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Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW from Jo Morton!

Sweet Emilie has arrived!  This is the free pattern available on the Andover site.  You can get the fat quarters for $2 each by simply signing up for our Jo Morton stashbuilder club!  I'm off to cut fat quarters....yummy backgrounds!

I Believe...

You haven't heard from me much this week because I have chained myself to the longarms and been working on the website.  I'm trying to sell off some of the samples from the shop, because quite frankly I am OUT OF ROOM!  I think I have made it to around 100 samples uploaded.  Woo Hoo!

I pulled this I Believe quilt off the longarm this week.  Echo quilting and stitch-in-the-ditch are highlights.  It was hard to get a good pic by myself, so I really can't show you the holly pattern I quilted in the border.  She doesn't pick it up until next weekend, so she can get a quick peek here!  :)

Look who I caught hanging out on my elephant ears!  I had a pic of his face, but it is blurry.  The camera had problems with all those greens and I was afraid he would be gone by the time I went to get the close-up lens.

This is one of my hibiscus bushes.  She always blooms real pretty for my birthday!  When we went to the Parade of Homes, I saw some yellow ones.  I may just have to get a couple for next year.

Speaking of my birthday, it was AWESOME!  Although, I have to confess I was worried....  When I got up that morning, I threw open the front door just knowing I would see that metal chicken.  But, no chicken.  I was sad...  Hubs made me french toast for breakfast, which is my favorite.  The boys and Army Son's significant other (I usually refer to her as daughter-in-law to be....which she is, but it just isn't 'official') all took off work to spend time with me.  If that doesn't make a gal feel special, I don't know what would!  Her brother is up from Tennessee and he came along, too!  We went to a local restaurant and she and I enjoyed $1 margarita night.  :)  We all came back to the house and celebrated until way tooooo late.  It was truly the bestest birthday I have had in a loooooong time!

Still have the book sale going on at the website:   Mention the blog and you will get 30% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price on ALL books!  Throw a few patterns on there, and I will give you the discount on them, too!  I've been placing orders for MORE, so I really need to make room!

Jo Morton's new line Variety should be here soon.  It is the red/cream line that follows up the recent quilt show in New York.  I'm excited!

My next 4-5 quilts are all Christmas quilts, so I am having my own little Christmas in July back in the longarm studio!  I've had customers in and out all week, so I have been a busy busy girl.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cleaning house....

I know you are dieing to know how long it took me to paint my face yesterday (LOL), and it only took 15 minutes!   Although, I do feel like I need some sort of Art Degree to get it all on right!!!      :) 

Yesterday, I went through my e-mails, etc. and 'cleaned house'.  I left some Yahoo! groups.  I deleted a bunch of Facebook friends.  Just did some major computer cleaning.  I didn't do it because I was mad at anyone or because I don't love them anymore....I am just putting myself on a computer diet.  Too much to get done with the website, longarming and other new 'ventures'.  I get nervous with all those 'lurkers' on my FB account.  You know who I am talking about...people who don't reply to your posts and really just hang out to see what you have been up to.  Well, I have now limited it to friends and family.  Friends who I go to lunch with, have phone conversations with and genuinely want to mutually share what is going on in our lives.  If you think you are offended....well, I've even deleted family members!  I'll probably delete more of them later.  If you go to their wall and they are talking to everyone but you, well....buh bye!  Like I said, not mad...not that I don't love...but I'm wasting too much time!  :)

So, I am off to paint.  Really looking forward to helping the kids out!  Want them to be proud of their new place and we will get this done before a big party they are having next weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Quilts for Sale!

We will be selling off a bunch of the quilts used as samples used in the shop.  If there are any that you are interested in, or if you want details, comment/e-mail me and I will get back with you.  We can ship or I can give you details about the 'private' sale....


They saw me coming....

