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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kitchen Shopping....and MEN

It goes without saying that I have a "few" Longaberger baskets.  OK, so the number is over a hundred, but less than two hundred.  I *think*.  I may also have their dishes, some baking dishes, crocks, iron shelves, etc.  I also have a LOT of Pampered Chef tools.  Way back when, they used to have the corner on the market of quality, and when a girl loves to spend time in the kitchen, well she simply must have the proper tools.  Kind of like when you go into a guy's garage, and he has so many sockets.  Really?  Why can't the in-between sizes of regular sockets work with the metrics?  LOL  But, I digress.

When Hubs and I first got married, he was complaining about my lack of a butter dish.  He did start the conversation with "Wow, you sure have a lot of kitchen tools.  But, I'm impressed, you do use them all!"  I explained that I 'used' to own one, but threw it away because everyone would just put a new stick of butter on it without washing it first.  Being the germaphobe that I am, I just couldn't deal with the fussing about it every time it happened and I got rid of it.  Hubs told me he wanted me to buy one.  I go to see my Longaberger consultant and explain my need for a butter dish.  Well, I couldn't just get the butter dish.  I mean, I order the sugar bowl, creamer, serving dish, toothpick holder, salt & pepper shaker and butter dish.  :)  Go big, or go home!  A couple hundred dollars later, he is telling one of our friends about how expensive his little butter dish was.  (SIDE NOTE:  Hubs did NOT know that the dishes, etc. were all Longaberger.  The friend did, because he used to order with me.....)

Friend rats me completely out!  I will use his name now....BYRON!  Byron proceeds to tell Hubs that he doesn't see anything in our kitchen that ISN'T Longaberger.  Hubs learned his lesson, or so I thought, with the $200 butter dish.

(I went to the Longaberger site to get pics of my purchases....they are all retired!  Doesn't that make them a Collector's Item now????)
Chris Coffee Service Black Dual Boiler Espresso Vivaldi II Machine
This one is only $2634.00

So, for those of you wondering.....Longaberger does NOT make a coffee maker!  I hesitate to buy the one I showed you the pic of yesterday, because it has gotten some bad reviews.  I'm thinking I should go to the Restaurant Supply Store and buy one of the ones that is cappucino, etc. all in one and hooks directly up to your water.  I mean....Hubs has nothing better to do on his extra day off this weekend but to do some plumbing for HIS new coffee maker, right???

Off to do some more shopping.....wish me luck!

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Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

I would LOVE to see your Longaberger collections...might you post some photo's?