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Monday, February 28, 2011

Adjusting to our new schedule....

Well, to say our weekend was busy...well that's just an understatement.  Move-in day is over, and we now have two 20-somethings living with us.  With one of these being our youngest, we have yet to feel the joys or pains of an empty nest.  I'm not complaining.  I miss having a house full of kids--worrying about getting everyone to baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.  Since, in my infinite wisdom, I donated all of our extra linens to charity, I had to run to Kohl's and buy sheets for two beds that we never thought would be used again, as well as a few other incidentals to get us by.

I have slain the paperwork dragon and he has been defeated.  Filing is 90% done and all of the new files for 2011 have been created.  Taxes are off to the accountant, who has been waiting patiently while she gets everything ready for the actual documentation.

The boys were up fixing their lunches, showering and drinking all of my beloved coffee to leave by 6:30 this morning, and I was so tickled.  They start school today, and I am just THRILLED!  I have to be on the other side of the world by noon today to look at a horse farm the hubs already has his mind on buying.  Realtor e-mailed this morning and wondered what time she should meet HIM.  Oh, I don't think so.....I'm coming, too!  The last thing I need him doing is buying this farm, making me live like an Amish woman, just so he can have land and a big barn!  I will pick YOU up, Ms. Realtor...and we will BOTH meet hubs.  So there!  ROFL

So, nothing new today, but I do have a few older ones to show you....

 First, we have Evergreen Pinwheels.  This is a Thimbleberries pattern (I still have some).  Now that I love scrappy so much, I can just envision these pinwheels and trees being scrappier.
This one is called Scandinavian Hearts and Pines.  Love this pattern.  This is where I got the idea for the Checkered Hearts Topper I showed you before.  At least you can see the quilting on this one.

These are both throw-size and have flannel on the back.  I love flannel/homespun on the back of quilts.  It makes them soooo cozy!  And, isn't hubs just a dear for holding them up for us before he went to work?  :)

If you order either of these patterns through my website, just mention the blog and I will sell them to you for $7 each.

Did you have crazy weather last night?  We are under a flood advisory, and apparently while we were sleeping, there were tornado warnings!  I love sleeping during a good thunderstorm, but now I have more limbs to clean up out of the yard!

How was YOUR weekend?  I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will it ever stop snowing?

I'm beginning to think I moved to the North Pole and no one told me.  I sure hope this cold, snowy winter has killed off a bunch of the bugs and we will have a delightful Spring and LOOOONG Summer!

Trying to pep myself up, I was rooting through Quilt Mountain and stumbled on these....

First up is an Apple Runner.  This was a fun one and I have also used it on top of one of our blanket chests.

 I know it's not April yet, but if you get started can have this one done!  Rick Rack makes for playful whiskers on the bunnies.  This is another Joined at the Hip project.  It would be fun to make one with just flowers and a picket fence across the bottom. I don't have enough projects going that I have to think up MORE!  LOL
 I added this one in, because it bears fond memories.  A long time ago I was in a Kansas Troubles group.  We did a table topper swap and this was my gift from Jan Brax.  Jan used to do some of the piecing for Lynne H at Kansas Troubles.  I think this was one of the first charm packs Moda came out with.  But again, what a fun way to use up scraps!  Jan even labelled the back and cut the selvedge off of one of the bolts so I would remember which fabric line it was from.  Wasn't that sweet?
So, do you label your quilts?  Do you do anything special when they are done?  I preach to every quilter I see that they should label their quilts.  Shhhhh......don't tell anyone, but I don't label very many.  Whoopsie!

Until tomorrow.....


Friday, February 25, 2011

You Scrap Me Up!

I have mentioned the book a few times, but it bears mentioning again.  Bits and Pieces (Martingale) has a lot of great small quilts to use up those scraps you have laying around.  This first quilt was an Americana quilt.  The fabrics we used weren't what I would have chosen, but we were trying to sell some fabric we inherited when we bought out another shop.

