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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Definition of a Really Bad Week....

I'm still coughing like I have tuberculosis.  I'm coughing so hard it is giving me headaches.  The rain...oh, the has been monsoon season here all week, which, turns normal careful drivers into complete morons.  Yes, I used the "M" word.  I was driving to work this week, minding my own sweet business.  I was doing a few miles UNDER the speed limit, because the concrete barriers they have up in the construction zones make the road turn into a lake.  Cars are darting in and out of lanes in front of me, hydroplaning and then there are brake lights....the whole way in, I just kept thinking someone is going to cause a wreck here.  ***This should have been my clue to go home, crawl into bed and hide from the world***

Fast forward to around 1:30.  Rain is still pouring and people are still acting like there is a full moon.  I am backing, I mean creeping very slowly, out of a parking space.  I am being very cautious, honest to goodness, because the strip mall is full of people walking, who are obviously under the influence of the aforementioned full moon!  An Acura SUV, driven by someone who was obviously on his way to a fire...slams through me.  Yup--I have just been involved in a fender bender.  The wonderfully sensitive fella says to me--Good thing you were backing so slow, or my car would have gotten it even worse!  Really?  I'm standing in the torrential downpours exchanging info with him and taking pics with my Blackberry.  I text Bossman.  "I've just been in a fender bender."  He texts back "You need to go take a mandatory drug test."  Sweeeeeeeet!  My horrible week gets better!

I call hubs "I've been in a fender bender"  His FIRST response--wait for it----'HOW'S THE CAR?'  Just what a girl wants to hear.

I spend the rest of the day--still raining and making me feel lovely in between coughing stints that would blow out any high-priced girdle--on the phone with insurance companies, personnel, and the drug-testing place to schedule an appointment that had to be done within 24 hours of the 'accident'.  (I won't belabor the fact that I was at the drug testing place for an hour and a half!)

It is around 5pm.  Prodigal Son calls and asks where I am.  I tell him I have been in a fender bender and am walking out of the drug testing facility.  His first response....wait for it.....HOW'S THE CAR?

Feeling mentally wounded, I take the back way home, because there is NO WAY I am creeping back out to the highway.  I fix myself some hot tea and am sitting by the front window catching up on some work that I didn't get done because of my action-packed day.  Hubs and Prodigal Son pull into the driveway.  Do they rush into the house to check on me....maybe I've gotten an aneurysm and need to go to the ER...maybe I have broken bones....maybe I need stitches.....Nope!  They both make their way over to the car and start inspecting her for damage!!!!!   I sure as heck hope she can cook....if she is going to replace me, she better get with the house cleaning program!!!!!

Oh, and a side note--before you ask--the Cherry Challenger is fine.  She just has a scratch down the back bumper. 

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MooseStash Quilting said...

While I would have probably killed the guy who hit my Challenger, it really doesn't or shouldn't might be the right word, take presidence over people. It's a guy thing I am sure! And that comes from my experiences, in a house full of guys who, to top it off are mechanics and race car drivers! You just can't win with that combo, I've learned!

Hope "you" get to feeling better real soon!