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Monday, May 02, 2011

The BIG Reveal!

For a while now, I have even worked on this quilt in my sleep!  Alas, I have my 'masterpiece' complete.  No, I don't mean that my quilting is anything spectacular.....I'm just feeling what the old art masters felt when they had worked on something for soooo long that they didn't think they would ever finish.  As I got each bit done and thought I was ready to advance the quilt, I would find a little something that I missed.  Customer S told me when she dropped it off to just pick a color of thread (my choice) and do the whole quilt with it.  She just did not want monofilament thread.  She isn't a fan.  Well, as I started, I just couldn't do it.  If my name was going to be on this beauty, it had to have matching thread for each piece.

Another thing I felt daunting....when she dropped it off and showed me the white muslin backing, I nearly passed out.  No pressure there!  So, as I started to get parts done and advance the quilt....the different colors of thread excited me and kept me motivated.  I love the back, too!  There has been a lot of talk on the quilting boards lately about using muslin for backing.  I usually do not.  I used to....but I had a bad experience with an Ohio Star a few years back and swore I would never use it again!  There are now some quality muslins out there, and I may just eat my words.

Well, I should let you see for yourself.  Here she is!!!!!

I know that is a lot of pics for one day, yet I still didn't get the whole thing!  I freehanded trees in the right border to mimic the trees on the right side.  I freehanded hummingbirds in the left border to mimic the birds on the left side.  I made the rocks at the bottom to mimic the bottom of a lake bed.  All in all, I am just glad it is DONE!

I still have to make her an embroidered label today, but that is nothing compared to all of this.  Then, I need to catch up on housework.  The last few days I have let it go, trying to get this baby done!

Have a blessed day!


Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Love the quilt...and love the back!

Deb said...

That is awesome! No wonder it took you forever! The back is almost cooler then the front! Great job, and well worth the effort. I hope she likes it and is happy!

Merilyn said...

You did an amazing job on such a complex and creative piece! The quilt is just wonderful, so much for the eye to rest on. I'm sure the creator of this quilt will be very pleased with the work you have put into it!!!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Thanks ladies! I can't wait for her to pick it up! :)