 This was a pinwheel quilt from a Thimbleberries book that is now out of print.  The book was Pint Size Traditions.  There were a lot of good patterns in the book for wallhangings, table runners, etc.  The fabric line was a Hoffman floral line...back in the good ole days when they did more florals.

I love the name of this quilt.  It is also in the book Bits and Pieces.  The quilt is called Waste Not, Want Not.  How appropriate!

Tons of work today, so I can't dilly dally and bore you to tears....maybe tomorrow.  How do you use up your stash?  How do you store those little pieces you just can't bear to part with?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comfort Zone

Occasionally, you step out of your comfort zone and make something a little crazy for your tastes.  In an effort to provide variety, I ordered a fabric line called Climbing Lanterns from Michael Miller.  When I opened the fabric, I wondered "What have I done?  I am never going to sell this!"  I pulled up the free pattern online and *gasp* I had to freehand the tree!  To make a long story short, I muttled through and ended up loving some of the fabrics in this line.  (*NOTE*  I did say some.)  When I finished, I was proud that I didn't let it end up as a UFO and kind of liked it.  The more I looked at it, the more it grew on me.

Will this ever hang in my house?  Probably not.  It doesn't match a thing I have.  It will remain rolled up in Quilt Mountain (remember, the special place at my home) until it is the perfect gift for someone.  I wish you could see the echo is really pretty from behind.

When you step out of your comfort zone, do you make yourself tarry on?  Do you end up with a UFO?  I wonder whatever I will do with the scraps.....there were almost enough squares left to make a second, and I almost made a second for the back...but I would have had to cut more strips and had even MORE scraps!  LOL


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Penny for your Thoughts!

I've already shared a few, so I won't bore you with them again...but today I thought I would share some penny rugs.  I don't know about you, but I have really gotten into the wool and penny rugs...even mixing wool applique with regular cottons on my quilts.  Recently, I donated some very nice wool suits to charity and it was all I could do not to save some to cut up to use with my quilting.  Gratefully, the charity won.

This first penny rug was either in American Patchwork & Quilting or Fons & Porter...I can't remember.  I had it out at Christmas, but it wouldn't have to be just for Christmas....

 Next, we have a shop favorite....quilters are cat lovers.  If you can't have the hairy beasts, you may as well have the wool one!  This is called Penny Paws.  I'm temporarily out of the patterns, so if you need one, just shoot me an e-mail.  I need to order one for high school friend...we are going to make these into individual blocks and then into another wallhanging for Joanie.
 This is my primitive bunny runner.  It was in a Joined at the Hip book (we still have, if you are interested).  I took liberties with the colors and am glad I did.  Those flowers now look like Easter eggs!  The skinny border is a wild-looking yarn.  Of course, embelishing with buttons!  : ()
(Don't mind my tile was the only way I could get these colors to show up.)  This is Primitive Pennies.  Just love this and the colors.  It is a great way to use up scrap pieces of wool.

Do you make penny rugs?  How do you like using wool in your applique?  Do you find it easier to use?  I would love to hear from you!



Here is a link to some of these awesome patterns!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

High School Friend is now home....

We had a great time, but she has to get back to work...and so do I.  Took her home last night and I'm just happy that I made it home in one piece!  Snow, sleet and ice made for over 2 hours of white knuckle driving.  No kidding, when the sleet turned to snow, the snowflakes looked like dollar bills!  They were HUGE and made it a complete white out.  I have never seen that many people in the ditch...people who had gone flying by me minutes before.  I'm just sayin....

I needed to pick a project for high school friend that was quick enough for her to completely finish before she left.  She wanted to make something for her Dad's significant other.  Dad's friend loves her cats and recently lost her favorite cat.  HS Friend brought a picture of the cat....we blew it up and made a quick wallhanging.  Here it is!

 Here is a larger photo of just the quilt.  She did all the piecing, all the quilting and all of the binding.  Next time, we will learn the cutting and more integral parts of quilting.  We just wanted to see if she enjoyed doing it first.

