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Monday, August 13, 2012


With the cooler temperatures (only in the 70s and 80s versus the last three weeks of 90s and 100!), I've been thinking about Fall.  The fact that we are working on the Fall projects in the Prim Group certainly hasn't hurt, either!  I made a "deal" with myself that before I started the Fall project, I would finish one of the Fall UFOs. 


I got this baby all bound on the way up to see the new granddaughter.  Now, I am guilt-free about starting another project!

 Army Son and his GF....they are going scuba-diving in Honduras next week.  You can tell by the look on their faces that they are excited!  I much prefer his Army haircut to his long dreads....OK, so they aren't really dreads, but I love a clean cut man!
And, last but not least....the Hubs and the granddaughter.  When you look at this pic, you need to keep in mind that this little chunker is not even a month old in the pic.  She turned a month old on Monday!

All in all, a pretty productive Sunday, dontcha think?

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