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Monday, October 31, 2011

Poinsettia Quilt

Have you even started thinking about Christmas yet?  It is almost November, and I must confess I have not!  While I was quilting this one, I kept thinking about all the Christmas flimsies that I need to get quilted for me...and the "list".  We still make our kids write their letters to Santa, even though the youngest of the six is now 21.  It is the only way we know what they really want/need.  We don't go overboard, but we do try to get one 'want' and one 'need' (at least) per child.  Most have a significant other, so there are gifts for them, too.  We set a dollar limit and are pretty good about sticking to it.  There are no Christmas quilts for gifts this year as they all have a quilt of their own, and I just didn't want to put that much stress on myself this year.  I will probably do quilts for some of them next year....

This is the Poinsettia Quilt I just took off the longarm that started all of this 'thought' about Christmas.  The piecing was well done, which always helps for good quilting!

This is a close-up of the actual block.  I wish you could see the lines I put in the red paisley fabric....but such it is.

And, this is the backing fabric.  I didn't take a pic so you could see the quilting, because obviously it is too busy for that.  I took a pic because I just love love love this backing fabric!  LOL

So, if you are one who celebrates Christmas, I am just sending out this friendly reminder that all of a sudden....the holidays are approaching....and we just are NOT ready!  LOLOLOLOL

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

De Ja Vu.....

Today's quilt will look vaguely familiar.  A few posts ago, I showed the same pattern--only from a different jelly roll.  Customer P enjoyed making the pattern so much, she made another.  This time, she used a Moda jelly roll.  I STILL don't think her hubs gets this one.  Eventually, maybe she will surprise him with one of his own.  He really likes the pattern.  **hint hint "P"**

I like this one even better than the last, but these are more my colors.  "P" says it is a quick one to whip together, so if you have a jelly roll laying around....

This is a close-up of the back.  We went with Classy Curls again.  I like this panto because it makes a nice even quilting look across the quilt.

Prodigal Son Update:  He got off the plane, fell in love with Wyoming, was offered the job....and TOOK it!  He graduates Friday.  His party is at the house Saturday....and then he loads up and leaves his Momma!  Really excited for him to start this new chapter....and now I can be really excited about going to Wyoming to see him!  I'll have to spend next Sunday baking goodies for their road trip driving out.  Don't want him to forget me.  He'll have to grab a few quilts to take with him, it can get pretty cold there!  AND, since I have blogger friends that live in adjoining states--I will always have back-up Moms if he runs into any problems!

Reptile Son Update:  Yesterday was his 25th birthday!  We are getting the family together at a restaurant closer to where they live to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Poopstick!  Oops....not supposed to tell anyone his 'other' nickname!

Momma loves her some football.  Our OSU team has had some issues this year, but last night...well, those boys played a heck of a game against Wisconsin.  It was truly a good game, no matter which team you were rooting for.  Many great plays and quite the nailbiter.  Congrats to both teams for an incredible game!

I've been working on my Red-White-Blue star quilt in between everything else.  The rows are together, and I only need to seam a couple more before it is ready for borders.  Can't wait to show it to you!

Have an awesome day!  Enjoy this crisp Fall weather.  I'm off to enjoy pancakes!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Customer picked this one up this week, so I can finally show it to you!  Let me just say that I love this one so much, I now have the pattern!  She gave me her wool scraps (which were plentiful), and this one is on 'the list'.

Again with the window....Sorry!  The applique is all wool.  The skinny border is a folded border.  I love the colors and there is a Jo Morton line (Annandale, I think--I'll have to check) that would match up to these colors perfectly!

This is the back.  I stitched in the ditch around the blocks and applique.  This backing was a huge magnet for any threads laying around...AND it ravelled like crazy.  This was a Moda line, but I don't know which one.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going batty!

I apologize for the quality of today's pictures.  I just couldn't get good ones.  The light was shining through the window--the quilt was big---so here it is....

The orange squares with the spiders on them were 3-D pockets.  They had to be basted as I advanced each row.  I won't be doing that again!  I still learn something with every quilt.  I learned that basting these and watching the machine through the whole quilt to make sure the basting stitches don't catch on the hopping foot makes a girl a neurotic mess!  I wish I could have gotten a better pic, because this quilt is absolutely adoreable, bright and fun!

