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Friday, April 22, 2011

You have grandchildren...I have...

definitely not grandchildren.  I have grandpuppies and grandsnakes!  Ugh!

This is Sofie and Dora.  They belong to Army Son.  Sure, they look quiet and harmless enough...they are just re-charging the batteries!  They are like little springs, they just bounce everywhere.

This is Debbie.  I haven't held or touched her yet.

This is Sheila.  She has grown a lot.  I have held her before, against my better judgement.  The snakes also belong to Army Son.

This little poochie belongs to Princess.

This is Princess with her new Puppy.

This is Yogi and Luci.  They belong to Banker Daughter.

I don't have a pic of Oldest Daughter's doberman....but you see where this is headed.  We have turned them all into animal lovers and none of them are in too much of a hurry to provide the much-needed grandchildren.  We could have deterred the process....hubs and I have decided that once given the aforementioned grandhildren, we will put an addition onto the house that is a ball pit.  We will also be ordering a chocolate fountain, a slushie machine, a cotton candy machine and anything else that is high in sugar!  :)

Oh, and I almost forgot....this is what Army Son wanted.....thank goodness his GF laid down the law!

So, if you are interested in sending me a sympathy card for lack of grandchildren, just send me a private e-mail, and I will give you my mailing address!!!!  ROFL

Have a blessed day!


Merilyn said...

Love the dogs!!! Not so sure about the snakes!!! (although I have held a beautiful Australian carpet snake (python)), and definitely sure I would not want a croc or alligator in my home LOL!!! Could be a great burglar deterrant!!! But I think I'll pass......
Do you think grandchildren would be easier, ummmm, I wonder lOL!!!!

Appalachian Quilts said...

That alligator didn't even have his mouth taped shut. Sure, he seems docile enough....but all it would take is waking up on the wrong side of the bed one time and I would no longer have grandpuppies! Glad she didn't let him have the gator!

Deb said...

I love dogs too, and would PREFER them to grand children! But we don't have any GC, and only one grand dog. But, unlike MOST women/people, I LOVE reptiles. Love the snakes, but wouldn't want a CROC around, even tho it is cool. They can SELL them where they are? Doesn't seem right, you would think they could be pretty dangerous. I mean, insurance wont let you have a DOG that might bite, or does, but a CROC? hmmm.
Good luck with that "heard". must be fun when they all come to visit!