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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another customer quilt completed

This one was a biggie!  It was 115" square.  When I was quilting it, it was rainy and cold.  All I could think about was how warm this would be to snuggle under.  Afterall, it has a flannel back, flannel front, and my favorite Dream Angel batting!  I certainly don't envy how long it will take her to bind.  :)

It was hard to get a good pic, because it was so big. 

Hubs arms were falling off, so I just snapped a pic in the middle hoping to show you the awesome snowflake pattern she chose.

Well, I am off to gorge myself on fresh cantaloupe.  Don't you just love those fresh fruits?  Especially when they are in season!  :)  :)  :)

Have a good day!

1 comment:

Merilyn said...

Wow! that is a very large quilt!!! I love the snowflake quilting design!!!