This is the back.  Isn't it the cutest Halloween fabric ever?  We chose a batty allover design, and you really can't tell with this pic, but it worked out very well.  There are bats in many of the prints.

Prodigal Son leaves for Wyoming tomorrow.  He has a job interview.  He graduates in 2 weeks and he has had sooooooo many phone calls from companies wanting him to come to work for them.  It has been a looooong road, and I am so very proud of him.  Have you ever realized that you really didn't think about something until someone asks you about it?  I've been so excited for him....arranged his flight for him....and then I overheard a conversation between Banker Daughter and Hubs last night.  She asked Hubs how I was doing with the fact that Prodigal would be moving so far away.  Say what????  I've been floating on the cloud that is him taking charge of his life and doing good things, that I haven't given a thought to the fact that he will be 1700-1800 miles away!!!

But, you know what?  I had a very intuitive customer tell me once (thanks Virginia)...isn't this what you prepare them for when you are raising them?  You don't prepare them to grow up, live at home and never see the world.  You prepare them to be a good person, have good values, love unconditionally, and grab life for what it has to offer.  Prodigal gets that more than the rest.  His motto has always been "No Regrets".  Sometimes that bothered me.  But, his personality....his life....I hope he does live it with No Regrets!

Have a good day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's for Breakfast?

Hubs and I made a collaborative effort--Quiche.  I made the dough, and he rolled it out.  Could have been a little thinner, but as you can see, I haven't had any problems getting rid of it!  I had sampled some customers on a Quiche Mix this week, which put me in the mood for one.  Mine is from scratch....

This is a quilt I took off the longarm yesterday.  Customer made it to remind her hubs of a trip to Colorado.  See the mountains?  She is going to trim the bottom along the fabric and bind it around all of those ends.  Bless her heart--better her than me!
 This pic is a close-up of the back.  She chose a water ripple pantograph, which worked out wonderfully!  It looks like clouds in the top, and water toward the bottom.  Again, better her than me binding this bad boy!

While I was being all Martha Stewart-like this weekend, I did make an authentic Italian tiramisu.  It is nephew's birthday today, so when we get back from dinner, I've made him a killer dessert.  I just had to lick the bowl....afterall, I deserve it!  I can't wait to jump in and eat it this evening.  Just watching the clock tick by....

Well, I am off to the longarms.  Another 2 hours on a custom I am working on, and it will be done done done!  Also have another on the panto machine, so it should be finished while I finish the custom.  Then, I get to load a Christmas Quilt on the custom machine.  Can't is a beauty!

Have a blessed day!  (from a coughing and barking....STILL....Cynthia)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Definition of a Really Bad Week....

I'm still coughing like I have tuberculosis.  I'm coughing so hard it is giving me headaches.  The rain...oh, the has been monsoon season here all week, which, turns normal careful drivers into complete morons.  Yes, I used the "M" word.  I was driving to work this week, minding my own sweet business.  I was doing a few miles UNDER the speed limit, because the concrete barriers they have up in the construction zones make the road turn into a lake.  Cars are darting in and out of lanes in front of me, hydroplaning and then there are brake lights....the whole way in, I just kept thinking someone is going to cause a wreck here.  ***This should have been my clue to go home, crawl into bed and hide from the world***

Fast forward to around 1:30.  Rain is still pouring and people are still acting like there is a full moon.  I am backing, I mean creeping very slowly, out of a parking space.  I am being very cautious, honest to goodness, because the strip mall is full of people walking, who are obviously under the influence of the aforementioned full moon!  An Acura SUV, driven by someone who was obviously on his way to a fire...slams through me.  Yup--I have just been involved in a fender bender.  The wonderfully sensitive fella says to me--Good thing you were backing so slow, or my car would have gotten it even worse!  Really?  I'm standing in the torrential downpours exchanging info with him and taking pics with my Blackberry.  I text Bossman.  "I've just been in a fender bender."  He texts back "You need to go take a mandatory drug test."  Sweeeeeeeet!  My horrible week gets better!

I call hubs "I've been in a fender bender"  His FIRST response--wait for it----'HOW'S THE CAR?'  Just what a girl wants to hear.

