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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ta Da! and Goals for Next Year

I finally got the quilt bound that I have been telling you about.  Let me tell you....this has been a UFO for approx 7 years!  It has hung in both shops waiting to be quilted.  I've always had in mind to use this as a topper on my kitchen table, and now I CAN!  :)

I tried to do a close up for you of the back, but it was difficult.
There are little beads in the middles of the flowers, and I have to fix one set...they are a tad loose.  But, other than that, we can mark this one off the list!

So, have you been contemplating your goals for next year?  Notice, I did not say "resolution"??  In my opinion, a resolution is to change something or "resolve" to make something different.  I am not a big resolution person, but I am a huge goal-setter.  Whether it be in my personal, professional, financial matters, I set goals.  I've been thinking about my quilting goals for next year.  Again, I am not at all upset that I didn't finish as many of those UFOs as I set out to.  I know why it didn't happen, and it certainly was not because of lack of effort on my part.  So, my goal for next year.....finish as many UFOs as I did this year.  I was taking a shot in the dark when I set my goal last year.  I had never been unemployed or gotten to spend that much time at home, so how do you judge how much you will accomplish??  I still did a ton of longarming for customers and was more focused on what I was doing, so it wasn't bad that I snuck a few of mine on in between.  That's what I will do again in 2012.  In between customer quilts, I will just sneak a little something in of mine.

My last giveaway winner never claimed her prize, so....I will have another giveaway.  Stay tuned tomorrow for details!



Sue said...

This is a gorgeous quilt! I love the rich colors very much and the applique. Love applique.

I don't make resolutions either and I set goals all the time only to hardly ever achieve them, but I am still setting goals for the new year and that is to make many more quilts than normal. I did quite well this past year on keeping the same quilting goal, so I feel very good heading into the next one!

Hope your new year is great!


Donna said...

Very nice! Love the colors, never out of fashion or style!