Do the little mall muffins have the ability to reel YOU in?  I do not enjoy shopping.  I go in, get the job done, and get out.  My "rocky-start-to-the-day" yesterday made me vulnerable when I ran down to the mall.  I bypassed all of the wild-looking, animal-printed, clingy, ruffly clothes and returned my two blouses.  Success!  Then, IT happened.....I am at that age when I need not only anti-wrinkle cream, but anti-blemish cream.  (Still a little bitter about that, my Mom and the Aunts promised me after my 20s I wouldn't have to worry about acne anymore--big fat LIARS!!!)  Needless to say, I am very self-conscious about my face.  It is blotchy...I have some acne AND sun spots (sure, you call them age spots, but I won't go there...)  They were having an "Event" at the mall with a new product that illuminates your skin and eliminates blotchiness.

The next thing I know, I am sitting on one of those tall chairs with two mall muffins staring me down and my 'face' is laying on a damp papertowel on the table beside me.  Of course, my cell phone is Hubs...he always knows just when to call.  "Sorry I can't talk to you right now, dear, I'm busy spending your money."  These ladies (the mall muffins--that is what I call the made-up, dressed perfectly, always trim ladies who work at the mall) worked on me for TWO HOURS.  By the time they were done giving me my makeover, and I had spent a few hundred dollars, Hubs calls AGAIN!  My earlier remark must have made him nervous.  Once he recovered from the initial shock of how much I spent on lotions, creams and make-up, he says..."Well, for that kind of money, you ought to look like a supermodel!"  Hmpf!  He used to tell me I looked like a supermodel BEFORE the mall muffins got done with me!  He did add that he couldn't wait to see me, and that he hoped the product did what they said it would.  Awww....sweetie.

After leaving the mall, I went to two different stores--grocery and home improvement.  Now, for my rant of the day, so brace yourself.  The last time I checked, neither of these stores sends me a paycheck.  So, why is it that I am expected to check myself out??  Now, I usually don't mind at the grocery (except when some overzealous shopper in line behind me starts scanning her groceries before I am done packing mine).  However, at the home improvement store, the things you buy are heavy, bulky and cumbersome.  I push my cart up to the chicklet standing there and ask her to check me out.  She says....wait for it.....NO!   By this time, I was hot, tired and evidently cranky.  LOL  They won't pay someone to check me out, but they WILL pay someone to watch.  By the time I was done, there were three....count them three....employees WATCHING!  I was must have been due to the heat and exhaustion.

Does this bother anyone else?  We are becoming such an impersonal world with absolutely no customer service anymore. 

Anyway, back to my story...I get home, unpack the car, fix dinner, etc. and by the time hubs gets home....yes, I have sweated off my new face!  He will never know how pretty I was for one day, because I am pretty sure I cannot re-create the masterpiece.  It is probably just like the hair salon.  You never look the same again!

Tomorrow, I am going to paint daughter-in-law to be's house, so no post.  I did get some longarming in this week, and today I hope to finish up a Christmas quilt.  If I get it done today, I'll get pics up for you Sunday!

Enjoy your day!  Blessings

P.S.  Prodigal Son DID text me yesterday and apologize for snapping at me.  :)

P.P.S.  The Mall Muffins did give me a treasure map to show me how to re-create my face, but I'm sure it will take me hours!

DON'T FORGET THE SALE ON BOOKS AT THE WEBSITE...30% OFF SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE ON ALL BOOKS!  Mention the discount in your order comments, and I will take it off.  I did add more books earlier this week and will work on it some more today.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well, that didn't work out so well....

The whole contagious disease thing was a wash, so I am a little bummed.  Glad to know I will still have 'responsibilities' if I contract some sort of traumatic infection.....ROFL  (If you don't understand what I am talking about, please read my previous post....)

Let me tell you how my day started.  Hubs comes into the bedroom this morning, and to his credit--he did have a cup of coffee for me in tow--but he starts fussing at me.  Really?  I'm still half asleep.  Guess that was a good thing, because frankly, I just tuned his nonsense out.  I'm not going to let him steal my joy before it is even awake!

So, I go into the kitchen to refresh the coffee.  Nephew had to be at work at 7, so I missed the coffee train...the pot is now empty!  Not going to let him steal my joy before it is even awake!  I made some tea.

