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Monday, January 31, 2011

So, you say you wanna see a few baby quilts?

In my oh so humble opinion, baby quilts that are going to be used should be machine quilted and have a quality batting.  Face it-the little buggars drag them around on the floor, spit-up and spill so much that you need a quilt that can be washed to death and still look good!  I highly recommend Quilter's Dream Green, Quilter's Dream Puff or Quilter's Dream Angel.  The Dream Angel is flame-retardant and has the feel of 100% cotton.  It is what I use in my personal quilts now because it is so soft.  Nothing says lovin like soft, cuddly quilts!

Our first contestant is titled "Ssssssss".  He is made with half-square triangles and appliqued 3-D heads.  Ewwwww!

Our little Jessia can take credit for McCall's Quick Quilts selling out of this issue of their magazine.  I think she made somewhere between 6 and 8 of these!  She made them in multiples of 2 and she made two colorways.  One was this colorway and the other was in pastels.  Whenever we have a mutual family member/friend who needs a new baby quilt, she pieces and I quilt/bind.  This quilt is how I turned her into a quilter!  She had two pregnant sisters and wanted to make them each a baby quilt.  The rest is history....

This is our little princess quilt.  I forget the name (Dinah would know).  The focus fabric on this one is full of princesses.  It's too bad the camera plays with the color in this one.  Picture doesn't do it justice!

And for the little boy?  Space rockets and bold plaids.  Gail wasn't too fond of this pattern, but with a little encouragement, she lived to tell about it!

This was a free online pattern called "Simple Nature".  We had this fabric line in blue/brown and pink/brown.  Still have one of the pink/brown kits left.  Outer square in a squares were pieced, but the part in the center that looks pieced is really a border print.  This is a snuggly one and we quilted it with the same little animals that are in the blocks!

Baby Day is over for now.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a little Springtime?


Sunday, January 30, 2011

...and today, we will be celebrating Fall!

The center of this was a panel called Haunted Hollow.  The scrappy borders made this too cute.  I'm not usually a panel person or into the witches, bats and ghosts of it all, but I do like this one.
I love pumpkins, so I will just warn you now!  This was a bonus project for Thimbleberries club and there was a similar version of it in a Thimbleberries book called "Quilting for Harvest".

Punkins, Punkins, Punkins O My is one of our designs.  I've sold two of these done with different fabrics (actually, hubs sold them).  This one is MINE!

Shades of Autumn has raggedy appliqued leaves and acorns.  The quilting has leaves in the cream border and ferns in the outer border.  This one is actually quite large.  I think it is a twin-size.
This is our raggedy edge table topper to match!  This pattern is called Table Treats.  The pattern has four different toppers...for all four seasons.

Originally, this is called "Fall Reversible" by Primitive Pieces by Lynda.  Prodigal Son's friend, Jake, is holding quilts for pics and made me re-name it "Jake's Jack O'Lantern".  So, there you go!  :)

McGuffey by Miss Rosie uses charm packs.  This is a bright one!

Pumpkins Go Round by Thimbleberries is another one of those patterns where you can switch out the pumpkin applique for something pertaining to another holiday (i.e. Holly leaves for Christmas) and you have a completely different look.

I honestly can't remember the name of this one.  It was a mystery we did years ago and Lynne from Kansas Troubles let us use it.  This is another from the "quilt me" pile!

Well, that's it for today.  Until tomorrow....blessings!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today...let's talk Christmas!

Most of these are oooooollllllder. So bear with me.  This one is called Countryside Wreath by Thimbleberries.

Christmas Bowtie Runner by Kansas Troubles.  The cool thing about this one is that you make four-patches and raggedy applique on the bowtie knots.  Gave a BUNCH of these away for Christmas and I still have two left.  This one with the red border and another with the green border.

Gather Round Table Topper.  I made this one in different seasonal themes, also.  We sold this one before I realized we had also sold out of the discontinued patterns.  <>  I would love to make a new one, but such it is....

Deck the Halls wall quilt.  The prairie points around the outer edge are 3-D and held down by buttons.

Oh, sure, this pattern is called Merry Halloween, but these fabrics are far from Halloween!  I made this Christmas throw with a flannel back and it is a personal favorite when I snuggle up on the couch.  This is a great pattern for cool focus fabrics as the alternate blocks.  It is a great size for a baby.  Can't you just picture it in pastels??

