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Monday, June 27, 2011

Not ready to open a Starbuck's any time soon...

So, yesterday morning I wake up to grumbling sounds coming from the kitchen.  I figured it was because Hubs got up before I did, and there was no coffee waiting for him.  I go into the kitchen and find my counter covered with four different coffee pots, all in various stages of disrepair.  A few months back, we had bought a new coffee maker because ours was acting up.  We somehow burned up the heating element on it before we got the first cup out of it and Hubs had taken it to his 'workshop' because he was going to "fix" it.  It would seem the normal day-to-day coffee maker had given up the ghost and Hubs was willing to do just about anything for a cup of coffee. 

All of a sudden, this became MY problem.  Hubs was doing more than grumbling by this point and feeling the wrath of his frustration, I looked deep inside me to find something humorous in this situation--like the 5' Chicken lady.  I got nothing!  I mean where are you going to find a 5' metal statue of Juan Valdez and his mule early on a Sunday morning?  I retreated back to the computer, pulled off my orders, commented on a few FB posts and dared to head back to the kitchen.  At this point, Hubs is inconsolable.  He is ready to grab his keys and run to the mall in his slippers to find a coffee pot.

Hubs:  I just want a simple coffee maker with an on/off button that will give me a cup of coffee.

Me:  We have four.

Hubs:  Don't be a smartass....I want one that WORKS!

Me:  The day-to-day one does.

Hubs:  If you can get it to make a cup of coffee, I will kiss your ________.

OK, so now I realize that he is no Victor (from the chicken story).  He is not finding humor in the situation.  I start a pot of coffee brewing in the day-to-day one.  It's tempermental and I know how to get it going.  In the meantime....47 y.o. nephew drives to McD's (only about a mile away) and gets HIMSELF a cup of coffee.  Did he get one for Papa or the Queen Bee?  NOPE!  Is the Queen Bee ready to starch his undershorts over it?  YUP!  Having a back-up plan, I make myself a cup of tea. 

Twenty minutes later, I am done drinking my tea and venture back into the land of testerone to see if the coffee maker came through for me.  YUP!  Hubs is pouring me a cup of coffee.  Making sure nephew is not home, I gently raise the back of my robe and offer to let him "pay up". 

He is no Victor....

I went to the grocery to get away and let him cool off.  I have been commissioned to buy the coffee maker of my choosing before next weekend...or he threatens to buy one himself!  This one is $329.  Do you think it would be like the chicken story if I ordered it with HIS Visa?

I'm not going to press my luck and find out!  Do they still have $10 coffee makers?????  ROFL

Going Green Tip of the Day:  Save all of your old coffee makers so you have something to blog about!

Happiness Is:  A dog who will sigh with you when Hubs is on one of his tangents!  :)


Connie said...

If you buy it, you gotta' post about it, hee hee.

moosestashquilting said...

That's hilarious, for us who weren't there anyway!!! I feel his pain. I want my coffee in the am too. Not sure I would spring for a $300+ machine, but I have a Cuisinart that grinds beans and makes the coffee, then dumps it into a thermopot that stays warm all morning long without leaving the machine on. If you have a Kohl's around you, you can find them for about $100-$150. A far cry from the one you have posted! Not sure about the $20 dollar ones, would have make 6 that might not work for you then????? No kisses huh, you might consider that your golden moment!! hahahahaha