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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Prodigal Son's Facebook Wall says it all for me:  Contrary to your beliefs, hard work pays off. Its about time

Yup, this is him jumping out of a plane!  Remember, his life motto is "No Regrets".
Coffee Maker Update:  Months later--->I caved!  Last night on my way home from work, I stopped and got a Cuisinart Coffee Maker.  I got tired of the threats from Hubs and having to re-start the coffee pot ten times just to get a pot.  This one has my coffee ready in the morning, and Hubs just has to be delivery man!  :)
I did happen to notice--I'm just sayin--when I was shopping for the coffee pot, that they DO sell cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, chocolate fountains and popcorn machines all in one place!  The question is where to get even BIGGER ones for the grandbabies!
Have a great day!


Sue said...

What a great photo. Though I don't know if I could take seeing my son jumping out of a plane like that. He's brave and you must be too!

I love my Cuisinart coffe machine :D

Those other machines dont' sound too bad either.

MooseStash Quilting said...

Wow, I have always want to sky dive! New coffee pot, new grand baby on way, can life get much better... :-) Congrats all the way around!