I go out to the back terrace to take my little Bamikins out.  Prodigal Son is out there enjoying his cereal.  I say, "It is supposed to be even hotter today than yesterday, make sure you stay hydrated."  At which time he snaps at me "I KNOW--DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID?"  Ok, little fella, I'm sorry I worry.  (and I DID tell him I was sorry for caring and worrying...)  Not going to let him steal my joy before it is even awake!  I go back in the house.

Out of the four men living in this house, three of them have tried to steal my joy.  Here I sit, with an empty house, an empty coffee cup, an empty heart and nothing but time on my hands.  Know what I am going to do?  If you are guessing that I will head off to the sewing room, you are dead wrong!  After I take a shower, go to the post office, go to take the blouses back to the mall and go to Home Depot.....I am going to strip off all my naked through the house....and pretend like I have finally lost it!  Then.....


How dare they try to steal my joy!

Well, I must move quickly.....I need to get all of this done before they get home!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have a meatloaf in the oven.  I am pretty sure the fellas can serve it to themselves.  I am going to feign some crazy disease like cholera or tuberculosis so I can be left along in my sewing room for an hour or two.  Wish me luck!  (Don't roll your eyes at are just jealous that I thought of it first!!!!)

I only went outside a few times today, and that was just because I had to take the dogs out.  (Bambino gets lonely when I am longarming or quilting because he isn't allowed in that area of the house.)  I'm thinking it is time to potty-train him.  Dang, was it muggy!  He already knows how to lift both he is already doing better than the fellas all I have to teach him now is how to aim!  :)

Storms and News Stories....

Remember I told you how one of the things I love about my little house in the woods is that if you go down the hill, there is the mall?  Well, this is part of the storm damage down at our little mall.  The mall itself had trouble handling the intensity of the water and from what I understand....there is a LOT of water damage.  I have to take two blouses back, so I will see if there is a water damage sale!  LOL  (Actually, I guess that isn't very funny....)

Another topic of discussion around here lately has been the show Sister Wives.  It is a TLC show based around polygamy.  The family portrayed on the show is suing the state of Utah for the right to live how they want.  In a nutshell, Utah would base part of the criteria for prosecution on "cohabitation".  I ended up in a "spirited" debate on Facebook with a gentleman who was very adimate in his beliefs.  Now, I'm not getting into a religious or political discussion here....but here is my fear....  If we as a country decide that "cohabitation" is grounds for prosecution, I AM IN BIG TROUBLE!  Think about it....I live with FOUR MEN!  I can just see my neighbors getting a little suspicious and calling the law on me!  I had somewhat dropped this issue until yesterday.

I went out to do some clean-up in the garden.  The limbs that came out of the trees were laying my corn down, not to mention my tomatoes...cages and all.  I noticed the neighbor across the street had a tree service there cleaning up a huge tree that had fallen in his yard.  I go to the edge of the property line and ask him if they are OK and if there is anything I can do to help.  (At this time, I am secretly hoping he will say no, because even my sweat was sweating!!!!)  He asked....So, how many people actually LIVE at your house??  Uh Oh!  I'm going straight to jail!  Part of the problem here is that my Prodigal Son has had a revolving door of cars here lately because his died.  Between his car, his brother's car(s) and his dad's car that he has borrowed, he has had a total of four different cars!  And....his friends come over all the time...with all their cars....and it looks like I'm starting a used car lot.  Nephew is driving my spare car because his is sitting out there broken down.....  I need to think fast!  I change the subject real fast, and I can tell by the look on his face, he is watching that Facebook page to see when it is time to turn me in!  :-()

Now, (and please understand...I'm just doing a little kidding around here....) I could really use some Sister Wives to come and help me with all this cooking, cleaning and laundry...not to mention yard work.  But, I haven't found anyone I choose to 'date' yet, so I am stuck with the four men and no help.  I'm thinking if I can recruit some ladies....then it will look like we are all couples and the neighbors won't be so quick to judge!

