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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christmas in August??

When I was loading some of the smaller Fall quilts in between the custom quilts, I started to load this one.  It had hung around all pitiful-like in the shop without being quilted.  Got the backing cut out and loaded, and while I was centering it, I noticed it wasn't finished!  Talk about being overzealous!  Unloaded everything (that's when I loaded the second pumpkin quilt) and took it up to the sewing studio to be placed in the UFO pile.  You know--the one with that log cabin quilt and pile of log cabin blocks!  If I keep piling things on top of it, I will never finish it, and I really really want to get that one done!  But, I digress....

Sunday, I went in to the room that looked like a bomb went off, fka the Sewing Studio, to finish up a Sew Along project we are doing in the Prim Group.  I grabbed this little number, thinking I could knock it out by noon and then finish up the Slim Pickins quilt.  Well--that isn't exactly how it went down.  When I buttonhole stitch with the machine, I go extreeeeeemely slow because of the whole OCD thing.  No, it is not perfect, but I wanted it to be.  LOL  Realized there was more to do on it than originally planned, and it pretty well ate up the time I got in there on Sunday.  Those little stripey things in the border--yeah, they are appliqued!

Those letters took FOREVER!

So, I am taking Friday off work.  We are having an Engagement Party on Sunday, and the Hubs thinks I am taking off to start cooking.  I didn't tell him any different, because I wanted the day to myself.  I know, I am a horrible wife.  Originally, the plan was to finish the Log Cabin Quilt.  Then, if I finish putting the rest of the blocks into rows and get the top done....maybe, just maybe, I will start the cooking.  If you are coming over, you should be warned that I will be in sweats with my hair pulled up, no makeup...and you should bring food.  I am not showering until I am DONE, so there is that, too!

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