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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I've got the fever!

After my massage on Friday, I decided I would try to find a soil blocker at my favorite greenhouse.  I didn't want to wait to have one shipped, and I just knew if anyone had one, they would.  I grabbed the camera to show you why I love this greenhouse so much, and off I went to the mecca of all greenhouses.  I get there....grab the camera...turn it on....and no camera card!  Ugh!  So, after I go in...I start looking at the flowers gracing the entrance.  Oh, this isn't going to be good.  I should tell you that right when I got into the parking lot hubs had called on my cell and said "You should have some fun today.  Treat yourself to some flowers."  Oh, that was a bad idea on his part!  I had to stay focused.  Go straight for the tools.  Do NOT look at the flowers.  But, it was too late.  After finding out that they didn't have my coveted tool, I went to the perennial section.  Dangitall!  They had the new Everblooming Hydrangea they have been advertising in magazines.  OK, so maybe I'll just get one.  I love hydrangeas.

A customer had given me a cut toad lily the last day the shop was open.  I had made a note of it and wanted to see if they had any toad lilies.  They did, so maybe I'll just get one, you know for posterity's sake.

I saw a gardening show on TV where they had violas.  They are similar to pansies, but are perennials and act a little as a groundcover.  They had them, so maybe I'll just get two...OK, I need four.  Afterall, I need to space them out to cover the area in mind.

You see how this trip went.  A couple hundred dollars later, the trunk was full and I was leaving the greenhouse.  Note to self....don't go when you are feeling unappreciated or have flower fever.  Heck, the place will give you flower fever, so don't go unless you have just won the lottery.

My work boots
So, I got home and put on my work boots.....

My work gloves
  Got out my old gloves....yes, I have new ones without the holes, but these are broken in!

My gardening apron
 Donned my apron.....and headed off to my little greenhouse.  I planted the perennials that I had bought first, but remember my goal for the day initially had been starting my seeds.  I started my tomatoes (three kinds), some lavendar, basil, oregano, sage and rosemary.  I watered the lettuce, strawberries, hibiscus and columbine that I had started from seed a few weeks ago.  I treated my trumpet plant for wooly aphids.  And then.....I took a nap!  ROFL

Saturday, I loaded a quilt on the longarm and decided I would finish another of Prodigal Son's welding caps.  Hubs decided he wanted one, so this turned into a 'rest of the day' ordeal.  His head is 'substantially' larger than DS, so I had to tweak the pattern.  He chose this fish fabric (we are scuba divers).  I figured if he didn't like it, we could always use it for a parachute in a plane crash!  (Oops, did I say that out loud???)

Here is the hat I was finishing up for Prodigal Son.  We finally have the pattern tweaked to the correct size and fit.

Here are his signature flames.  So, I finish up, make dinner, clean up the mess and you guessed it, I wanted to take a nap.  I didn't.....honest....but I wanted to.

So, if you are taking notes here....I have had an entire week where I have not gotten my half hour a morning in the sewing room with all of these sleep issues and other commitments.  I may try to sneak in this afternoon, but hubs is already asking me what's for dinner!



Merilyn said...

You sound as if your schedule is pretty much laid out for you LOL!!!
I had a chuckle about the gardening section, I don't know what it is about walking through aisles of flowers/plants, they just all seem to want to come home with you!!!
Your caps look great actually!!! Don't advertise too widely!! you could find yourself in business LOL!!! Have a great week!!!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Don't say that too loud about the caps. I already have orders for some. There are a couple of girls in the class who want some that are a tad more girly, since most of them are geared toward the fellas. I wasn't going to make them until I got my pattern tweaked enough....guess I am there! LOL