So, here are the job requirements if you would like to apply:

Must be OCD.  By this I mean....all of our spices must be kept in alphabetical order.  All of our dry goods are kept in the cupboards with the labels all facing the same way, keeping like items together (i.e. vegetables, crackers, condiments).  All of our closets are arranged by color and season, only using one kind of hanger so it looks tidy.

Must love to bake.  These fellas are eating me out of house and home.  They love cookies, cakes and pies, but only if I am the one to cook them.

Must love to grocery shop.  I hate it, so you will need to pick up the slack.

Must be a quilter.  No need to embellish here!  :)

Must be strong-willed.  I need someone to fight our battles for us.  I have turned into a doormat.

Must to love to decorate.  I change out the quilts and decorations once a month to coincide with whatever is going on....

E-mail me to apply!

Have a fun, blessed day.  Don't take me too WILL be painful!  LOLOLOL

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At last--Blogger is being "friendly"

FINALLY I can show you these two quilts.  This first one is a pinwheel quilt made for a granddaughter.  The customer chose a cute floral allover.  This is such a fun quilt, and while it is age-appropriate, it is one that can grow with the little girl.  :)

This is a close-up of the quilting.  These HSTs go all the way around the quilt. 

This next one is a scrappy red and black star quilt.  The centers of the black stars are four-patches and the centers of the cream stars are pinwheels.  Lots of HSTs here, too!

Here is a close-up of the swirl allover she chose.  I love the scrappiness of this quilt!

So, last night I am checking out the backs of my eyelids for just a brief moment.  The next thing I know, Hubs is running around all willy-nilly yelling that we need to go to the basement.  What the heck?  Huh?  What are you talking about?  (I'm still half asleep.)  About that time, I look out the bedroom window.  The rain is coming down sideways and there is so much, you can't see anything....except...........our hammock.  Our hammock is on a steel frame.  This is important to the story because the storm is LIFTING it into the air, and it appears to be ready to come straight through the bedroom window.  OK, now Hubs has my attention!

Remember I told you how much I love living in the woods?  Remember I told you how much I love my house because it is all windows?  Well, let me tell you boys and a storm like last in the woods could be construed as grossly overrated!  ROFL  As we watched limbs come down and fly all over the place like a scene from the movie Twister, I wondered what it would be like to live in a big open field!  (Still would rather be here, honestly.  There are just different worries if you live in a big open field....)

So, here is a pic of the back terrace.  Our house looks like it has been sand-blasted with leaves.  This is the scene all over our property....with the addition of many downed tree limbs.  No need to spend today, with a heat index of 115-120, cleaning it up because we are supposed to have MORE storms!  We lost power for a little while last night, but it is back and I am all happy.  Thankful for air conditioning!

Have a blessed day.  Stay safe.  Stay cool.  Rent the movie "Twister".  :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I was relieved this morning to see that I wasn't the ONLY one experiencing problems with blogger yesterday.  It wouldn't let me post.  Today, it won't let me upload pics.  I will try again in a few hours...but for now, I will tell you a little about my weekend/day.  :)

First of all, I have determined that Bambino is an 'opportunist'.  Like most large dogs, he sources water anywhere he can.  If I am watering flowers, he feels the need to make sure there are no puddles left on the concrete.  I have caught him sneaking water out of my fountain outside.  Understandable enough, right?  And, like some dogs, he has now discovered that water in the powder rooms is cold.  Ugh!  We have started making sure all the lids are down so that he isn't giving me cooties.  Well, guess what I caught him doing....yup....he has learned to lift BOTH the lid and the seat!  We are now closing powder room doors....bluck!

Have you been shopping lately??  I don't like to 'shop'.  I am not a mall muffin.  If I need something, I go in and get it done.....  Well, I needed some summer blouses.  With all of the sales going on, I decided I would bite the bullet and go shopping.  I don't wear a lot of wild prints.  I don't like ruffles or things dangling from my lady parts.  I am NOT auditioning to be a streetwalker.  Yet, all of the "modern" clothes either don't have sleeves, are too wild for my taste or are too low-cut or clingy to my lady parts.  If I can find something in somewhat of a solid color, it is so see-through that you would think I AM a streetwalker.  Three malls, and even the trusted Kohl's yielded not so many blouses.  I can't wait until we all become traditional dressers together again.  I'm guessing everything is so revealing to show off the world's newly adopted tattoo fetish.  Maybe I could get the metal chicken tattooed somewhere so that someone will see it and decide we all need to start covering up again!  I'm just sayin......

