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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What happened??!

I had these grandiose plans of everything I would get done yesterday....went to the post office shipped orders, went to the grocery...came home, cleaned the kitchen from the fellas' morning routine...then I just collapsed.  My grandmother used to have them and referred to them as "spells".  I have extremely low blood pressure and started feeling extremely lightheaded every time I stood up.  So, I did what any good trophy wife would do.  I crawled into bed, watched a movie on Lifetime Movie Network, and took an hour nap!

So, today is a new day.  I'll give it a shot again!  ROFL  I was having "spells" this morning while I was baking the fellas muffins for breakfast and making them coffee, so we will see how I feel after my shower.  Good thing I recorded a few more movies 'just in case'!  LOL

I do believe I am slowly turning into my grandmother.  I have a lot of the same interests she had.  She was an avid quilter, gardener and cook.  I also have the "spells".  I also have the Restless Leg Syndrome.  She used to get up and 'walk the floors at night' because she couldn't sleep.  The only difference--I'm a Lifetime Movie watcher.....she was into "Raslin".  That's the West Virginia way of saying "Wrestling".  She cracked me up.  Boy, do I miss her!



Merilyn said...

I think we all turn into our Mothers/Grandmothers!!! it's our job LOL !!!
You did the best thing by having a 'spell', (what a great term I will keep that one!) when you felt a bit whoozy, hope things improve!! said...

Try drinking some tonic water at night before you go to bed. That works. I read recently of someone who had Restless leg syndrome, went to her doctor, and he said to have a gin and tonic, with or without the gin, every night. It works! Worth a try anyway.
And yes, if you're not feeling right, lay down for a rest or nap. It's a good thing. My grandmother and my inlaws always took a nap after lunch, every day!! They didn't have "spells" but it was just routine - I guess it was the thing that was done in Holland.
Gerda in Alberta

Appalachian Quilts said...

I will definitely give it a try! I'm not a medicine-taker unless I get really bad. If you listen to the side-effects of all of those drugs, I would much prefer to 'walk the floors'! LOL Thanks so much for the suggestion!