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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Cookout Last Weekend.....

We celebrated Father's Day last Saturday with a few of the kids, and after I saw the pics that Hubs took with the will note that all pics of ME have been gave me a perfect idea for a blog post!  Hubs takes great MUG SHOTS!


These four have been found GUILTY of not producing grandchildren for the bestest grandparents-to-be on the PLANET~!

If you SEE NOT try to apprehend...they are considered armed and dangerous!!!  A simple guilt trip is all we are asking for here.....remind the girls that their CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!!

Oh, and whatever your NOT tell them about this blog could make things WORSE!

Have a fun day, and don't take life too seriously!  :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheesecake for Breakfast...Oh, and some applique....

I have given Martha Stewart a run for her money this week.  I've baked a Fruits of the Forest Pie (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries with a streusel topping), peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, oatmeal scotchies, Rice Krispie treats...and yesterday--a cheesecake.  Prodigal Son was supposed to go over to a fella's house for 'dinner' and I've always taught them to never go empty-handed, thus, the cheesecake.  As I licked the beater bar from the mixer, all I could think about was sitting in a corner with a fork and devouring the entire cheesecake.  You see, all those cookies, etc. were for the fellas to pack in their lunches and really had no appeal to me.  But, cheesecake....well let's just say it is one of my faves!  To make a long story short, Prodigal Son's car died and he didn't go to the forward to the cheesecake.

I opened the refrigerator door this morning, and there she sat--in all her marbled-with-chocolate beauty!  Resist!  The angel on my left shoulder cried.  EAT!  The devil on my left shoulder cried--afterall, it has everything in it you would get from breakfast cereal with yogurt!  (That's what I usually eat--Kashi with vanilla yogurt.)  So, here I sit with a fork in my hand, gorging myself with the sweet creamy goodness that is/was an untouched cheesecake!

There is a quilt, a Christmas Quilt, that I have been wanting to finish for *ahem* three years.  It is hand-applique, so I really didn't have time to work on it when I had the shop.  I got the box out yesterday, and will keep the blocks near the TV, so when I get snookered into watching Pawn Stars or American Pickers, I won't feel guilty about just sitting there.

This weekend, I hope to cut out more pieces and get them 'ready'.

Blogger isn't cooperating with me very well today, so I think I will sign off until tomorrow....


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kitchen Shopping....and MEN

It goes without saying that I have a "few" Longaberger baskets.  OK, so the number is over a hundred, but less than two hundred.  I *think*.  I may also have their dishes, some baking dishes, crocks, iron shelves, etc.  I also have a LOT of Pampered Chef tools.  Way back when, they used to have the corner on the market of quality, and when a girl loves to spend time in the kitchen, well she simply must have the proper tools.  Kind of like when you go into a guy's garage, and he has so many sockets.  Really?  Why can't the in-between sizes of regular sockets work with the metrics?  LOL  But, I digress.

When Hubs and I first got married, he was complaining about my lack of a butter dish.  He did start the conversation with "Wow, you sure have a lot of kitchen tools.  But, I'm impressed, you do use them all!"  I explained that I 'used' to own one, but threw it away because everyone would just put a new stick of butter on it without washing it first.  Being the germaphobe that I am, I just couldn't deal with the fussing about it every time it happened and I got rid of it.  Hubs told me he wanted me to buy one.  I go to see my Longaberger consultant and explain my need for a butter dish.  Well, I couldn't just get the butter dish.  I mean, I order the sugar bowl, creamer, serving dish, toothpick holder, salt & pepper shaker and butter dish.  :)  Go big, or go home!  A couple hundred dollars later, he is telling one of our friends about how expensive his little butter dish was.  (SIDE NOTE:  Hubs did NOT know that the dishes, etc. were all Longaberger.  The friend did, because he used to order with me.....)

Friend rats me completely out!  I will use his name now....BYRON!  Byron proceeds to tell Hubs that he doesn't see anything in our kitchen that ISN'T Longaberger.  Hubs learned his lesson, or so I thought, with the $200 butter dish.

(I went to the Longaberger site to get pics of my purchases....they are all retired!  Doesn't that make them a Collector's Item now????)
Chris Coffee Service Black Dual Boiler Espresso Vivaldi II Machine
This one is only $2634.00

So, for those of you wondering.....Longaberger does NOT make a coffee maker!  I hesitate to buy the one I showed you the pic of yesterday, because it has gotten some bad reviews.  I'm thinking I should go to the Restaurant Supply Store and buy one of the ones that is cappucino, etc. all in one and hooks directly up to your water.  I mean....Hubs has nothing better to do on his extra day off this weekend but to do some plumbing for HIS new coffee maker, right???