Now, for something you don't get from me often - a movie review.  We rented Mathew McConahay's movie "Lincoln Lawyer" last night.  It is a drama.  It is the best movie I have seen in a while!  It didn't hurt that I think he is eye-candy anyway, but if you get the opportunity, you should check it out.

Here is the movie trailer.  It is quite suspenseful!

Yesterday, for whatever reason, hubs was in a "things I can do to make the wife feel better mood".  He glued, welded, screwed, nailed and worked on some serious honey-do projects.  Are you ready for this?  He went to the grocery for me!  Woot Woot!  I hate grocery shopping.  When he got home, he COOKED DINNER!  Either he has done something really BAD, or I just had the best Sunday in a long time...just because!

Either way, I am truly counting my blessings this morning.  Worked in the garden this morning and felt that inner peace it gives me.  Thank you all for your prayers.  I have accepted my role in the roller coaster we have going on right now.  More on that another time.  If you are one who believes in prayer, just keep us on your list!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ever just crash and burn....

It has been a whirlwind week for me.  Got some more quilting done.  I will post pics tomorrow.  I have been driving back and forth to the big city, had some "ups" around here and some "downs".  Two days this week, after the 'adrenaline crash' I fell asleep sitting up in a chair.  I have something called Epstein Barr Syndrome, which I hope is not rearing its ugly head.  We shall see.....

Picture yourself sitting in a room with the guy from the Sham Wow commercial for 2 1/2 hours....just you and him.  I am like a ferret on speed, but this 'experience' totally wore me out.  Took an hour nap after!

I can't go into what is going on around here just yet....but let me tell ya...I don't need to go to an amusement park for a roller coaster!

Be well.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Stroll Quilt

My final completion from National All About Me Day is bound and ready to show. Remember my Garden Stroll Quilt?   This is what it looked like before quilting.

This is it all quilted.  I echo-quilted the flowers....ran some straight lines through the ticking....stitched in the ditch the blocks....

Here is a close-up of the echo-quilting.  Please note who is peeking out from the back...  I'm thinking someone thinks they are cute and is becoming quite the camera hog!

Here is a pic of the back.   I had a scrap piece of batting and backing for this one, too, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

So, did YOU get anything done on our National holiday???? 

I did finally let hubs off the hook with the checkbook, although we still don't know why that bank would call us so late on a Saturday no less.....

Birthday Update:  I've determined that hubs has no intention of buying me anything!  Every time he talks about buying something lately, it is for HIM!  Last night while I was binding, he was actually talking about something else.  I think I finally understand why my Mom started buying herself presents for her birthday and Christmas.  Ugh!  Not that I want anything....but if I a 5' metal chicken....I'm pretty sure it wouldn't happen.  Stay may end up seeing what I get me!!!!!  :)  :)

Don't forget:  Book Sale on website.  30% off manufacturer's suggested retail price on ALL books!!  Just mention the blog and I will take off the discount before charging your card.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My second post of the day....a funny conversation....

Two weeks ago, hubs bought something from the President of his Company and wrote a pretty big check out of our checking account.  I told him to grab the "black checkbook".  Saturday night, we missed a call on hubs cell phone from a bank we no longer do business with.  We kind of wondered all weekend why they were calling.....  This morning, I go to the bank to make a deposit and notice that the check HASN'T been cashed when she gives me the receipt.  As I'm going from the bank to the grocery store, I remember that the bank we no longer do business with ALSO has a black checkbook.  Surely, I didn't save it!  I call hubs from the grocery store...

Me:  So, how funny would it be if we bounced a check to Mr. President.

Hubs:  Not funny at all.....

Me:  I'm sorry you feel that way....

Hubs:  CYNTHIA......what have YOU done???

Me:  Well, I'm just wondering if YOU grabbed the wrong checkbook.

