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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's going on with the move???

Several people have asked what is going on with the move....well, I don't know!  LOL  We STILL don't have our house listed for sale and please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't care!  I'm not being negative here....we finished the laundry room and are waiting for some special order fixtures to come in to finish the laundry room bathroom...and I am relishing the new laundry room.  I just love it!  The last four houses we have lived in...we have done most of the remodeling then promptly had to move.  I never get to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  So, since I am not the one driving an hour and a half one way every day....I'm not pushing the issue!

I am looking forward to having time to have a great veggie garden this year.  I have started all kinds of seeds in my little greenhouse.  I have a little time to quilt.  I am still longarming for customers and doing the web, I am quite content right where I am!  :)

Here is the view of the farm we like.
527 Hillandale Dr., Newark, OH.
This is the upstairs deck.  Where you see the trees here, there is a little pond.  It has nearly 14 acres and everything else we would need.  The is another fixer-upper.  Not just a little....  We had agreed that we would look for a smaller house with some land that didn't need work.  We just can't get our heads around it. So, I contacted a guy I went to high school with and asked if he and his sons could help me with the remodel if we buy it.  He said it was right up his alley and he would love to help.  Yet, our house still isn't for sale.

This picture is of the back forty.  LOL  It is another fenced area where the property used to be a horse farm.  This is where I would plant my grapes....and lots of them!  And yet, our house still isn't for sale. 

So, I will just embrace the renovations still going on here.  If we sell this year, I will be surprised.  But, I have a plan....if we do get it sold, this will be my new home.....if I play my cards right.  Until then, I will just keep gardening, quilting....and oh....remodeling!  LOLOL

P.S.  Still up in the air as to whether I will re-open.  Part of me wants to...the area could use a quilt shop....but part of me is really enjoying not being tied down to a schedule.  I approached one quilt shop that is a little bit of a drive about teaching, but she is hesitant to commit.  Can't blame her, she is probably worried that I will re-open.  But, there is another closer....if I become sure I won't re-open, I will see if she will let me teach.  I miss customers and teaching.  :(


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Sue said...

You sound like us. The last few homes we've owned have all been fixer-uppers. And we promise ourselves that if we move again, the house will be smaller with more land.
I don't blame you for wanting to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It's a little sad leaving a place when you know just how much work you've put into it. Been there, done that:/