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Sunday, June 03, 2012

I was WRONG!

Remember these blocks?  Remember I thought I had about 130 of them made?  I was soooo wrong!  I had 116 made!

I have now planned out the quilt.  It would seem that I need 225 blocks!  If you are doing the math, that is 2925 pieces!!!!!  So, it probably won't be finished this weekend....considering I am only halfway there.  I guess I better go cut some more strips and pieces.  I'm looking forward to showing you the finished quilt, but don't hold your breath.  It will be a while!

I have been doing some blog-hopping this weekend.  I just love the 'block quilts' that some of you are making.  I've ordered some of the patterns and will join in when the pattern arrives.  It will be a little bit of instant gratification in between working on these.  I need a little right now.  I also ordered some things from books and patterns....and fabric.

Well, I need to go cut some serious fabric!  Enjoy your Sunday!

The tractors are coming.....the tractors are coming.....

1 comment:

Julie S said...

That's a lot of blocks, Cynthia, but they sure are pretty!