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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When life hands you lemons....

you make lemonade, right?  Right now, that saying is really getting on my nerves!  It's been a tough go of it since Hubs lost his job.  I would be lieing if I spread sunshine all over my blog and told you it hasn't.  However, it does help you gain focus.  I've had my hot rod, a 71 Dodge Challenger, since 1984.  It has been hauled all over the state as we have moved in the hopes that I would be out driving her again.  It has been 'glue' with my boys and I.  I've taken them to car shows and showed them how to appreciate vintage over always having new.  Being the hypocrite that I am, I bought one of the new Challengers.  At this point in the game, I struggle inwardly on whether I really need to keep the old one.  Yesterday, I put the old one on Craig's List.  To say that the phone has been ringing off the hook is an understatement.  We have at least three different potential buyers coming today to look at her and I'm very torn....  I know my boys are both going to be more than disappointed if I sell it, but if nothing has happened with her in over 20 years, I'm thinking we aren't just going to have the time for her in the next 20.  So, good bye dear friend, but I think your days in my garage are nearing an end.

I put our hot tub and a treadle on Craig's List yesterday, too.  Sold the hot tub within two hours and it looks like the same fella is going to buy a generator we bought this summer at auction.

So, now for some (in my mind) funny....We have been adopted!  Yes, someone loved us enough to want to move in.  We feed him like a king, only gourmet meals...but he is a tad shy.  A field mouse has moved in...  Now, I know what you are thinking....I haven't talked about this because frankly it is quite embrassing.  I can't hold it in anymore, and here's why.  We have been pinching pennies and trying to be very frugal with our money.  However, we are now the proud owners of virtually every mousetrap available on the market today, and we STILL can't seem to catch him.  We have tried peanut butter, cheese, nuts, bacon and even gorgonzola cheese!  (Nothing but the best for our mice!)  This little fella is so smart, that he has alluded every trap associated with the aforementioned treats.  Now for the funny....have you seen the movie Caddy Shack?  How about Mouse Trap?  Since Hubs has soooo much extra time on his hands, it is somewhat like being a movie star in **pick your movie**.  He wakes up every morning with a shot gun in his hand looking for our pesky little friend.  The only thing he has caught so far has been the nose on our golden retriever.  Our mouse is definitely a Harvard graduate!  I'm pretty sure he has a "Free Buffet" sign out trying to entice his little mouse friends to come enjoy the high-living he seems to be enjoying here!  I don't even want to guess how much money Hubs has spent on every innovative mousetrap available in today's market.  I can only say that when they were invented, no one knew about Milton.  Yup, I have named looks like he will be around for a while!

Have a blessed day!
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Merilyn said...

So sorry to hear you have to part with your vintage Dodge Challenger! I looks wonderful I hope it's new owner will take the same care of it as you have!
I hope your fortunes turn around soon, I have heard that things have been very difficult in the US at the moment!
Milton is probably a blessing in disguise, keeping you all distracted during this time, in a way I hope you don't catch him!!!!
Take care!

MooseStash Quilting said...

I keep thinking that things have to turn around soon...BUT it's still a hope. I so love your vintage Challenger. It's the car I wanted since high school. I hope it finds a very good new owner, and I am keeping up my hopes that this economy soon changes so we can all go on living our lives prosperously again.