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Saturday, May 21, 2011


It goes without saying that any of you who know me and have been following me--->>I love Jo Morton fabrics.  I just love the line Hurrah, which is a Patriotic line.  I also love decorating with the Patriotic quilts.  When I look at the red-white-blue, I don't see flags waving or special holidays.  When I see the red, I see the bloodshed through the many wars our country has been through.  Men and women who have sacrificed for us to enjoy the freedoms we so take for granted today.  When I see white, I see an untarnished country.  (I'm speaking metaphorically here.)  Where countries have tried to take away our freedoms and yet we remain a democracy.  When I see blue, I see the sad families who lost loved ones because of their commitment to their Country.

I know some of my readers aren't from the US, but I think on some level we can all relate.  We are all blessed to have the ability to participate in social be able to work jobs we enjoy and spend money the way we enjoy.  We are able to open the front door, visit with neighbors and not worry that some renegade fool is going to set off a carbomb or show up with a machine gun....

enough of my is what I have been working on....

So far, these have all been made using Jo Morton fabric.  Most of it was from the Hurrah! line.  (Available for $7.50 per yard on our website-->shamless plug here....)  I started throwing some others in, because making these little five-inch stars was addicting.  Initially, I was making a wallhanging.  Then, I was making a throw.  Now???  I'm thinking I will be making a monster-size bed quilt.  I may change my mind 10 or 20 blocks from now.  But, for now.....they are piling up quickly on the ironing table.  I work on a few a day after I read, before my cleaning, and when they get done, they get done.

Sorry to ramble on you today....have a blessed rest of the day!

1 comment:

Sue said...

I really loved your post today and I so agree with the sentiments. Very well stated.

I have the Jo Morton Hurrah as well and it's one of my favorites. When the kitchen remodel is finished, my plan is to get some stitching done with it for the 4th of July weekend hog roast :D :D
Your project with it is really beautiful! So fitting with the star blocks:)

Thank you for sharing with us today:)