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Friday, June 08, 2012


Mr. Romance aka the Hubs just dropped a bomb on me!  I was greeted this evening by wine, candles, chocolate to go see Wicked!  I am SO excited!  With all the time this new job sucks out of both of us...all the work we are doing on the house...and all the longarming I have been doing, we have been trying to commit to spend more time together.  Looks like he wins in the latest efforts!  It isn't until next weekend, so I get to look forward to it all week!

WickedSo, we were pulling orders last night and found one of the outside doors of our house open!  Thank goodness for the chain-thingy kept whomever it was OUT!  Unfortunately, our house has six exterior doorways.  This one would have been the best one to use if you were trying to break in.  We are guessing Bambino's ferocious bark scared the perpetrator off.  After a little work on our part, that access is now impossible to use! 

Well, I am off to shower and get ready for work.  I'm a pretty boring gal today!  Just had to share my job with the world!  Wicked...NEXT fun!

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Mego said...

you will LOVE it! WICKED that is. I treated my daughter to it for her 16th birthday and it was SO good that we had to go AGAIN when it came back! FABULOUS!