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Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Blocks!

Either I have a lot of stress to relieve...or I am on a ROLL!  These go together relatively quickly.  I have been using a fat quarter bundle to make them.  Just iron and cut four FQ at a time, and you are making four blocks at a time!  I have tried to keep them in the same order, but I must warn you--the next pic will have to be taken somewhere else and they will be all messed up!  I am out of room!  LOL

I am moving right along!  We are supposed to go to the Country Living Fair today in C-bus, but I think Hubs has forgotten.  If I go, I will definitely take pics for you.  If I don' can look forward to a bunch more blocks!  I have no intention of doing ANYTHING that resembles work today.  I'm maxed out!

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