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Sunday, August 19, 2012

And another...

Last summer, when I wasn't working, I made a huge vegetable garden.  I love fresh veggies and had plenty of time to get out there and work.  This Spring, we were supposed to be putting our house on the market for sale, and I needed to do something with that space.  So, I did what any good gardener would do....I turned that huge garden into a flower garden....  Hubs decided we were going to stay here, so the house never got listed, and I ended up with even more weeding/pruning than I had bargained for having a full-time job.

Something has GOT to give.

My sweet little Hubs drug me outside yesterday morning at 8am and kept me outside until 8pm doing yard work.  Yes, it needed done.  However, I haven't been out there as much in the past month because it has been so bloody hot and humid.  I can make excuses with the best of them.  It was sinful to see just how bad things were.  AND my OCD self just couldn't take the bushes not being well-manicured, so I overdid it and stayed out there for 12 hours!  AND there is still more to do!  I am going out this morning with my trusty wheelbarrow to clean up the trimmings from the bushes and the weeds that I pulled, then I have got to get myself in the house and work on the projects in here that need done!

I was going to show you this pic earlier, but I am just now getting around to it.  It is another Fall finish!  It is all quilted and bound, so "Go Me"!

This was a Country Threads pattern.  I just love the colors!

I need to update the sidebar of my blog and switch out the 2011 Finishes with the 2012 Finishes!  I am getting there....slow and steady wins the race.  As the winter progresses, I will have some exciting news for you *fingers crossed*.

Until next time......I haven't said it in a while, but "The Tractors are Coming....The Tractors are Coming"!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

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