Off to do some more shopping.....wish me luck!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not ready to open a Starbuck's any time soon...

So, yesterday morning I wake up to grumbling sounds coming from the kitchen.  I figured it was because Hubs got up before I did, and there was no coffee waiting for him.  I go into the kitchen and find my counter covered with four different coffee pots, all in various stages of disrepair.  A few months back, we had bought a new coffee maker because ours was acting up.  We somehow burned up the heating element on it before we got the first cup out of it and Hubs had taken it to his 'workshop' because he was going to "fix" it.  It would seem the normal day-to-day coffee maker had given up the ghost and Hubs was willing to do just about anything for a cup of coffee. 

All of a sudden, this became MY problem.  Hubs was doing more than grumbling by this point and feeling the wrath of his frustration, I looked deep inside me to find something humorous in this situation--like the 5' Chicken lady.  I got nothing!  I mean where are you going to find a 5' metal statue of Juan Valdez and his mule early on a Sunday morning?  I retreated back to the computer, pulled off my orders, commented on a few FB posts and dared to head back to the kitchen.  At this point, Hubs is inconsolable.  He is ready to grab his keys and run to the mall in his slippers to find a coffee pot.

Hubs:  I just want a simple coffee maker with an on/off button that will give me a cup of coffee.

Me:  We have four.

Hubs:  Don't be a smartass....I want one that WORKS!

Me:  The day-to-day one does.

Hubs:  If you can get it to make a cup of coffee, I will kiss your ________.

OK, so now I realize that he is no Victor (from the chicken story).  He is not finding humor in the situation.  I start a pot of coffee brewing in the day-to-day one.  It's tempermental and I know how to get it going.  In the meantime....47 y.o. nephew drives to McD's (only about a mile away) and gets HIMSELF a cup of coffee.  Did he get one for Papa or the Queen Bee?  NOPE!  Is the Queen Bee ready to starch his undershorts over it?  YUP!  Having a back-up plan, I make myself a cup of tea. 

Twenty minutes later, I am done drinking my tea and venture back into the land of testerone to see if the coffee maker came through for me.  YUP!  Hubs is pouring me a cup of coffee.  Making sure nephew is not home, I gently raise the back of my robe and offer to let him "pay up". 

He is no Victor....

I went to the grocery to get away and let him cool off.  I have been commissioned to buy the coffee maker of my choosing before next weekend...or he threatens to buy one himself!  This one is $329.  Do you think it would be like the chicken story if I ordered it with HIS Visa?

I'm not going to press my luck and find out!  Do they still have $10 coffee makers?????  ROFL

Going Green Tip of the Day:  Save all of your old coffee makers so you have something to blog about!

Happiness Is:  A dog who will sigh with you when Hubs is on one of his tangents!  :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not many words....

I usually don't post on Sundays, but I took these right after the storm.  Parden the weeds and sticks.  Remember....I was out of town and am still catching up....





Go Green Tip of the Day:  Use a broom instead of a water hose to sweep your sidewalks.

Happiness is:  Klondike bars with chocolate ice cream in the middle!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I chuckled on and off all day yesterday thinking about the blog post I shared with you.  She writes a humorous column for a Houston paper and I think it is awesome that she doesn't take herself too seriously.  Going back through some of the posts, she is a real person with real problems--she battles with anxiety.  It really made me reflect....people used to tell me how funny I was all the time.  My kids are funny.  So, what happened?  I think life got in the way and I started taking everything way too seriously.  Everyone has issues they deal with on a daily basis.  How we deal with those issues really affects our happiness.  As I have been on my little hiatus, I am starting to rekindle my joy.  I know it sounds cliche, but I have been enjoying little things more.  i.e.  birds singing, smelling fresh air, running my fingers through soil.  I hope I can hold onto this happiness I am experiencing right now....

Here are the quilts I have been working on with the longarms.....I'm enjoying watching them come to life.  The Hunter's Star was hand-pieced, so I'm definitely seeing an awesome stencil in the alternate blocks.  I'm toying with whether to use varigated thread.  Part of me sees it as really *popping*, but I don't want to take away from the piecing....  what do YOU think?  BTW, these Hunter's Star blocks are 4".

The Civil War Tribute Quilt is one I have also *ahem* started. It has really kicked me in the keister to get it back out. I put it away when I started hearing the horror stories of all of the mistakes. It is a HUGE quilt, but just look how stunning hers turned out!!!

