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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Waiting Game....

Saturday was "work like you are Amish Day" at our house.  While the fellas cleaned out the garage, I did some weeding in the flower beds and planted our garden.  Sunday, I did a little more weeding and started powerwashing the back terrace until Army Son came for a visit.  :)  (Love it when those kids visit!)

Here is a before pic of my garden.  Thank goodness I got everything planted before our 9 days of straight rain.  Yup!  That's what they are predicting!

This is the part where the waiting comes in.  Everybody is planted, we are just waiting for a visit.  I tried to blow this pic up so you could see the row of roses back there, but they are barely visible.  They were in a janky (yes, that is my word) flower bed in the back when we first moved here.  I tilled them up a row and figured I would transplant them and if they made it through the winter, fine.  If they didn't, fine.  Well, against all odds, they made it!

This little rose didn't get transplanted, and is fighting for territory.  Obviously, I didn't get this bed weeded yet.  See the little weeds posing on the bottom right?  Weeds just LOVE to get their pics taken!

My poppy went crazy this year.  These always remind me of the Wizard of Oz.  There were two of them here, both equally huge.  However, when nephew was trying to help out while we were in Gaitlinburg, he thought one was a weed.  :(  The storm knocked her down, but she isn't going down without a fight!

Hubs favorite....

This pic was supposed to be all about the Bleeding Heart, but from the pic, looks like there is another story to tell!  I trimmed off the first round of dead blooms this weekend, and she is already making me new ones.  I plant a bleeding heart everywhere I live as a tribute to my real dad, who passed away when I was a toddler.

The other story for this one is kinda ironic.  It is my Mom crowding out my Dad!  LOL  See the Coleus that has decided to spring up everywhere?  My Mom gave me ONE plant last year.  As soon as I planted it, the drought hit and I figured it was a gonner.  Well, it is everywhere!  As you can tell, this is the part of the flower bed I haven't gotten to weed yet!

I love these Violas!  They are purple and yellow and spread like a groundcover.

This is only the second year for these little fellas and they have gone C r A z Y ! ! ! ! !

Well, I can't wait to show you how everyone looks once they all start blooming and growing up tall for Momma.

Until then....


Sue said...

Gorgeous garden photos! And I love how you have your garden laid out. I have most of mine planted, but still have a bit to go. We are getting more rain here too...not that we needed it :P
Enjoy your day!

Deb said...

Love the garden - and the flowers! Our poppies haven't popped open yet here in Idaho but they are close. Looks like you're a bit ahead of us.