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Friday, September 07, 2012

I am on a ROLL!

Back to the UFO pile....

This is ANOTHER quilt that has been pieced for at LEAST 5 years.  Again, it just needed borders.  Thankfully, the borders for this one were folded up inside the top and I didn't have to try to match it up.  I wish the picture showed how awesome the alternate block fabric and border fabric is.  This quilt is called Under the Sea.

After going through all the pics from Army Son and fiance's scuba trip, it really made me miss the ocean.  The center strip on the rail blocks is a fish fabric.  The outer border looks like it has water bubbles scattered on it.  Again, I am just going to throw an allover on it and call it done.  Hubs wants this one done sooner than later.  He is drawn to these bright colors and just loves this quilt.

Have a super incredible day!

.....and don't forget....The Tractors are coming!  Countdown is on!

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