Paper-pieced Santa with buttons for his beard.  Log cabin blocks in the outer border were also paper-pieced.  Second Santa is also paper-pieced.  Which is your favorite?
And last, but not least for today, this is a 3-D Christmas Wreath.  The pattern called for traditional country fabrics with homespun for the wreath, but we wanted to change it up.  This wallhanging is done in batiks!  A little starch and scrunching when you drag it out for the next year, and it is good as new!  Christmas Presents to the side of it are also made with batiks.  This one is just so cheery!

Til tomorrow.....


Friday, January 28, 2011

I remember when....

I used to have time to hand quilt.  Unfortunately, my hand quilting is rusty and would need serious work before I could attempt anything like this.  I had done some hand quilting to practice before I started this one.  Some Amish friends had worked with me on my rocking stitch, and this is the product of my work.  I regret not putting a border on it, but it's a little late now!

I still try to learn something with every project.  When I did this Flying Geese Runner, it was to demonstrate how to use several different specialty rulers.  This would have been so much prettier if it were done scrappy.

My Maple Leaf Runner is long and skinny.  I have a long table in the dining room and this was made specifically for the table.  It ended up being perfect for a sofa table that I acquired later, so now I need a new long runner.

This Lavendar Hydrangea Runner was a class where we worked on mitered borders.  I had ordered a bunch of these kits from the manufacturer, and after we saw how cute they were, we wished we had ordered in the whole line.

I've made more of these Carpenter's Wheels than I want to admit.  My goal is to make these in smaller blocks and make an entire scrappy quilt of little Carpenter's Wheels. Delectable Mountains Quilt.  I have border fabric and four more trees for cornerstones, but I ran into a road block and finished.  I don't know if I like it with the borders and trees, so I just stopped.  This was going to be for my nephew for graduation.  He loves the outdoors and hunting.  He got a gift certificate and I have an unfinished quilt!  LOL  My goal is to make a decision and get this quilted before Spring.

Tomorrow, Scarlett is a pattern by Civil War Legacies.  Remember, I said green was my favorite color?  This paisley was a Jo Morton and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the box of fabric.  I had to have something made with it. 

Well, I have a busy day today in the longarm studio, so I won't bore you anymore.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

More quilts....

These are some more quilts I had uploaded to my FB page.  I know....I fattened you with "Candy" yesterday, but this is another one I display for Valentine's Day.  This is a table runner out of one of the Mostly Table Runners books.

This is another wee one from the Bits and Pieces book.  By now, I should confess that green is my favorite color.

This is from Jo's Little Women's Club.  It is called Betsy's Baskets.  I think I am going to have to put it back on the longarm and quilt a little something in the alternate blocks.  I was in such a rush to get this done for the Club meeting....

Always wanted to do a two-color quilt, but knew using just two fabrics would drive me insane.  The solution?  This scrappy number.  This is in the living room and has the yummiest toile fabric on the back.  It is beautiful on BOTH sides!

Another one from Jo's Little Women's Club.  I'm starting to get an affection for those cheddar fabrics!

Leaf Applique Quilt.  This one is made from batiks.  I originally made it to match our old couch, but since we pitched it, it didn't have a home.  A GF came over and absolutely loved it.  She had been going through some tough times personally, so this instantly became her birthday gift!  Just call me Johnny-on-the-spot!

Same GF loves bright colors.  When I saw her bedroom was orange....well, you know who ended up witht his one.  This is a great stashbuster if you want something quick.  I have another pieced that is in blues and purples.  Once I get it quilted, I will show you.  It is more my tastes.

That's it for today!  Finding time to sew a little today!  :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye "Candy"

I uploaded some pics to my FB page, and since I have them at the ready, I'll post a little eye-candy on the blog as well.  We are going for the whole Valentine's Day theme today, so endulge me, if you will.  The above table topper is one we used to teach beginning needleturn applique at the shop.

There are lots of patterns using these checkerboard hearts blocks out there.  We just made four of them and turned it into a wallhanging/table topper.

This is called Hearts Entwined Table Topper.  It is from Nancy Halvorsen's book "Love Is".  We used to make up samples in more than colorway, so they would appeal to customers with different tastes.  Below is the same table topper done in darker colors.  There was an 'incident' when cutting out the scallops.  Rather than pitching the whole thing, we just made it oval.  I personally prefer the oval one.  I loved the marble fabric we used for the background on this one and wish I could still get it!

See that light spot in the top right?  This is a warning to always keep an eye on candles....LOL.  I need to get a paper towel and an iron and get that spot off, but until then.....