 See that beautiful smile.  Well, really she was using a little of a salty mouth with me because I wanted to take her pic.  Something about revenge....but, you will pic of me.  *tee hee hee*
We are already planning our next big adventure.  More good news....there are more friends from high school who are ready to have a play date with us once I finally get moved!  :)  I love getting others hooked.

On a side note, her Dad's significant other did loan her a scrappy squares top for me to show her how the longarm worked.  I think they paid $2 for it at an auction.  I got it quilted for her, and now that she knows how to bind, she can finish it up and have a little momento of our weekend.  So, she left with a quilt for her and a quilt for Joanie!

Well...I must go catch up on my longarming.  Stay safe!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Day at the Antique Mall!

High School friend that is here visiting loves antiques.  We decided to skip the first day of sewing and go over to one of the local antique malls.  We have the largest antique mall in our state right here in our little town.  I had hinted to hubs that there was an antique iron baby bed I wanted for Valentine's Day.  He didn't quite catch on, so I've pretty much been sulking all week thinking I had to make that bed mine!  Well, what do you was still there!  (With this antique mall being right on the interstate, if you want something, you need to grab it then....)  Hubs had the nerve to ask what I was going to do with a baby bed!  As if that question warranted any explanation from myself, I gave him a dumbfounded look and said...."to display my little quilts...hellll---ooooo"  I sauntered to the next booth knowing the he and high school friend were 'secretly' telling the antique cart valet to haul my bed to the front of the store.  *wink wink*

 Hubs has to sandblast it to clean it up (not sure that I am going to let him...I kinda like the way it looks), but I am going to get some brass cleaner for the knobs on top.  Hubs and friend think this was probably a hospital bed because of the height.  All I know is I can already fill er up with my little quilts.....
My next find of the day was this little toy machine.  The prices of these machines have doubled and I got this one for a pretty good price.  She will decorate my sewing room with my antique spools.  I bought two more antique spools that I will use for candle holders.  I just love burning a candle while I am sewing!

This was what we did Saturday....didn't get the pics taken until this morning because we have been busy girls.  What did YOU do this weekend?  Anything quilty??


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing Hide and Seek!

When you were younger did you enjoy the game Hide and Seek?  I did just depended on who I was playing with or where!  If you play in West Virginia (where my family is from), you are playing in barns, trees and all over the mountain.  Pretty much you could NEVER find anyone....especially my cousins who lived there and created all these great hiding places while I was back home in my corner of the world.

Do your quilts ever play Hide and Seek?  As I have been scrolling through the pics I have been uploading, I have been having panic attacks about where some of my quilts are.  So, with high school friend here this weekend, as she has her own little quilt show, we have been organizing just a bit by season or theme.  Out of nowhere came three little wallhangings--OK, so not out of nowhere, but certainly not some place where I would store one of my quilts--must have been our missing child "Not Me".  ROFL

 This first one is another from the book Bits and Pieces.  I think we made about ninety percent of the quilts in this book.  They are a great way to use up the scraps, that's for sure.  This one is just a great way to show off some fun buttons.  It is called Box of Chocolates
 Our little penguin wallhanging was paper-pieced.  I hesitate to post this one, because I know we are all sick of snow and ice in the Midwest!
This one is called Trick or Treat by Joined at the Hip.  You really can't get a feel for just how neon the green is that we used here because it is laying on a light carpet background, but trust me--this one glows in the dark!

You will notice that all three look a little wrinkly/wonky.  This is because of where they were hiding.  Now that I have 'seeked' them out, they will join their friends on Quilt Mountain.  It is a special place here at our house...where quilts gather as friends and figure out who gets to mess with my mind next!

Hope your weekend was as special as mine.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is bigger always better?

When it comes to a quilt for our house, the answer is YES!  We have two king-sized beds, so I always end up enlarging patterns.  Thus, the UFOs....

