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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving seems to be a theme

Got a call from Bossman.  He is "moving on".  He will be taking a new position in the company, so there will be a new Bossman....I would say 'or Bosswoman', but there aren't any women in our company that do that job.  It surely knocked the wind right out of my sails, because I absolutely adore him and love the way he manages me.  Other Bossmen in our organization (who do that particular job) tend to micromanage--which we all know I don't respond to very well.  So, now it is a wait and see game, and my nerves are pretty well shot!

So, what do we do to relieve stress?  We start another project!  My own little way of moving on.....

At first glance, it appears that I really screwed up some Ohio Star blocks, huh?  Well, boys and girls, this is the way they are SUPPOSED to look!  My OCD self is really struggling with this one!

I figure if I just make 2 sets (making 2 of each colorset) per night, I can whip this puppy out within a week or two.  The good news....I am NOT making this one King-Sized!  LOL

Well, I am off to sit in traffic.  The freeway is down to one lane because of an overturned semi.  Stay tuned.....

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