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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another Finish....and a New Holiday!

My trip to the big city yesterday was postponed until next week.  So, what's a girl to do with an extra few hours of time?  Yup....I threw a 'quickie' on the longarm.  The focus print of this baby quilt was rockets and spaceships, so I chose an allover that is stars and moons.  (Somewhere around here, he has a 'friend' made of the same fabrics.)  He hung out in the shop hanging over the crib all unquilted and unloved until yesterday.  Now, his life is complete!  I don't remember the name of the pattern, hopefully "G" will see this post and remember.

This is a close-up of the back.  I had enough scrap backing and batting from another quilt to do this one!  That thrilled me!

Now, on to our New Holiday!

I am declaring today All About Me Day!  Normally, I would load some customer quilts today and get started on them....or do some work in the house....or do some work in the garden....however, I'm feeling the need for a Me Day!  Join Me!  Grab your favorite hobby (or a good book)...Hide out in your favorite place....and enjoy today just for you.  You have's a new holiday!  :)

I'm a little behind on my UFO completions for the year, even with the addition of this little baby quilt, and should have been halfway done by the end of June.  I'm not, I am going to see how much longarming I can get done for ME!  :)

Check back tomorrow....I would declare it All About Me Weekend, but as soon as hubs catches on, I'm sure he will find some work for me to do tomorrow.  Maybe I will have something fun to show you in the morning!!!!!!!


1 comment:

Merilyn said...

Enjoy your 'me' day, they don't come around very often I'm sure!!!
Your spaceship baby quilt is just delightful and I love the quilting design you chose, very nice indeed!!!