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Friday, May 20, 2011

Not My Momma's Quilt....

Yup, that's what I decided to name it!  Back when the shop was in Caldwell, I told hubs I was teaching a Mystery Quilt Class that required using two fabrics.  I let him choose.  Originally, we were making it for us.  After it was done, we both looked at it and thought the colors just screamed to be a gift for my Momma.  Momma and the 'aunts' came over for a visit and I showed her the quilt.  She hated it!  Don't go gasping for see....from where she is from, having predominantly black in a quilt is a "funeral" quilt.  It represents death.  Who knew?  So, I never finished it.  Didn't want to finish it.  My little feelings were hurt.  :(  Both of the aunts had tried to make things better...both offered to take it off my hands.

I felt a little better about it years later.  The guy from the TV station where we did our commercials for the shop wanted it.  He had cathedral ceilings in his house and wanted it as an 'art' piece.  I didn't see it as art, but I guess I can understand.  I STILL wouldn't finish it.

Now that I am on my quest to quilt a bunch of these flimsies, I decided I would finally take one for the team and quilt it.  Alas, finish number 18 of the year is complete.

I used black batting and just did stitch-in-the ditch.  I will bind it and we will just use it as a spare quilt when we have guests.  I did it in a scrappy version, too, when we taught the class again at our other location.  It is here:

Now that I have made it scrappier, I prefer that look.  Although, we did sell bolts and bolts of these two fabrics.  The turquoise fabric has a black fern print to it (Jinny Beyer) and it looks pretty together.  Hubs was proud of himself and was really excited when I took it off the longarm.  I didn't tell him I had put it on.

So, I will be spending lots of quality time binding this one.  It is 90" x 100"!



Christie said...

This is a really striking quilt! I like it, but, I can see where your mother is coming from about the black - it's hard to break away from 'ideas' you have grown up with. I especially love the scrappy version. Do you know the name of the original pattern and is it available for sale? Looks like it would be a fun quilt to make using a jelly roll of choice. Thanks for sharing and congrats on another finish! Way to go! HUGS... and stitches

Appalachian Quilts said...

It wasn't a commercial pattern, just one I did. The scrappy one was done with a jelly roll. There are two different strip sets. Dark-Light-Dark-Light-Dark and Light-Dark-Light-Dark-Light. You just need to make twice as many of the second strips sets as you do the first. Sub-cut strip sets into 10 1/2" blocks for the alternate blocks. Sub-cut first strip sets into 2 1/2" segments to make the checkerboard blocks.

swooze said...

I like your quilt and think the turqoise and black are striking.

So think about this. Every other row for the striped block turn it 90 degrees and add the interest of a woven pattern. My mind is racing!