my shower before heading in to finish my quilt.  Stinky, muddy girl!  But, for the next 15 minutes--my flower garden will look aMaZiNg!!!

All was not lost....I finished it up and it is one HEAVY quilt top!  It took me a little longer because I pressed seams open when sewing the rows together, which meant lots of backstitching to lock in the seams.  I honestly think this top is too heavy for the hangers I use to keep them in order!  (I also need a taller Hubs for when I make these monster-sized tops!!)

A friend from an online group I used to be a part of gave me the idea on how to lay them out, and I am soooo happy she did.  I love it!  When I laid it out on the bed, the star really shows up.  I miss those ladies, they were full of inspiration.  As soon as life settles down a bit, I will try to re-join them.  I am not a 'swapper', and they do a lot of swaps.  They make some beautiful quilts with the swapped blocks, and I always felt bad that I couldn't participate in a lot of the group activities....


Julie said...

That is stunning! So how big is it?

Appalachian Quilts said...

It finished at 98" x 112"!!
I did 14 blocks across and 16 blocks down. Like a dummy, I had originally planned on 15 x 15, but that wouldn't have left the star I ended up with one extra block. LOL