This first quilt is called Casablanca.  It is a Miss Rosie pattern.  The pattern didn't have the borders, we added those on.  I custom quitled this quilt with feathers in the borders, stitch in the ditch and diagonal lines. 
 The next quilt is called Paint Box Stars by Thimbleberries.  Anyone who knows much about TB, knows that they are primarily darker colors and you either love them---or hate them.  I had been getting flack about having a lot of TB in the shop, and decided to switch things up a bit.  This was a really bright line I had gotten in from Hoffman.  We did this up as bright as possible just to show that even if you don't like someone's fabric choices, there are still possibilities.  I think we hit the mark.  Lots of compliments on this one hanging in the shop over the years.
Once the flimsies started piling up at the shop, I had to 'allow' myself to start doing allovers on some of my quilts.  For a long time, if it was mine, it got custom quilted.  I could just see my Grandma looking down at me giving me grief for machine quilting, and I knew that I had to quilt them like I would if I were hand quilting.  I finally resolved myself to the fact that when electric sewing machines came out, the treadle got shoved to the side to make room for her new machine.  If she had been alive when I had a longarm, she would have kept me busy all by her lonesome!  So, this one is done with an allover of butterflies.  I just love how it turned out.  What you can't see is that a few of the fabrics also have butterflies.  There are lots of leaves, flowers, ferns, etc., so the butterflies are more than appropriate!

Well, I must go fix breakfast.  A friend from high school is spending the weekend and she wants me to teach her to quilt.  She is excited to learn, and I am excited to teach.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Mysterious Me.....

One Friday night per month, we would do a Midnight Mystery.  I designed a lot of the patterns, but when I got in a time crunch, we would use commercial patterns.  One of the books we used was buy local author, Rita Fishel, called Mystery Quilts (appropriately enough).  Here are a couple of those quilts.....

Quilt #1 is made with a reproduction line called Apron Strings by Andover.  It is nice, bright and cheery.  I'm not always a fan of 30s repros, but this kind works for me.  Can't you just see this on a bed with a vase of daisies on the side table?  Scrumptuous!

This one is made with a line by Renee Neneman called Blossom Lane.  There are several colorways of this line, and I wanted to use the green border, so I ended up with the lavendar.  The pale blue colorway was calling my name, but I ended up here!  There were also some great little checks, so I see a checked valance in my future.  The book actually had this one done in red-white-blue.

The great thing about our Mysteries was that we always chose patterns that if the customers liked them, they could always make more blocks to make them bigger.  These tops were completed in one evening, so they go together pretty quickly.  There are a few more quilts from this same book in my earlier posts.

Til tomorrow....


Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's all KIM'S fault!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!  A few days ago, Kim, who is the thrift store queen, found the most adoreable watermelon pitcher on one of her jaunts.  Her timing was impeccable!  I had just quilted, and was ready to bind, a quilt that has watermelon colors.  It has a matching wallhanging that is appliqued slices of watermelon.  (Not quilted yet...but I'm getting to it.)  Literally the same day I was contemplating summer decorating and this quilt/wallhanging, Kim posts this pic to her blog.  I just had to have one!  After a little googling, I found one similar.  Not as cute, but still cute.  I might also add that I found a matching bowl, shaped like a carved watermelon with a cute spoon that may have found its way into my shopping cart...but it hasn't arrived yet.  So, without further adieu, I present to pitcher!

 Below is the quilt it will coordinate with.  I will show you the wallhanging once I get it quilted.  I must confess that the wallhanging has now moved up the list as far as UFOs to complete!  This is going to be adoreable!
The quilt was on the list of flimsies to quilt, so I get to cross another one off the list.  You know what that means---WOO HOO!

Contestant #1s family used to call me Martha Stewart.  I'm not that bad.  I just have time now!

I'm so excited to put another quilt on the finished list.  The name of this quilt is Whirl and Twirl, and it is a Thimbleberries pattern from the book Picnic Quilts.

