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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I bet you thought there would be some grandiose post here that I am finally getting a grandbaby!  Nope!  Just did a customer quilt that is for a baby!  This lady makes quilts and matching bedding for customers, and I do her quilting for her.  This quilt is so simple, yet so adoreable!  It is great for a beginner who wants to learn to quilt for a new grandchild.

I just love the bubblegum pink polka dot!  That is the outer border.  (The rest of what you see is the batting.)  The gentleman she was commissioned by wanted a stipple, even though we offered to do something all cutsie for the same price.  He loves the look of the stippling.

This is the back.  It is also bubblegum pink.  I took this pic at an angle so you could see the quilting.  The thread matches the back, but with the flash reflecting off of it, it looks lighter.

I'm not usually a solids kinda gal, but I must confess, I just loved how this turned out.  Once it is bound, it will be precious! 

My niece had a baby 2 weeks ago.  Maci has been in NICU with breathing problems and seizures, so she has been unable to come home.  Word is...she will get to come home on Thursday, so I am mailing her a quilt today.  Excited for my sister to have yet one more grandchild, while I sit patiently waiting for my first.

I know a few of my kids read my blog posts, so excuse me for a moment while I address them directly....

Have a blessed day!


Deb said...

I really like that! Thanks for the idea for my next baby quilt...

Merilyn said...

I love that pink quilt!!! It is so simple, but boy! does it make a statement!!! Just goes to show you don't need to be an award winning quilter to create a beautiful piece of work!!!