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Sunday, October 30, 2011

De Ja Vu.....

Today's quilt will look vaguely familiar.  A few posts ago, I showed the same pattern--only from a different jelly roll.  Customer P enjoyed making the pattern so much, she made another.  This time, she used a Moda jelly roll.  I STILL don't think her hubs gets this one.  Eventually, maybe she will surprise him with one of his own.  He really likes the pattern.  **hint hint "P"**

I like this one even better than the last, but these are more my colors.  "P" says it is a quick one to whip together, so if you have a jelly roll laying around....

This is a close-up of the back.  We went with Classy Curls again.  I like this panto because it makes a nice even quilting look across the quilt.

Prodigal Son Update:  He got off the plane, fell in love with Wyoming, was offered the job....and TOOK it!  He graduates Friday.  His party is at the house Saturday....and then he loads up and leaves his Momma!  Really excited for him to start this new chapter....and now I can be really excited about going to Wyoming to see him!  I'll have to spend next Sunday baking goodies for their road trip driving out.  Don't want him to forget me.  He'll have to grab a few quilts to take with him, it can get pretty cold there!  AND, since I have blogger friends that live in adjoining states--I will always have back-up Moms if he runs into any problems!

Reptile Son Update:  Yesterday was his 25th birthday!  We are getting the family together at a restaurant closer to where they live to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Poopstick!  Oops....not supposed to tell anyone his 'other' nickname!

Momma loves her some football.  Our OSU team has had some issues this year, but last night...well, those boys played a heck of a game against Wisconsin.  It was truly a good game, no matter which team you were rooting for.  Many great plays and quite the nailbiter.  Congrats to both teams for an incredible game!

I've been working on my Red-White-Blue star quilt in between everything else.  The rows are together, and I only need to seam a couple more before it is ready for borders.  Can't wait to show it to you!

Have an awesome day!  Enjoy this crisp Fall weather.  I'm off to enjoy pancakes!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Great quilt! Do you happen to know the name of the block or who the pattern is by?

And, I don't know where these adult sons get the idea that they can go off on their own and leave their mom. Mine are doing the same thing to me. :(