I also need to give credit to Kim-----her blog is listed on the right "Kim's Big Quilting Adventure".  I will warn you....don't go there unless you have the willpower to resist the urge to become a thrifter.  She has gotten me more than once!  She finds the best stuff....
Blessings....I'm off to enjoy this wonderful weather!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have another finish....BUT you can't see it until tomorrow!  :)  I'll explain it all then.  Until then, you will just have to be satisfied with some pics of some more totes...and if you are especially good, I'll show you a pic of the 'girls'.

 This first one is called Hip Chick Bag by Whimsicals.  This is one of my personal favorites.  You can barely see the little line across the cream colored fabric...that is a cell phone pocket!  This one is too cute for words!
 When this pattern came in, we just had to make it because of the name--Hotsy Totsy Bag.  Don't you just love it!!!
 This is one we designed.  It is called Off to a Picnic Tote.  The outside pockets are to put your silverware, etc. in.  This would also make the greatest diaper bag.
 Kimmie's Two-Way Tote is a great charm pack project.  The pattern is done in very country fabrics, but this one just screams SPRING!  (I would just love to go to my back terrace and see buds on the trees instead of the inches of ice that are STILL there!)
Dualing Longarms.  This is the 'girls'.  Gammie is on your left.  I do all of the custom work on her.  Gabbie is on your right.  She is the computer-driven machine.  She is mostly for allovers, but I occasionally put a custom on to do the alternate blocks.

And that's it for today....make sure you come back tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day is over...time to move on to St. Patrick's Day!  Are you Irish?  Or...are you Irish just one day per year?  :)  Hubs is 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Italian.  His grandfather immigrated from Italy as a teen.  His maternal grandparents immigrated around the same time...  (First, we should take this commercial break to feel MY pain...a husband with both an Irish AND Italian temper...)  anyhoo, I think it is great that we embrace the culture that is Irish, at least once per year.  What do you think of when you think Irish?  Shamrocks, Leprachans, Beer Pints?  For me, it is just the color G R E E N ! ! !  Green is my favorite color.  It is so soothing to me, and I am sure it is related to my love of gardening.

Customer K brought me this quilt to do that was many shades of green.  Since she picked it up on Saturday, I can now share it with you! 

This is the design I quilted in all of the alternate blocks and the 4 outer cornerstones.  I also stitched in the ditch around all of the alternate blocks.

All of the green blocks got an X.  X Marks the spot!

I tried to do these last two pics a little larger, so you could see the quilting a little better.  It truly turned out beautifully, and of course, hubs wants a two-color quilt now.  He is as bad as we are.  "Oh, is that one for us?"    Me--No.  Him...."Well you should make us one like that!"   Ugh!

Happy that he is still enthusiastic about "our" hobby!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's on YOUR bed?

This is the quilt on MY bed.  One thing that I consider an advantage for all of us who are machine quilters is that we can USE our quilts.  Machine quilting holds up very well when you wash a quilt to death.  Hand quilting requires a little more 'care'.

I don't remember if I have posted this quilt or not, so forgive me if I have.  This is another shop hop quilt.  We were each assigned a block.  We were then to take the block and a fat eighth from each of the shop's fabrics and design a quilt.  This is my design.  Originally, I was going to make the shop in the shape that you see with the background fabrics.  If only I could show you the quilting.  I used a varigated thread that actually had all of the colors from the blocks.  I did ferns in the setting triangles and outer borders.  I am just tickled how it turned out!  (This pic is before the quilting.)  I also should mention that I used Quilter's Dream Angel for the batting.  Dream Angel has the feel of 100% cotton, but is flame-retardant.  The flame-retardant factor did not come into play when choosing my batting....I just love the feel!!!

Until tomorrow.....I'll be snuggling under this beauty!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Finish!