We are off to see the kids today, since we were out of town for Father's Day.  I can only imagine what kind of surprise they have going....wish me luck!


Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, both longarms have been humming, Princess Dog has been given a bath, some hoeing has been done in the garden, and hopefully tonight, the sewing machine will get to do a little purring!  A friend sent me a link to a blog that had me absolutely laughing hysterically.  I will warn you, the language isn't what I would use, but it was truly funny.  The pic below is a teaser for what it is about.

If you are interested in reading the blog post, it is below.  Again, the language is strong...

I do love her front doors, though! 

SIDE NOTE:  Her site is being overwhelmed with hits, so you will have to try later to get on.  The server can't keep up with it!  LOL
Until tomorrow.....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primitive Lovers

I am helping out with a new Yahoo! group that is for Primitive lovers.  This is the quilt on the home page.  It was done by one of the other moderators.  There was 'another' prim group, but without posting once a week AND showing pics of your work, you were banned without discussion.  This group is not hard and fast like that.  <>

Plans for the group include Bingo, Challenges and other activities.  The ladies share about their quilting projects and life happenings.  It is a new group, so I am sure it will evolve.  If you would like to join, simply click on this link:

See you tomorrow!  :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I came home to.....

Well, evidently the weather was great while we were gone.  We got enough rain to really help those weeds of mine out!  :)  This is the Clematis by the back terrace.  Last year it was a dark purple.  I don't remember, but I think that means I need to put more nitrogen in my soil.

One of my fucshia plants.  I love fucshia, and so do the hummers!  :)

These are my Red Hot Pokers.  I don't know why they fascinate me so... 

 One of the rose bushes that came with our house.

Another of the roses.  By the way, it looks like all of the ones I moved out to the garden are going to live!  So, I bit the bullet and mulched them before we left on our trip.

And, Shasta Daisies.  You have to be careful where you plant these.  They may only grow about a foot or so in height, but they spread like wildfire.  If you are into a more formal garden, which I am not, they would be highly invasive.  I like them because they aren't the standard pink and purple that seem to dominate flower gardens.

Well, I'm back off to the longarms.  Hope life is filling your day full of sunshine and flowers!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home....

Cancun was a wonderful trip!  It was supposed to thunderstorm the entire time we were there, but we had sunshine....beautiful sunshine!  (until the day we left, but that story is for later....)

We were greeted at the resort with a glass of champagne and a cool towel for our brow.  It was a great indication of how our entire trip would unfold.  This was our private pool, not to be confused with the other seven pools in the resort.  One pool had a swim-up bar with the best bartender I have ever met.  He was a great showman and entertained us all day!

This is hubs and I all ready to go on our complimentary sailing trip.  Our guide knew we were scuba divers, so he took us to see some of the more pristine waters and dive sites, one of which was a shrimping boat lost during last year's huricane. 

This is one of the little tiki huts.  They were everywhere in the resort.  Some had the little loungers, some had hammocks and some had hanging 'beds'.  It was a great place for me to sit and read.  Little resort workers showed up every ten to fifteen minutes offering to bring us drinks or food.  I fell in love with a non-alcoholic drink that was kind of like a smoothie and meant for re-hydration from the sun. On the table is a little beach bag I made for our travelling partners.  Hubs got all of the guys a cigar, and I made the ladies beach bags with their names embroidered on them.  I filled them with a few goodies for the pool and beach.

These little fellas were everywhere.  Took a few pics for Army Son, the animal lover.  They ranged in size from a couple feet to three feet.  Unfortunately, they weren't afraid of us!  :)  One of the ladies with us thought it was a statue and reached down, only to find out otherwise.  After we scraped her off the roof, we tarried on.  In her defense, there were metal sculptures everywhere of animals and people.....

Ahhh....the beach.  The pic says it all.  In the distance, you can see the island of Cancun.  We were actually on Mujeres.  Our resort was Playa de Mujeres.  I would highly recommend it.  EVERYTHING was included....all of our meals, drinks, sailing, and many other activities.  Our room came with a stocked refrigerator, which was re-stocked daily when they cleaned the room.  There were full bottles of alcohol in the cabinet above, which were also stocked daily if you chose to partake.  We did not.  Turn down service every evening included pastries, chocolates and more......