I spend the rest of the day--still raining and making me feel lovely in between coughing stints that would blow out any high-priced girdle--on the phone with insurance companies, personnel, and the drug-testing place to schedule an appointment that had to be done within 24 hours of the 'accident'.  (I won't belabor the fact that I was at the drug testing place for an hour and a half!)

It is around 5pm.  Prodigal Son calls and asks where I am.  I tell him I have been in a fender bender and am walking out of the drug testing facility.  His first response....wait for it.....HOW'S THE CAR?

Feeling mentally wounded, I take the back way home, because there is NO WAY I am creeping back out to the highway.  I fix myself some hot tea and am sitting by the front window catching up on some work that I didn't get done because of my action-packed day.  Hubs and Prodigal Son pull into the driveway.  Do they rush into the house to check on me....maybe I've gotten an aneurysm and need to go to the ER...maybe I have broken bones....maybe I need stitches.....Nope!  They both make their way over to the car and start inspecting her for damage!!!!!   I sure as heck hope she can cook....if she is going to replace me, she better get with the house cleaning program!!!!!

Oh, and a side note--before you ask--the Cherry Challenger is fine.  She just has a scratch down the back bumper. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Have you ever.....

Have you ever coughed so hard your socks blew off?  That has been my Sunday.  I've stayed in my robe, in my bed, under my quilt, with cough drops and a box of tissues all day.  Yickey, yickey, I feel blickey!  My eyes are on fire, my throat is sore and I have a headache from coughing so hard.  I'm pretty sure I have the plague, so I need to hurry through this post before I choke up my other lung and die!

This is a quilt P made for her granddaughter.  Although, her hubs likes it so well, it is still up in the air on whether it stays at their house or goes to the granddaughter.  It was made with a Northcott jelly roll of splattery-looking fabrics.  I think she had to get yardage for the setting triangles, borders and sashing.  It is a beauty!

This is a close-up of the quilting.  She wanted a pantograph that wasn't too girly and didn't take away from the quilt.  We used the classy curls.  I just love this panto.
This is a close-up of the back.  You can get the feel of the splattery-feel of all of the fabrics.  They were pretty cool.

Well, before I start coughing again, I'm going to go curl back up in bed.  Have a good evening/morning. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

You don't want to miss this one!

Combine scrappy (one of my favorite things) with a great color combination, and this is what you get!

It was too big to get the whole thing, but thisis one of those quilts I just do not want to give back!

Here in the states, it is Sweetest Day.  I have a hot date with the hubs tonight in the big city.  Enjoy your day and spend some time with your sweetie.....yes, I have to spend the morning with my 'other sweetie' Bambino.  The pekingnese calls it a holiday if I just get Bammie to leave her alone!  ROFL


Friday, October 14, 2011

A Christmas Quilt....

K found some fabrics when going through her mother's stash.  She wanted to make herself a quilt for Christmas to remind her of her Momma.  This is the result....

This is a close-up of the borders.  K chose an allover holly pattern.

The back.  Simple muslin to really show off the quilting....
Quilting this one reminded me of just how many Christmas UFOs I have!  Eeeeek!  I really need to get back on my personal challenge for the year of quilting up all of these flimsies!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last one for H....

This quilt was another that H did for a little girl.  We quilted the cutest flower allover on it, and we both fell in love with the allover after we got it done and off the longarm....

I love the scrappiness of it and the appliqued flowers.  I can see this with a homespun scrappy back and appliqued flowers, too.  Just darling!

This is the back.  It was a light blue poplin fabric, but the camera reader wasn't having it.  So, I gave in and just left it!  Didn't have it in me to fuss with it.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another quilt from H

H brought an almost twin-sized floral quilt to be done, too.  She had to take the yo-yos and buttons off so the machine wouldn't catch on them, so you have to picture this one with a few embellishments.  :)

This is the back to show you the butterflies. 

Sorry about the window shining through.  This isn't where we usually take the pics, but hubs insisted this was a good spot.  Ugh!  Now that I look at the pic, don't those flowers look like heads with pink hair?  They just need little smiley faces on them!  LOL  This precious quilt will make some little girl very happy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lo siento....

