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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the heck happened?

My pic went away from the last post!  It was there for a few days....

I am finally back home.  Being gone during the week is absolutely no fun!  Came home to plants dieing everywhere.  These bachelors have not learned the art of successful plant watering.  It looks like the Adams Family around here!  Came home to one of the fellas moving out on Friday night.  He had told hubs he was moving, but I was standing by the door when he left and he didn't say a word.  Hmpf!  He and Prodigal Son weren't getting along anymore and he wanted to be able to spend more quality time with his girlfriend, so.....he went somewhere where he could have sleepovers.  I just hope he finishes school.  :)

The chicklet that does my hair is finally back from Italy.  I have an appt. to go see here today...I think I have an all day job for her!  ROFL  Then, it is off to the longarms to get some quilting done today!

I'm off to catch up on blog posts!  Have a blessed day....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

True Confessions.....

I have never done a blind hem stitch before....there, I have said it out loud.  I got a chance yesterday to try one out.  Thank goodness a male customer had shown me how before I closed the shop....  I had on a pair of dress slacks last week.  There was a string hanging.  I knew better...but I pulled it.  The hem came out of my pants and I spent the entire day tripping over my long pants.  I did an absolutely perfect blind hem stitch.....the SECOND time around!  ROFL

I did spend the day in my sewing studio.....hemming pants, sewing on buttons, tacking a blouse so I didn't flash everyone who saw me, and making ANOTHER welding cap for Prodigal Son.  You have to know his personality to understand why he would love this monkey hat.  He loves to be different.  He certainly won't have to worry about anyone stealing this one!  LOL

I'll be working on the longarm today.  I'm quilting a Hometown Christmas quilt for a customer.  Between this weekend and next weekend, I hope to get it finished.  I'll be gone all week again, next true confession.

I got a JOB!  I was enjoying my time at home.  I was having a blast.  But, with all these extra mouths to feed around here, the groceries were killing us!  An old friend offered me a job, so I figured it was Divine Intervention.  I'm out of town during the week for training and home on weekends.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until everyone started calling and coming to see me....they are excited that I am back.  That is a great feeling.  I'm still doing the website....still doing some longarming....still keeping busy.  But, at least I feel like I am helping lighten the load for hubs.  :)  

We are still unsure about the whole moving thing.  If we do move, it won't be until Spring.  I do know that a perfect place came on the market two weeks ago, and I would have a separate building for the longarming and shop, so we will just have to keep praying about it and see what happens......

That being said....I will continue to offer 30% off Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price on all books and patterns through the website.  Just make sure to put it in the order comments.  Fabrics are already way under suggested retail.  Still have more coming in...Jo's Variety should be here soon.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is why he loves me.....

Many of you know that I have a background in Sales & Marketing for foodservice companies.  I know waaayyy too much about what goes into food.  I know waaaaayyyy too much about dirty kitchens.  I know waaaayyyyy too much about operations.  I still have a ton of friends in the industry.  Hubs is at the Belterra Casino right now for a large trade show.  He sends me the following text...

"You need to talk to someone about the Belterra.  The dishes are spotty and sticky.  Maybe they could sell them better chemicals for the equipment."

My reply:  They don't wash silverware there.....enjoy your breakfast!

So, right now he is eating his over-easy eggs with his fingers and making quite the mess.  I'm sure of it!  But, he had to have a reason to miss his OCD wife.  I'm just sayin.....and that's what he gets for not taking me along!

This not having computer access is KILLING me!  It will get better soon, until then, the computer diet is not even self-imposed!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

In Cognito....

I was out of town for a few days last week, so I haven't been online much.  Hopefully, I will have a new laptop this week and can keep up with all of you.  My Saturday started off with a bang!  After all of my customers picked up their quilts, I went to the bank.  While I was at the bank the teller was sweet enough to let me know that my driver's license had EXPIRED!  I ran to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew and got there about 15 minutes before they closed!  UGH!  Since I had been out of town, I knew my day was going to be full of the funnest of, grocery,, guess what my hair looked like when I went to get the new driver's license pic????  Could my day get any better?  Oh yes, it could....the lady actually told me to S M I L E ! ! !  Are you kidding me?  My hair looks like crap all pulled up on top of my head.  I am wearing about half of my make-up.  AND, I've been running around all willy nilly.  I don't think so!  She made me re-take my pic!!!!  REALLY??!!!  I kept myself from crawling over the counter to show her just what ugly really was and smiled real big for my mug shot that I will now have to live with for FOUR STINKING YEARS!!!!!

How was YOUR Saturday???  ROFL