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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As Promised....

So, here's a pic of my Red/White (really creamy not white) project in the works....

I'm working on cutting out more strips tonight.  These are all 1 1/2" strips.  I added other Jo Morton reds/creams to the Variety line for more.....Variety!  Oh, I'm just too funny with the puns!  Some of my reds have more blue, some have more of a rusty feel....but you need those variations for interest.  I knew if I just kept on with the Variety line, I would get bored and my quilt wouldn't be as big as I wanted.

Hubs thinks I should just make a throw.  When I chose the old traditional look of the log cabin block, I had originally thought about a throw for the living room couch.  But, how beautiful would it be if I had the wherewithall to make a hundred or two of these?  And, I really need to figure out how to set them.  I forget if there are 17 or 21 different ways to set a log cabin block, so I am definitely open for suggestions.  I do remember that I love the barn-raising setting for them.  Remember when you give me your suggestions....I am OCD, so it has to be symmetrical.  (That's why the Red White Blue Stars mistake is glaring at me!)

So, here are my lame 24 blocks.  For someone who works full-time, I guess I shouldn't be hard on myself.  Plus, I am still longarming for customers.  This is the result of two nights...OK, I can cut myself a break!  I have tonight and tomorrow night to work on it, then it will just have to wait until next week.  Too much longarming, too little time!  But, I enjoy the longarming just as much, so it's an OK trade!

Now....for the giveaway.  Here are the 'rules'
1.  You must be a follower on my blog  To be a follower, you click on the link on the top right of the page.
2.  You must offer me a setting suggestion
3.  You have until Saturday night at midnight (my time)

I will randomly draw the winner....check to make sure you are a rule follower....and post the winner on Sunday morning.  With any luck, I will have your prize in the mail to you Monday morning! 

So, what do I win, you ask....a new car?  $100,000?  a tropical vacation for two?  Nope!  You will win a charm pack of the Variety line by Jo Morton.  I will also throw in a Schnibbles pattern.  Do keep in mind that the Schnibbles patterns always require more than one charm pack, so you will have to supplement from your stash!

Good Luck!


When the weather people talked about the imminent snow, they ALL said it wasn't goinig to stick.  They are all BIG FAT LIARS!  My car looks like a red and white snowball!  Schools are delayed.  Accidents are all over the roads....and I am not quite sure if I am ready for this!

In the Sewing Studio, I have started my Red & White quilt.  Because we have been eating leftovers from TWO Thanksgiving dinners (Thursday AND Sunday), I haven't had to fix dinner.  So, for the last two evenings, I have slithered into some sweats and snuck into the Sewing Studio!  I have 24 blocks made and spent last night cutting out more strips.  Still have lots more cutting to do, but I got really tired last night and only ended up in there for a little over an hour.  When I get home tonight, I will post pics and a
 G I V E A W A Y ! ! !

I need to take off for work.  Have a blessed day!  I'm thinking the house will turn into a Christmas wonderland this weekend....

Can you guess which pattern I'm using for my Red & White quilt????

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Embroidery Pics

Rather than showing you the customer quilts I have been longarming, I opted to show you what I have actually been working on for ME!  As soon as I found out we were getting a grandbaby, I raced over to the website and bought some embroidery designs.  Banker daughter is going to decorate in Nursery Rhymes, so I have started the embroidered blocks.  I will make alternate blocks with another block design.  We aren't going to find out if it is a boy or girl, so it has to be generic.

Don't worry....I've also bought the cutest "princess" pack that has all of the Disney Princesses (i.e. Cinderella, Snow White, etc.)  I'm going to make a girl quilt with those.  Oh, and did I mention I also bought a little baby animal pack?  I'm going to make a boy quilt with those.  This baby doesn't stand a chance of being cold!

So excited to be a Nana!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Today's post is more on a personal level.  I'll post something quilty for you tomorrow.  I just need to vent.  I've heard that if you write something out (OK, so they say a hateful e-mail--you just compose and after you have gotten it all off your chest, you delete....) it will make you feel all better.

As many of you know, it has been quite the journey to get Prodigal Son on the right path.  We got him through school and he got himself an awesome job in Wyoming.  He, and we, are proud of his efforts.  Wednesday morning he awakened to his friend (the one that drove the two of them out there--this is VERY important to the story) telling him that he was loading up and going home.  Say What??!!!  Prodigal Son had to chose on whether to be stranded in Wyoming or load up and come home.  He had no car with him and no way to go back and forth to work.  So, they are in the process of driving home now.  :*(  He is so upset and worried that we will be disappointed in him, which I don't understand because it is NOT his fault.

He doesn't know that we know.  He has been burning up the phone lines trying to find a job by phone before he gets home.  I could cry.  If only you could see the text messages he has been sending back and forth with Hubs.....he was going to get us a trip to Cayman to show us how much he appreciated everything we had done....really felt a sense of accomplishment when he got that first his first holiday ham (OK, that one was cute)....  I just feel so bad for him.  I would say I could kill his friend, but then you would all have it in writing!  <>

So, why does his friend want to come home, you ask?  His parents (he is a few years older than Prodigal Son) paid for his schooling.  He can go to work for the family business and not have to WORK AS HARD!  He used Wyoming to get them to pay him what he wanted.  So, basically, he finally got to leave Ohio and see something else on his parent's dime.