This one is called Frosted Heart Table Topper by Thimbleberries.  I like the pastel colors.  This pattern combines applique and piecing to get the heart blocks.

This is called "In the Pink" table runner.  I designed it by accident.  I was making miniature versions of some blocks for one of our mysteries and didn't want to just pitch them, so I made the runner.  It has a matching throw-size quilt with the same fabric line.

This one is called Maple Hearts.  It is in the book "Bits and Pieces".  This book is great if you love doing small quilts and using up scraps.

Not such a great picture, but another Valentine's Day runner.  This one is called Queen of Hearts by Thimbleberries.  The black and white background really make the bright red hearts pop!  And, in true Appalachian Quilts style....below is it's friend.....

The background on this one is a creamy beige and I love the subtleness.

Next, we have another Thimbleberries pattern.  It was available exclusively to those doing the Thimbleberries Club, so I won't bore you with the details.

And last, but not least, a table runner that is NOT for Valentine's Day.  This one is called Waffle Time.  I love the versatility of this pattern.  You can choose different focus fabrics for the middle and really knock out a runner with any a JIFFY!  This is a very very very fast pattern to make.  I drape this one over my ugly microwave to hide it.

and with that...I will adjourn to my longarm machines. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wanna do lunch??

I absolutely love to cook.  I don't mind experimenting and trying new things.  When my parents were first married, I was in sixth grade.  Step-poppa and I got tired of eating things Mom would cook in the morning for us to warm up in the evening.  If you have ever re-heated fish, I don't need to go into details here.  We started a little game where we would open a cookbook and just let it fall open to any page.  Then, we would close our eyes and point to a recipe.  I would make it, and if the three of us (little brother) didn't like it, we would just go get a pizza!  This was so much fun.  I was allowed to make a harm, no foul....and we just would mark that one with a pencil that we wouldn't make it again.  So, now you know why I love to experiment.

In my old life, I was a Food Broker.  I represented ingredient companies and food manufacturers.  My 'job' was to sell these ingredients and foods to hospitals, restaurants, schools...and CHEFS.  Back to the experimenting.....I started trying to make recipes where I could cross-sell the ingredients and the processed foods to get CHEFS to buy them.  Did you notice that CHEFS was in all capitals???  CHEFS have big egos to go with their excellent cooking skills.  If you want a CHEFS respect, you better be a CHEF.  See where this is headed??  LOL  My bumbling and stumbling around the kitchen got better with time, and eventually CHEFS would even share recipes with me.  I have learned which ingredients complement each other and which ones clash.  I have also learned how to be a wannabe CHEF, but an excellent cook.  Not bragging...just telling you what friends and family say.

I have been asked to start putting a few recipes on my blog, so here was today's lunch - Egg Salad on Wheat Toast.

4 boiled brown eggs (yes, they are more nutritious)
1 tsp. Golden's Dry Mustard
2-3 Tbsp Hellman's Mayo
3 Tbsp Sweet and Spicy Pickles (I use Vlassic)
1 tsp. pimento
2 tsp. chopped green onions
Salt & Pepper to taste

Slice your eggs.  Incorporate your dry mustard into your mayo and then mix everything together.

The picture really doesn't do it justice.  I used a little too much mayo this time.  Just that little secret ingredient of the Dry Mustard makes this yumful.  Slicing instead of dicing the eggs just makes it a little more gourmet-looking and allows you to really taste the eggs.

Well, I need to get back to quilting.  See you soon!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Peace, Love, Joy

Have you taken down your Christmas decorations and replaced them with Valentine's Day yet?  Don't worry, I haven't either.  It is on the "to do" list for this week.  First, I had to make a quilt for the foyer.  A new fabric line came in called, appropriately enough, "Peace, Love, Joy".  There was a free pattern on the fabric company's website for a wallhanging, so without completely reading the dimensions, I jumped in to whip it up real quick.  *ahem*

My little wallhanging is 58 1/2" square!  I didn't applique the heart in the middle, because he was a lone ranger.  I made this quilt in just a few hours and do love how it came out.  Peace didn't happen due to a bad cutting day.  Joy now abounds because it is done!

The border is not pieced, it is actually a border print.  Won't this just look adoreable hanging in the foyer?  I have a red and white table runner and some heart-shaped Longaberger baskets that I will add with to make a cute little vignette.

Woo Hoo....another finish!