The only 'snags' in our trip happened the last day.  There was a Tropical Depression (one step down from a hurricane).  The streets of Cancun flooded and getting to the airport was an adventure through a not-so-great part of town.  The fuel light started blinking, but our chauffeur wanted no part of stopping for petrol.  Hubs offered to buy the petrol if he would just pull over.  Another one of our people was sitting up front with him and begged him to stop for petrol....but to no avail.  Alas, we ran out of petrol!  We waited for another bus and were still at the airport in plenty of time.  But, no.....US Airways computers were down for four hours, delaying flights.  Our flight to Charlotte was delayed.  We got to Charlotte only in time to wave good-bye to our plane as it left for Columbus.  The next flight to Columbus was fully booked and we were placed on standby.  Hubs, in his oh-so-subtle, Italian-tempered, smooth-talking....oh, you get the picture....we were the ones who got the seats of the other poor people who were late for THEIR flight to Columbus!  So, at 3:30 AM, we arrive safely in our driveway....

It was a beautiful trip with an incredible man.  He did an awesome job making the arrangements.  So, I now have to overlook the fire that was in my eyes as he was having his discussion with the poor fella at the boarding gate.  :)  LOLOLOL

We are home and I am back my blogging friends.  All rested and off to work on my quilting and gardening!  If only I can get rid of the nausea........

Monday, June 06, 2011

World Environment Day!

hand.earthJune 5th was World Environment Day!

The WED initiative was started back in 1972 by the United Nations and has grown into an annual global event. The goal is to be the most widely celebrated day for positive environmental action. Hundreds of thousands of people from countries all around the world participate in World Environment Day! For more information:

So, what kinds of things do you do to "Go Green"?  Did you know the some of the biggest sources of energy consumption come from your 'everyday' items around the house?  Gaming systems (i.e. Wii, Playstation, XBox) constantly pull energy even when they are turned off.  Anything that is a charger (i.e. phone chargers, camera chargers, battery chargers) are also big culprits.

Here are a few of the things I do to "Go Green":
  • When not in use, all of the above items are unplugged
  • Microwave, Coffee Maker, Coffee Grinder, Mixer, etc. electrical items are also unplugged when not in use.  (Drives the hubby C r A z Y because the clocks on them are always flashing...)
  • Computers, printers, faxes, scanners are unplugged when not in use.  (So are the sewing machines, longarms, embroidery machine.)
  • I even sneak and turn off all of the cable boxes and televisions at the outlet during the day...not like I get time to watch them!  :)
  • Our clothes are hung on a clothesline to dry, when possible, rather than using the dryer.
  • Batting scraps are recycled for use with the swiffer, dusting, or buffing the cars.
  • No aerosol cans here.  I even make my own liquid starch!
  • Recycled items are taken to the recycling center once a month.  We used to recycle with our waste company, but we caught them just heaving them into the back of the truck with the rest of the trash!
  • We try to do as much as possible paperless.  We do online billpay (making sure to change our passwords on the first of the month).  We call junk magazines and flyers and take our names off the mailing list.  We have as many bills as possible come via e-mail.
  • We are growing our own vegetable garden and will can (or "put up" as we say in WV) our vegetables.
  • We collect water from the downspouts to water outdoor plants.
These are just a few of the things we do.  How about YOU?  Any great ideas for me?  Not only will you feel better about decreasing your 'carbon footprint', but you will save MONEY!  :)


Thursday, June 02, 2011



We are having a fabric sale over at the website.

All 45" fabrics are $6 per yard with a one yard minimum cut.  Fabrics in the sale bin for less will be sold at the lesser price.  Prices will be changed before we hit your credit card.

With over 5,000 bolts to choose from ranging from batiks to Jo Morton, there is something for everyone!  :)

Promise I will get back to regular quilty blogs later this week.....


Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The 'girls' have been busy!  This time, both girls are working on custom quilts!  They have been keeping me in the studio with them, which hasn't allowed for much blogging.

We did have a great holiday weekend.  Got a lot done around the house outside, finally!  Then, we had a cookout on Sunday and got to see half of our crew.  :)  My brother, sister-in-law and their ornery son, Riley were over.  Let's just brother was the ornery one when we were growing up....and my Mother's predictions are for sure going to come true!  (Remember the Mother's Day comment....I hope your child is just like you....well, Riley is the cutest kind of ornery you could ever see.  His Momma can't get mad at him--he just bats those long eyelashes over those baby blue eyes, and we all melt.

On a sadder note.  This is a pic of a friend from high school's dad.  He is the missing pilot in Georgia.  He is a well-loved, pillar of the community.  Please, please, please pray that they find him and the three others in the plane with him, and that they are all OK.  Well, that's all for now......have a blessed day!