At this point hubs is hyperventilating and I'm pretty sure he is going to go into convulsions or stroke out on me....

Me:  I just went to the bank and Mr. President's check still hasn't cleared.

Hubs:   @#$%!!!!!  You need to go home right now and check.

So, I did my grocery shopping (no one tells ME what to do!!).  When I get home, I look at the duplicate checks and hubs DID write the check from the CORRECT black checkbook.  I don't know why the "other" bank called....but at least it afforded me the ability to keep hubs' blood pressure a little higher than normal!  :)

P.S.  DO NOT feel sorry for him!!!!  I should probably call him now and let him off the hook.  Afterall, it has been almost 3 hours.... 

Fruits of my Holiday Labor!

Well National All About Me Day is over.  I feel like I have accomplished soooo much.  Today, I go back to loading customer quilts, and I'm excited to do that.  :)

This quilt was quilted and bound this weekend.  It is called My Prim Star.  It is finish number 21 this year!  Woo Hoo!  I'm getting there.  It was pretty plain looking.  The pattern showed it in country colors, but I did it in some florals. 

I did get another quilted, but I need to get it bound this evening.  Sooooo, I will show it to you tomorrow.

We are under a heat advisory today.  I have a lot of errands to do, not the least of which is the grocery.  I despise going to the grocery!  :(        (Still a little bitter that my local store has discontinued Starbuck's.)

Stay cool and happy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keystone Medallion

I did it!  I am at 20 finishes for the year!!!!  Woot Woot!!!!

This is my Keystone Medallion Quilt from Jo's Little Women's Club.  Again, it sadly hung in the shop all pieced but never quilted.  I have to say, I am so excited to have this one done.  Quilting really does bring them to life, and I have always loved this quilt.  I did stitch-in-the ditch for the entire center.  See the striped lines in the border?  I stitched along them every inch, which equated to every other line.  Using that star print from the center borders as binding really just finished it off.

Although this is not a new finish, I didn't have a photo of this quilt.  This is my Harvest Carpenter's Star.  When I was taking pics of the Keystone Medallion, I grabbed this one for a quick shot.  My little 'poser' decided he wanted to be in the pic, too, so I just HAD to put it on my blog today.  He is my bestest buddy....especially when I am throwing his ball or giving him a treat!  I love my Bamikins....really his name is Bambino, but I call him Bamikins when we are being all lovey-dovey.

I do have to tell you about a little conversation I had with the hubs this morning.

Hubs:  Do you want me to help you weed the garden this morning?

Me:  Nope

Hubs:  Do you want me to help you dig the fire pit this morning?

Me:  Nope

Hubs:  Well, what are you going to do today?

Me:  Nothing.  It is National All About Me Day.

Hubs:  I thought it was all about you every day....

Oh, no....he didn't!

At this point, I cannot further repeat the rest of the conversation due to the context of the comments made.  Afterward, Hubs went out to his garage to work.  I get to go to the sewing studio....

I WIN!!!!!!!

You see....sometimes you have to let them THINK they won!  :)  Back to National All About Me Day....tee hee hee!
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another Finish....and a New Holiday!

My trip to the big city yesterday was postponed until next week.  So, what's a girl to do with an extra few hours of time?  Yup....I threw a 'quickie' on the longarm.  The focus print of this baby quilt was rockets and spaceships, so I chose an allover that is stars and moons.  (Somewhere around here, he has a 'friend' made of the same fabrics.)  He hung out in the shop hanging over the crib all unquilted and unloved until yesterday.  Now, his life is complete!  I don't remember the name of the pattern, hopefully "G" will see this post and remember.

This is a close-up of the back.  I had enough scrap backing and batting from another quilt to do this one!  That thrilled me!

Now, on to our New Holiday!