This quilt was a shop hop quilt designed by another shop.  For this particular shop hop, hoppers received project patterns rather than blocks.  There were only 5 shops, but at the end, hoppers had 12 projects!  The shop that designed this quilt did it with a blue background and yellow make it a Sunflower.  I wanted to do ours in other colors so our quilt wouldn't look the same as everyone else's.  After I finished it, hubs looks at it and says.....wouldn't that be great in yellows?  Argh!

This was my first attempt at thread painting and I was not happy with how it turned out.  I got lots of compliments, but I was not impressed.  :(  Somewhere along the line, I lost the teal fabric used in the inner border...I had saved a piece out to use for binding.  I'm sure that now that it is done, I will find it.  But, such is life!

How do you store your quilts while they are waiting to be quilted?  I usually will hang the quilt and backing on a suit hanger.  Backing goes on the slacks portion.  Then, I make the binding and put it in a bag over the hanger hook portion.  This keeps everything together.  It didn't happen here because we hung the quilt for the shop hop and the binding ran off like a scalded dog!

Til tomorrow....


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still going?

Yesterday, we started the purses/totes.  Today, we will continue on....

Our first bag was a favorite at the shop.  A charm pack or two and some wool....well, just take a look!

This is called My Favorite Sewing Bag by Kansas Troubles.  Let me describe the inside for you.  The "patched" piece comes out, and if you flip it over, it is an ironing mat.  There is a large pocket behind it.  The ribbon across the center is to string floss or thread on to hold it in place.  There is a pincushion, a needlecase and a scissor fob with another ribbon to tie your scissors in place.  This one is great for traveling and taking hand work with you.

Next, we have a quickie from Quilts and More magazine.  Don't you just love these batiks?

Next, we have All Tied Up by Artful Offerings.  We got these coordinating polka dots and stripes in from RJR in several colorways.  They are too much fun!
Next, is our cute little Quilt Diva bag.  I forget the name...sorry!

This is our Texture Magic Tote.  Texture Magic is like 'shrinky dinks'.  You stitch your pattern, then steam it and it shrivels up.  (You will want to make your pieces, shrink, then cut them to size).

For the rest of the month of February, if you purchase a purse/bag pattern from our website, I will give you 20% off!  Just mention the blog and I will take the discount off before I hit your card.  Just go to the website:

Click on "Online Catalog"
Click on "Books/Patterns"
Click on "Purses/Totes/Sweatshirts, Etc."
and you are all set!


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Going Somewhere?

First, allow me to apologize for posting so late this morning.  Prodigal Son didn't get here until 2am.  Roads were bad with all of this snow and I stayed up fretting his travels.  Made for a very groggy morning!  I've started the coffee IV, so we can get back to our post!  :)

Today will be purse/tote day.  One thing I do love to do is use those great border prints to get the look of some of the designer bags!

Our first tote(s) are designed by me!  They are called Glory Totes and were designed as a Shop Hop Project.  Quilt-as-you-go techniques made these go together very quickly!  I liked the Jo Morton star print so much, I made one for fall and one for Fourth of July.

Bottom one is a little crunched up, but you get the picture.  We also used two different handle techniques.

Now, I will confess that I am not a big bag maker and the girls have pretty much made the rest of the bags on this post!  Bless our little bag queen, Janet, she has made most of them.

Next, we have a Thimbleberries bag.  This bag ended up being so huge, that we thought it would be good to take to classes or guild meetings.  This will seriously hold a quilt!
Next, we have the Eco Market Tote.  This bag helps you "Go Green".  If you are going to carry around a reusable shopping bag, it might as well be cute, right?  The Jinny Beyer border print on this one is a personal fave!

