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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally going to give it a try....

I have trouble with the new blogger interface.  It is just too "messy".  The other one was much easier for me to use.  So, I have procrastinated posting until I have time to get frustrated and keep trying.  :)  I did get another of the UFOs all quilted and bound.  At least it is a biggie, so it is definitely a sense of accomplishment.  Remember the French Farmhouse quilt?  Well, here she is....all DONE!

Sorry about the black camera strap running through it.  Didn't notice until I uploaded.....bummer.

The sun certainly didn't help show the colors very well....Definitely doing the happy dance, because I love this quilt.

I got in about 20 more bolts of backings, so I am definitely a happy girl.  Got them just in time for a few customers who dropped off quilts this week.  As Martha says...It's a good thing....

It has been a rough week for me.  TONS of driving.  Wednesday alone I drove over 300 miles.  This was also Bossman's last week of being Bossman, so that is a bit of a bummer, too.  The not knowing who the new Bossman will stressful at best!  I'm gonna miss the old Bossman, but he will still be working for the company....just not with us.

We have a birthday party today in the big city, so no quilting action going on here....but definitely tomorrow!  Hopefully, I will have something else to bind while I watch football tomorrow evening.  Fingers crossed....

Enjoy the day!

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