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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Country Living Fair

I didn't know about the Country Living Fair.  I work with a Hotel that is close to the fairgrounds, and in an effort to make small talk, I, what's going on at the fairgrounds this weekend?  They told me about the Country Living Fair and said they thought they had some free passes if I wanted them.  The free passes never materialized, but the curiosity of what I would see....well that did materialize.  I had visions of rooms decorated like you see in the magazine....maybe some displays of different recipes like you see in the magazine....some landscaping ideas like you see in the magazine....demos of "how to".  I really got myself geeked out about going.

Hubs did forget yesterday...but made up for it today.  We hit the road early so we could be there when they opened.  Hmmmm.....there was still a very long line. 

It was a little more like an outdoor flea market.  There were some unique items.  There were some kitschy items.  There were even some home made items.  (I did catch a few of the vendors having the exact same pumpkin head dolls from China...)   There were a LOT of handmade jewelry--we are talking probably half of the booths.  There were a LOT of handmade lotions and soaps. 

I knew the colors in these birdhouses would make for a great picture.  The shapes that you see on the outside of them are actually cut from various metals.  It was a very colorful and eye-catching booth.

Much to my surprise, there was even a lady selling finished quilts!  They were hand-made, not from India....lots of Jo Morton and Moda fabrics in there.  She should have played up on that a little, in my opinion.  It is important to distinguish the love we put into a quilt vs. a factory worker overseas.  JMHO

Do you know whose booth this is?  Care to guess?  Country Threads had a booth there!  The aisles were too small and it was pretty jammed, so I didn't really get to "shop". 

There was even a quilt shop there (from Chicago, I think).  They were selling fabric for $14 per yard--Moda no-less!  I found a lot of the prices at the show were a tad high, but you have to remember--these vendors are paying BIG BUCKS for these booths.  A single booth at this show is $1800.  I'm not telling you anything that isn't public information....I tried to support the individual artists as much as possible on the wallet, because I know what it is like.  It was great weather and very interesting....not at all what I expected.

I will share more tomorrow....because there is SO much more! 

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