I am declaring today All About Me Day!  Normally, I would load some customer quilts today and get started on them....or do some work in the house....or do some work in the garden....however, I'm feeling the need for a Me Day!  Join Me!  Grab your favorite hobby (or a good book)...Hide out in your favorite place....and enjoy today just for you.  You have's a new holiday!  :)

I'm a little behind on my UFO completions for the year, even with the addition of this little baby quilt, and should have been halfway done by the end of June.  I'm not, I am going to see how much longarming I can get done for ME!  :)

Check back tomorrow....I would declare it All About Me Weekend, but as soon as hubs catches on, I'm sure he will find some work for me to do tomorrow.  Maybe I will have something fun to show you in the morning!!!!!!!


Friday, July 08, 2011

Longarm Quilts

Since these are being picked up tomorrow, I suppose..I could show them to you today!  :)

Remember this one?  I decided to use the matching thread, rather than the varigated.  I try to longarm them the way I would if I were going to hand quilt.  The stars are all stitched in the ditch, blocks are stitched in the ditch, and the stencil in the alternate blocks.

Close-up of the block.  She hand-pieced all of these little stars!

I did play with the Photoshop on the pic of the back so the quilting would show up a little better.

This is the Tribute to the Civil War Quilt.  This thing is so huge, there just wasn't a way to get a good pic.

This is the center star.  Sorry the pic is so big, but it was the only way I could show you the quilting.

I know....again with the big honking pic....but.....I started taking pics from the back on this one so you could hopefully see the quilting better.

That's all.  The thread actually matches, but when I play with the color and brightness in Photoshop, I figured out how to make the thread look a little whiter to make the quilting show up.

Well, I have a looooong day today.  Have to go to the big city.  Update on my garden:  tomatoes have blossom rot <>    Update on my Hubs:  He has laid off the whole coffee maker thing.  Don't worry, I have it covered.  Going NEXT weekend to get it.  Can't have anything spoiling my birthday!

GO GREEN TIP OF THE DAY:  Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.  As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water.  Studies have shown that hot/warm water does not affect how clean they get.

JULY SHOP SPECIAL:  30% off manufacturer's suggested retail price on all books.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

July Special

We will be offering 30% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price on all books.  Mention the blog in the comment section of your order and we will take off  the discount before processing your credit card.

I will post some more pics later today, just wanted to get this out there.  I forgot to do it last Friday!

Sale runs through July 31, 2011.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Remember these?  I had originally picked a pattern that needed 15 of these stars.  I knew I wasn't going to follow the pattern (I rarely do).  The little stars were pretty addicting.....

and now.....they look like THIS!  :)  I was so incredibly proud of how many I had done until I took the pic.  It's STILL not big enough!  There are 36 here, and yesterday I cut out enough for a total of 56.  I got a few finished and there are more in various stages of completion.  I think I may need more!

This is NOT the way they are going to be laid out.  I'm still toying with the design.  I don't know if I want to sash, add alternate blocks, or make a center medallion.  I don't think I want to sash.  If I do add alternate blocks, do I make them scrappy?  What color?  Oy!  I really should decide what I am doing before I make too many....what do you think? 

Sadly, this is the only quilty thing I got done over the entire weekend!  But, I did get to spend lots of quality time with the family, so it's all good!

Coffeemaker update:  I STILL have NOT bought a coffeemaker.  I bought a little time but telling hubs that I need to research a little more...and based on some purchases we have made in the last few weeks, I think we should wait.  *wink wink*  I do know I need to get one purchased before my birthday, or it could be catastrophic!

Have a blessed day!  Mine is a busy one!

Sunday, July 03, 2011


I'm beginning to believe massages are like a 12-step program.  You abuse your body until it's time to go..

          Hello, my name is Cynthia.  It has been three weeks since my last massage.

 Let me preface by saying that "A" gives the best massages I have ever had!  She is about 5'4" tall and weighs about 90 pounds sloppy wet, but I am sure that she moonlights as a Ninja Warrior! 

"A" gives her massages at a local health club.  To get to the massage room, you must parade your lumpy bumpy body past the physical trainers and South Beach Bodies, all the while knowing they are secretly thinking, "Boy, she got here just in time for us to save her."  As you open the door to the massage room, they shake their heads in pity, "oh, no, another one lost...."  You, on the other hand, are questioning your own rationale about that cheesecake you had for breakfast just days ago!

