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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Primitive Lovers

I am helping out with a new Yahoo! group that is for Primitive lovers.  This is the quilt on the home page.  It was done by one of the other moderators.  There was 'another' prim group, but without posting once a week AND showing pics of your work, you were banned without discussion.  This group is not hard and fast like that.  <>

Plans for the group include Bingo, Challenges and other activities.  The ladies share about their quilting projects and life happenings.  It is a new group, so I am sure it will evolve.  If you would like to join, simply click on this link:

See you tomorrow!  :)


1 comment:

Betweens said...

Awesome.. I was lucky enough that Denise invited me for membership sounds very relaxing!!