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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Stroll Quilt

My final completion from National All About Me Day is bound and ready to show. Remember my Garden Stroll Quilt?   This is what it looked like before quilting.

This is it all quilted.  I echo-quilted the flowers....ran some straight lines through the ticking....stitched in the ditch the blocks....

Here is a close-up of the echo-quilting.  Please note who is peeking out from the back...  I'm thinking someone thinks they are cute and is becoming quite the camera hog!

Here is a pic of the back.   I had a scrap piece of batting and backing for this one, too, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

So, did YOU get anything done on our National holiday???? 

I did finally let hubs off the hook with the checkbook, although we still don't know why that bank would call us so late on a Saturday no less.....

Birthday Update:  I've determined that hubs has no intention of buying me anything!  Every time he talks about buying something lately, it is for HIM!  Last night while I was binding, he was actually talking about something else.  I think I finally understand why my Mom started buying herself presents for her birthday and Christmas.  Ugh!  Not that I want anything....but if I a 5' metal chicken....I'm pretty sure it wouldn't happen.  Stay may end up seeing what I get me!!!!!  :)  :)

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Betweens said...

Just love your gorgeous quilt and the quilting is so complimentary. I love it.