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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Storms and News Stories....

Remember I told you how one of the things I love about my little house in the woods is that if you go down the hill, there is the mall?  Well, this is part of the storm damage down at our little mall.  The mall itself had trouble handling the intensity of the water and from what I understand....there is a LOT of water damage.  I have to take two blouses back, so I will see if there is a water damage sale!  LOL  (Actually, I guess that isn't very funny....)

Another topic of discussion around here lately has been the show Sister Wives.  It is a TLC show based around polygamy.  The family portrayed on the show is suing the state of Utah for the right to live how they want.  In a nutshell, Utah would base part of the criteria for prosecution on "cohabitation".  I ended up in a "spirited" debate on Facebook with a gentleman who was very adimate in his beliefs.  Now, I'm not getting into a religious or political discussion here....but here is my fear....  If we as a country decide that "cohabitation" is grounds for prosecution, I AM IN BIG TROUBLE!  Think about it....I live with FOUR MEN!  I can just see my neighbors getting a little suspicious and calling the law on me!  I had somewhat dropped this issue until yesterday.

I went out to do some clean-up in the garden.  The limbs that came out of the trees were laying my corn down, not to mention my tomatoes...cages and all.  I noticed the neighbor across the street had a tree service there cleaning up a huge tree that had fallen in his yard.  I go to the edge of the property line and ask him if they are OK and if there is anything I can do to help.  (At this time, I am secretly hoping he will say no, because even my sweat was sweating!!!!)  He asked....So, how many people actually LIVE at your house??  Uh Oh!  I'm going straight to jail!  Part of the problem here is that my Prodigal Son has had a revolving door of cars here lately because his died.  Between his car, his brother's car(s) and his dad's car that he has borrowed, he has had a total of four different cars!  And....his friends come over all the time...with all their cars....and it looks like I'm starting a used car lot.  Nephew is driving my spare car because his is sitting out there broken down.....  I need to think fast!  I change the subject real fast, and I can tell by the look on his face, he is watching that Facebook page to see when it is time to turn me in!  :-()

Now, (and please understand...I'm just doing a little kidding around here....) I could really use some Sister Wives to come and help me with all this cooking, cleaning and laundry...not to mention yard work.  But, I haven't found anyone I choose to 'date' yet, so I am stuck with the four men and no help.  I'm thinking if I can recruit some ladies....then it will look like we are all couples and the neighbors won't be so quick to judge!

So, here are the job requirements if you would like to apply:

Must be OCD.  By this I mean....all of our spices must be kept in alphabetical order.  All of our dry goods are kept in the cupboards with the labels all facing the same way, keeping like items together (i.e. vegetables, crackers, condiments).  All of our closets are arranged by color and season, only using one kind of hanger so it looks tidy.

Must love to bake.  These fellas are eating me out of house and home.  They love cookies, cakes and pies, but only if I am the one to cook them.

Must love to grocery shop.  I hate it, so you will need to pick up the slack.

Must be a quilter.  No need to embellish here!  :)

Must be strong-willed.  I need someone to fight our battles for us.  I have turned into a doormat.

Must to love to decorate.  I change out the quilts and decorations once a month to coincide with whatever is going on....

E-mail me to apply!

Have a fun, blessed day.  Don't take me too WILL be painful!  LOLOLOL


sunny said...

What a great list! It will be fun to see if you get any takers.

Appalachian Quilts said...

@Sunny: I am considering you candidate number one for the following reasons....
1) I hopped over to your blog and saw all of the incredible baking you have been doing. The fellas will LOVE you!
2) You say you want to open a B&B, and that is precisely what I feel like I am running.
3) You are a quilter.
I forgot to mention that one of the *perks* are the unlimited quilting supplies available at your disposal from my online shop! :)
Your resume has been accepted!!!!!


SJM said...

What a funny post, I loved the list. I don't watch "Sisters" so not sure about the show.
Take care!