I am still so incredibly proud of Prodigal Son.  I am not disappointed in him.  I am proud of how hard he works and isn't afraid to do the hard work to get what he wants in life.  He HAS turned it around, and for that I am elated!

Thank you for letting me vent.  Now, you all need to get on your knees and pray that I am not home when they pull in the driveway!  I won't be able to keep from going spazoid on the friend...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope my fellow celebraters will take the time today to remember all those things we are thankful for and sometimes take for granted.  We will only have one of the six kids here today, but he is bringing a possey, so it is a celebration all the same.  I did most of my food prep last night, so today I can relax while it all cooks.

I am thankful for my friends and family and all of the blessings that have been showered on me.  I'm also thankful for my virtual friends who sometimes endure my rants...but always offer me inspiration.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red & White Quilt Exhibit

Ever since the pics have floated around the internet about the Red and White Quilt exhibit in New York, I have been waiting oh so patiently for Jo Morton's new Variety line.  Then....the hurricane hit New York and they had to re-print it all.  So, I waited some more.....   I came home from a loooooong day at work yesterday, and look what I got!

Now to take myself from racing thoughts of different patterns to chosing just one and making a quilt!  First, I have to load them on the website.  As one of my blog readers, if you place an order this weekend, you can have the one-time low price of $7 per yard, minimum 1 yard cuts.  Just mention the blog, and I will change the price per yard before ringing out your credit card.

Well, I'm off to load it all on the website: and cut all the Stashbusters Club fat quarters.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Prodigal Son's Facebook Wall says it all for me:  Contrary to your beliefs, hard work pays off. Its about time

Yup, this is him jumping out of a plane!  Remember, his life motto is "No Regrets".
Coffee Maker Update:  Months later--->I caved!  Last night on my way home from work, I stopped and got a Cuisinart Coffee Maker.  I got tired of the threats from Hubs and having to re-start the coffee pot ten times just to get a pot.  This one has my coffee ready in the morning, and Hubs just has to be delivery man!  :)
I did happen to notice--I'm just sayin--when I was shopping for the coffee pot, that they DO sell cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, chocolate fountains and popcorn machines all in one place!  The question is where to get even BIGGER ones for the grandbabies!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Phone Call....

Saturday night, we got a phone call from Banker Daughter.  She and her hubs wanted us to meet them halfway for breakfast.  This was odd, because usually it takes some serious calendar checking and planning to get together with the kids.  Remember the one month notice?  Well, hubs must have been thinking the same thing I was, because we both were a tad worried about what was up.

We meet Banker Daughter and her hubs on Sunday at the are sitting around talking.  Maybe she really just missed her Dad and wanted to squeeze us in.  Two ladies came in with a baby and she caught me staring at them.  (Truth be told, I was trying to figure out if the one WAS a lady...and the baby was so dang cute, I just couldn't help myself.)

So....Banker Daughter blurts out "Guess what.....I'm are going to have one of those of your own!"

EVERYONE who knows me, knows I have been waiting for this day!  Hubs even more so.

So.....I'm going to be a NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!    Woot Woot!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pajama Party...

So, last night our online prim group had a pajama party.  Ladies worked on everything from hand-embroidery to piecing to making wool pins.  I didn't get home until late, so I just finished up my Red-White-Blue Star quilt.  Finally put borders on it.  I'm not entirely happy with it, but I was ready to move on.  It must just be the funk I am in with Prodigal Son leaving.

There is a glaring mistake in it.  It isn't the border I wanted, and I didn't get the effect I wanted from the stripe.  But, it is now a flimsy and I can move on.  I will quilt it, shrink it to look old and cuddle with it as soon as I get it quilted.

It was fun doing the pj party.  Everyone posted updates on what they were doing, and it made us all take time for ourselves to do something we enjoy.  So, I would call it a success.

After my massage today, I have longarming to do.  I'm hoping the massage helps me get rid of the pounding headache I have from bawling my eyeballs out.  It's all good, and I'll be fine.....just the baby bird has flown the nest.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Horror of it all.....

So, I must confess.  I have NEVER made a quilt with a light-colored border.  Do you remember these?

Well, the whole time I was working on this quilt, I envisioned this for an outer border, thus finally making a quilt with a light border...

Hurrah 2879.R

Well, guess what happened....

It doesn't look right!  I don't know if you can tell very well from the pic, but the star fabric is 'creamy' and the setting triangles are more off-white.  Even though the quilt is scrappy, it just doesn't look right.  I was going to use the blue print as a small border and then put the large star print out from there.  Horror of horrors!  I haven't even BEGUN to think about another print for the outer border because I had it all planned out!

So, it is back to the drawing board.  There will probably be no inner border and a red, blue or gold outer border.  Once I have it all decided, I will show you the whole quilt.  I am such a tease!

Off to get the hair done before the big graduation party!  Have a blessed day!

Friday, November 04, 2011

My joy....

It has been a *challenging* week at work, a roller coaster ride to say the least!  There have been some huge highs and some low lows.  To end the week with Prodigal Son graduating and starting a new chapter of his life....well, it just makes it all go away!  Tomorrow is his big party here at the house.  It seems surreal that it will also pretty much be his send-off party.  :*(

There has been no quilting for me this week.  No time in the longarm studio.  No way of relieving stress.  So, we will go with the Plan "B" stress-reliever--housecleaning!  Time to scrub a dub dub and then, Sunday, after everything has settled, I will quilt....

Have a blessed day!