You strip down, and lay face down on the table.  "A" comes bouncing in and starts slicking you up....just in case later the trainers want to play "Chase the greased pig".  You surrender to the soothing music and sweet serenity of all that is an incredible massage.  "A" is also a physical trainer, so as she is working on your contourtionist skills (working out all of the *kinks*),  you, are secretly hoping that this workout will have you leaving with the same South Beach Body that you passed on your way in.  As she grinds on the lumps and bumps, she tells you, "Oh, I can tell you have been longarming a lot this week....SMASH....right here!"  Oh, that's gonna smart in the morning!    No words need to be said.  She finds all of your 'secret places'.  You know...those places you hold your stress until your next visit.  Out come the hot towels, hot stones and you slide back into Paradise.  Uh, oh, the towels are cooling off and you are pretty sure this 80 pound giant is hovering on top of the table wielding a meat tenderizer bound and determined to work out those lumps!  Back you slide into Paradise, the music lulling you into a catonic state....only to find that your massage is now over. 

As she leaves, you stand in the mirror, your body is still lumpy, still bumpy, and you look nothing like those South Beach punks out in the training area.  Once again, you take the walk of shame....past the South Beach Bodies.....feeling very self-conscieous about the fact that you look like an Ogre.  But, secretly you are just had the best massage of your life!

We love you "A"!!!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ways to drive a Hubs c R a Z y ! ! !

My birthday is this month.  On MORE THAN ONE occasion last month, I made sure he knew what I wanted.  Last night he asks WHAT I WANT!  Ugh!  My mind starts do I handle this situation?  I was always taught that you don't 'ask' for anything and 'APPRECIATE' what you get.  If I hang on to these teachings, it could be disasterous!  The last thing I need is Hubs figuring I need something 'helpful' like a new vacuum or a new hoe to work in the garden!  It is time for serious DAMAGE CONTROL! 

Is this how THEY see me??!!

So, what's a girl to do?  He keeps asking and I know it is driving him c R a Z y !!!  I could continue to let him suffer and wonder.....  I could ask for something WAY out of our budget....  I could tell him what I really want....but what FUN would there be in that?  He has paced, jumped up and down like a banchee and BEGGED me to remind him.

Things I could ask for:
  • A diamond so big I would need a forklift to carry my hand around...
  • A new kitchen 'of my dreams'
  • My long-promised trip to Italy
  • My "outdoor room", complete with gazebo and pergola
All of these things would require a winning lottery ticket or some sort of banditry, like robbing a bank, so I need to re-think the PLAN

If I am not careful, I could end up with that $10 coffee maker....the hoe....the vacuum....or even worse...I could have to cook my own dinner, bake my own cake AND clean up the mess!  (Yes, I have heard from a friend that he is going to a surprise birthday for another 'friend' that her hubs has her convinced they are having a surprise birthday party for one of their friends.  Her hubs has told her that they will pay HER to cook all of the food.  Can you image how elated she will be once she finds out:  1) the surprise birthday was for her; 2) she did ALL of her own cooking and 3) she ISN'T getting PAID!)

Yes, my blogging friends, I am in quite a quandry!  The funny thing is......

even I don't know what I want for my birthday!!!!!

Friday, July 01, 2011


Well, thank goodness it is FRIDAY!  Woot Woot!  I get my massage this morning, then I need to get ready for the BBQ tonight where we meet nephew's GF.  So, a few people asked to see some of my baskets....I got a few pics taken before the camera battery died.  Here goes...
Some of the Patriotic

Can you tell these are in the sewing studio?

The Club Miniatures.  I also have all of the miniature dishes...

Note inside the hutch are more baskets and some of the pottery.....

Scooted all of these together to get their pic taken together...had the sewing basket, must have cropped it out!

Christmas Star baskets

Love these fall ones!

Yes, that is a Longaberger Iron stand....
Not that you wanted to see our powder room....
I pretty much have them spread around EVERYWHERE!  If they were all in one location, Hubs would realize how many we REALLY have!!!

Have a blessed day!