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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ways to drive a Hubs c R a Z y ! ! !

My birthday is this month.  On MORE THAN ONE occasion last month, I made sure he knew what I wanted.  Last night he asks WHAT I WANT!  Ugh!  My mind starts do I handle this situation?  I was always taught that you don't 'ask' for anything and 'APPRECIATE' what you get.  If I hang on to these teachings, it could be disasterous!  The last thing I need is Hubs figuring I need something 'helpful' like a new vacuum or a new hoe to work in the garden!  It is time for serious DAMAGE CONTROL! 

Is this how THEY see me??!!

So, what's a girl to do?  He keeps asking and I know it is driving him c R a Z y !!!  I could continue to let him suffer and wonder.....  I could ask for something WAY out of our budget....  I could tell him what I really want....but what FUN would there be in that?  He has paced, jumped up and down like a banchee and BEGGED me to remind him.

Things I could ask for:
  • A diamond so big I would need a forklift to carry my hand around...
  • A new kitchen 'of my dreams'
  • My long-promised trip to Italy
  • My "outdoor room", complete with gazebo and pergola
All of these things would require a winning lottery ticket or some sort of banditry, like robbing a bank, so I need to re-think the PLAN

If I am not careful, I could end up with that $10 coffee maker....the hoe....the vacuum....or even worse...I could have to cook my own dinner, bake my own cake AND clean up the mess!  (Yes, I have heard from a friend that he is going to a surprise birthday for another 'friend' that her hubs has her convinced they are having a surprise birthday party for one of their friends.  Her hubs has told her that they will pay HER to cook all of the food.  Can you image how elated she will be once she finds out:  1) the surprise birthday was for her; 2) she did ALL of her own cooking and 3) she ISN'T getting PAID!)

Yes, my blogging friends, I am in quite a quandry!  The funny thing is......

even I don't know what I want for my birthday!!!!!


JennyD said...

Haha, my poor husband is the same way. He needs to be told, very clearly and specifically, exactly what I want for Christmas/birthdays or he starts freaking out.

I'm with you in that I was raised never to ask for/expect/demand gifts. We never did Christmas lists or anything like that. But now that I am married and understand a little more about how my husband works...

My birthday is this month and I finally took pity on him and let him know he could get me EQ7. It's adorable how thrilled he was to get that information.

moosestashquilting said...

You and I must be soul mates. My B day is this month too, and I share your pain. Being very careful will pay off in the end. I once told my hubby that I would love the carpets shampood for Christmas and I got a carpet shampooer that year. Do I really need to say how that one went over??????

Appalachian Quilts said...

Hubs was prodding the kids all weekend to find out what I want. little do they ALL know, unless someone wins the lottery, there is nothing I want! ha ha ha