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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At last--Blogger is being "friendly"

FINALLY I can show you these two quilts.  This first one is a pinwheel quilt made for a granddaughter.  The customer chose a cute floral allover.  This is such a fun quilt, and while it is age-appropriate, it is one that can grow with the little girl.  :)

This is a close-up of the quilting.  These HSTs go all the way around the quilt. 

This next one is a scrappy red and black star quilt.  The centers of the black stars are four-patches and the centers of the cream stars are pinwheels.  Lots of HSTs here, too!

Here is a close-up of the swirl allover she chose.  I love the scrappiness of this quilt!

So, last night I am checking out the backs of my eyelids for just a brief moment.  The next thing I know, Hubs is running around all willy-nilly yelling that we need to go to the basement.  What the heck?  Huh?  What are you talking about?  (I'm still half asleep.)  About that time, I look out the bedroom window.  The rain is coming down sideways and there is so much, you can't see anything....except...........our hammock.  Our hammock is on a steel frame.  This is important to the story because the storm is LIFTING it into the air, and it appears to be ready to come straight through the bedroom window.  OK, now Hubs has my attention!

Remember I told you how much I love living in the woods?  Remember I told you how much I love my house because it is all windows?  Well, let me tell you boys and a storm like last in the woods could be construed as grossly overrated!  ROFL  As we watched limbs come down and fly all over the place like a scene from the movie Twister, I wondered what it would be like to live in a big open field!  (Still would rather be here, honestly.  There are just different worries if you live in a big open field....)

So, here is a pic of the back terrace.  Our house looks like it has been sand-blasted with leaves.  This is the scene all over our property....with the addition of many downed tree limbs.  No need to spend today, with a heat index of 115-120, cleaning it up because we are supposed to have MORE storms!  We lost power for a little while last night, but it is back and I am all happy.  Thankful for air conditioning!

Have a blessed day.  Stay safe.  Stay cool.  Rent the movie "Twister".  :)


Julie said...

Beautiful quilts and great quilting! I'm glad you survived the storm without major damage. Be safe!

Appalachian Quilts said...

I did go out in the bazillion degree weather to 'fix' what's left of my garden. The limbs knocked all of my corn and tomato cages down. I straightened things up until my sweat was sweating and called it a day. Hopefully, I won't lose too much before the weather cooperates with me finishing!

kutiequilter said...

My friend just made a pinwheel quilt like the one in your pictures including the 1/2 square triangle borders! Too Cute! Being gives as a
"Hug from God" to a woman who fell, broke 12 ribs, punctured a lung and broke her pelvis-she needs the encouragement!

Merilyn said...

Both quilts are absolutely wonderful and the quilting is just beautiful, well done great work!!!
I'm glad you didn't get any property (house) damage in the storm, a lot of cleaning up to do though by the looks of it! I hope your forcast storms are all very little ones!! Stay safe!!!