Well, I don't know if it is lack of coffee or Blogger, but I am having problems uploading pics.  I am going to re-boot (BOTH!)  LOL.  I will continue on with our purses/totes tomorrow.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Today, you get a new job!  Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to keep me motivated and going on these UFOs!  We were discussing UFOs on a Yahoo! group that I am on, and how much I've been trying to get done since the shop closed.  One of the ladies asked me what I was going to do when I get all caught up.  Seriously?  Is there such a place where you get all caught up?  Even with the two longarms (I'm still longarming for customers), I don't think I will ever reach that eutopia known as all done.  I honestly don't think I want to!  How fun is that?  However, I decided that since I am such a listmaker, I would make a list.....just of the quilts that are ready to be as not to really stress myself out....  I mean, really, how bad could it be?

Hold onto your girdle, Myrtle......I have 94 tops that are mine that need quilted!  We don't even want to make a list of what is started that is not finished.  We don't even want to make a list of the 'kits' I have made myself that are all still perfectly packed.  Now, before you judge me....allow me to explain for some of you who do not know me personally.

For the last eight years, I have had a quilt shop.  In October, we lost our lease and were looking to purchase a new building.  Hubs got word that we need to transfer because of his job...and now we are moving us, too!  Don't know about the shop re-opening....not ready to think about that until we get all moved.  But, I digress...  When you have a shop, you are always making new samples.  Samples for new product patterns....  I did all the longarming at the shop (thus the two longarms), so not only was I responsible for all of the customer quilts, but I was responsible for all of the shop samples!  You work on a sample in class or for a class...then it is time to move on to the, you end up with a lot of UFOs.  (Yeah, once I thought it would be a great idea to make a spreadsheet of those, too.....the guilt was too much and I haven't opened it up since!)

So, here I our little 12-Step Program.  My goal is to keep working on the UFOs.  Granted, that one is obvious.....  BUT, my other goal is to get the flimsies down to 50 by the end of the year.  I know that sounds lame, but you have to understand two things.  One--I am still longarming for customers.  Two--I will still be finishing UFOs, so that number will also increase by the number of UFOs I complete.

Your job???  Keep me going.....and going....and going.....


Monday, February 07, 2011

Did you know I have a nickname?!

I have been called the Woo Hoo Quilter by my employees, family and friends for a while now.  Allow me to explain....when I finish a quilt on the longarm...Woo Hoo!  When I finish piecing a class sample...Woo Hoo!  When I finish binding...Woo Hoo!  When I call out Woo Hoo, everyone knows I finished something. 

Last night was no exception.  Poor hubs thought I was rooting for one of the teams, but I wasn't.  I yelled out Woo Hoo twice!  :)

The first wallhanging I finished was my Black Cat.  This one is about 22" x 24" and it has been quilted for a while.  Just needed bound and a hanging sleeve.  Woo Hoo!  It is done!

I used a monofilament thread for the applique.  Pretty cool fabric for the moon, huh?

My next quilt, the Shamrock Quilt, had been hanging in the shop as a flimsie.  Remember, a flimsie has not been quilted.  I got the quilting done this week--did all stitch-in-the-ditch.  It is another Joined at the Hip pattern that is quick enough to throw together, so you have something to hang for the month between Valentine's Day and getting out all of those Easter/Spring projects.  I will hang it from my Star Hanger and it is a nice, bright pick-me-up while I wait for all of this snow to go away!  Woo Hoo!
I've started longarming a little something for Easter, so I will be in the studio today to see how much I can get done!  :)  It feels really good to cross some of these UFOs off the list, no matter the size.  Once I get caught up on customer quilts, I will tackle some of those bigger quilts.  It will be nice to have some fresh projects done to decorate when we move.

Did you enjoy the game?  Did your team win?  I predicted the Steelers would win, based on their Super Bowl experience.  I'm glad the Packers won.  It was incredible to see them step up and play their hearts out.  The preview show was emotional for me.  When the girl from Glee (sorry I don't know her name) sang America the Beautiful, it really pulled some tears.  Cameras panning over the faces of those football players tearing up, praying, and just the emotion of it all.  I am glad that we have become a Patriotic nation again.  I am proud that we have re-found our American pride despite the tough times our nation is enduring. 

I feel truly blessed.  Do you?