Probably not the correct spelling, but it means I'm sorry in Spanish.  Between longarming myself into oblivion and being in a little bit of a 'funk', I have neglected my blog.

First, let's do the 'funk'.  I try to keep it positive, but I just have to vent.  About 1 1/2 years ago, we found the PERFECT building for the shop.  We made an offer, which had to go in front of the trustee (an attorney) and he never accepted.  The building went up for sheriff's sale, and we sent an agent to bid for us.  We didn't want to be emotional in bidding.  The building sold for half of what we told the agent he could bid, and I never could get a straight answer on why WE didn't get it.  I now know....and I am so upset I could scream.  The trustee (the attorney) bought the building.  He is the trustee listed for 90% of the properties listed on the sheriff's sale site.  He now owns a bunch of buildings in the downtown and a lot of other real estate properties.  He owns the property adjacent to the building and wanted to control what went in.  Really?  If that isn't a conflict of interest, I don't know what is.  He has the inside scoop on what is going up and buys what he wants at the sales!  He actually offered to rent me half of the building!  You have to be kidding me!  I'm just getting myself worked up again, so I need to move on.  Here I thought hubs was being synical about it all....and the 'girls' and I thought something was fishy....and it WAS!

Here is one of the quilts I did for H.  She made this as a wallhanging for herself using up a bunch of scraps.  She chose a Stars and Loops pantograph.

Enjoy your day!  I'm going to go make myself a nice strong cup of tea!  Allergies are starting to get to's heck getting old! 

Monday, October 03, 2011

Thinking about the beach???

One of my customers was when she whipped up her latest quilt!  Flip flops, polka dots....all she needs is a bikini, and she is good to go!  She made this quilt for herself at a Quiltsmart class.

Poor Hubs, I need to put him on one of those stretching machines so he can do a better job for me!

This is a close-up of the back.  The pantograph is called Patty's Petals.  Don't you just love the polka dot!

This is one of the corners.  I put this one on so you could see that we mimicked the flowers in the background fabric with the pantograph.  This is a pretty big quilt, so maybe she will have it done by summer!

Well, I'm pretty boring these last few days, but Hubs is working me like I'm Amish!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Embroidered Baby Quilt

What is it about flannel that just makes us think of babies??  I don't know if this customer made the quilt specifically for someone...for some reason, I think she is getting a grandbaby and this is for the new addition, but I can't remember for the life of me!

Each of the blocks is embroidered with part of a nursery rhyme....isn't it precious???

She chose a pantograph called Star Cloud Moon (or something like that).  I tried changing the contrast on the pic so you could see the pattern a little better.

Oh, grandbabies......none for me.  Oh, woe is me.....while the rest of you enjoy your grandbabies, I will just have to enjoy my grandpuppies, grandsnakes, and our latest addition.....a gecko!  (Did I mention I came up with a new name for Army Son....we will now refer to him as Reptile Son!  ROFL)

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hot off the longarm....

Since it is being picked up today, I guess I can show you this spiderweb quilt.  Customer made for her Physical Trainer (I know....what is that and why would you invite one into your can only end bad!)  I love the way the little spiders hang out around the spider webs!

 If you look in the top left of this lower pic, you can see part of the little spider who spun the web!

The lower pic here is the back,....see the spider on the top left...

We have started bringing in the plants, gathering the furniture cushions and getting ready for the cold.  Frost was predicted for last night and tonight, so I had to save them.  Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love the smell of leaves, walking through the yard and kicking them up....pie smells coming from the kitchen....making candles...and snuggling up under a nice quilt!  I have a lot of the fall quilts out, but I'm pacing myself.  Don't want to do too much at once....or no one will recognize the house when they get home!  :)

It has been quite the week around here.  Prodigal Son was in a car accident last weekend.  He totalled his brother's car, but he is OK.  He's been sore from where the airbag deployed, but at least he is OK.  Prodigal Son also ran his hand through a grinder on Monday.  A few stitches, and he was almost good to go.  He's been bandaged up all week, which has made school a challenge.  He knicked a tendon, but he should have full range of motion.....

So, if you come to my house....there are bandages, prescriptions, doctor bills, etc. all over the counter!  Ugh!

Enjoy your day!